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Street God by Dimas Salaberrios

The Story – Street God

Dimas Salaberrios is a teenage boy from New York that believed that his worth is found in how much street cred he has. He took his first pill AND began to deal drugs at the (amazingly young) age of 11 years old. He yearns to carry the title Street God because that would mean he was the best dealer around, because as we all know, money can buy anything…even happiness.

He staggers through the drug world with many ups and more downs than you can imagine. He was in shoot outs, robberies, selling crack cocaine, and in prison at 16 years old, when most kids his age were worrying about getting their drivers license, he was just trying to survive.

As he grew older, the life pulled him deeper in. He ended up using drugs as well as dealing, and survival was a daily battle.

Dimas Salaberrios should not, by anyones account, be alive today. Yet he is. And he is thriving. After numerous moments where death should have won, Dimas came to the point that God controlled his life more than Dimas ever did.

Years later Dimas Salaberrios yearns to save souls more than to enhance his street cred. Well, he enhances his street cred but in a whole new way.

Travel through an amazing recount of a life almost stolen in death to be revived and now completely sold out for God.

Through God’s grace any life can be changed.

My Thoughts

Everyone has a story. Be it a happy story with a happy ending or a bad story with a bad ending.

Every single one of us has a story.

The worst stories, the bad, horrible, gut-wrenching stories often come to calamitous end. Rarely do you hear of the story that is THAT gut-wrenching, down-trodden, and horrific that ends with Praise and Rejoicing.

I am happy to say, that this story, Street God, is just that type of story.

As I read the beginning of the story I kept hoping that Dimas would find God in the midst of whatever battle he was in. So many years of pain, heartache, and misery Dimas lived before God finally called him out.

God had a plan for Dimas and what an incredible plan it was. I am flabbergasted as some of the things that this young man endured in his life. Most instances would have destroyed someone else but not this man called out by God.

Journey along as you learn Dimas’s story and may you find peace and comfort in the fact that God sees you wherever you are and has your plans all laid out. You may not know the plan or see the road before you but God’s grace is sufficient, even in times of trouble.

Riveting, at times even unbelievable, but without question one of the most amazing life stories I have ever had the privilege to read.

Check back soon to see what other books I have on my book shelf.

In His Grace.


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