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The Typing Coach Online Typing Course

As a blogger and a work-from-my-office-chair-er you would think that I am a fairly decent typer. Well, guess what? I’m not. I’m better than some but still as slow as a turtle compared to others. So, when I had the chance to review The Typing Coach Online Typing Course from The Typing Coach, I knew I just had to test it out. Oh yes, and Ana needs to learn how to type, not peek, poke, and peck like me! Just because it is fairly effectiant doesn’t mean that it is the correct way to type!

The Course

This course is completely online. What a fun way to get your child interested in typing that allowing them to complete some of the work online. The world is rapidly becoming a virtual world and much of our lives are tied to typing. And I don’t mean typing as in texting, I mean real honest to goodness typing. As a blogger it would seem that I would be better than most but the truth is, I am not. I took 2 years of typing in high school (and that was a very long time ago!) and I passed my classes. But as with everything else in life, if you don’t use it, you lose it. There was a good many years that I I didn’t really need my typing skills and that is no very evident in my life.

Thank goodness we were able to review The Typing Coach Online Typing Course because I benefited from this course as much (or more) than Ana did.

The set up is fairly simply. Once you have your account you will need to login and view all of the videos and learn how the program, practice, and testing works. The introduction video is extremely helpful with all of the pertinent information I needed as the teacher and for Ana, the student.

I then went and printed all of the practice pages and the test pages and kept them in a secure location. Because ya know, things get misplaced.

The process is fun and easy. You take the first assessment test to see where you are in ability. Then you begin working on the “home row” (middle of the keyboard row). After practicing so you no longer make any mistakes you are free to test. The tests grade on errors made during the test.

Practice makes perfect!


How This Worked for Us

So you might be wondering about the above photo. Let me explain. This has EVERYTHING to do with The Typing Course. So, in all of the practice and test taking you may not look at your keyboard or the screen (ya know, like I still do on numerous occasions). And had to cover her screen with a cardboard box and her keyboard with an old tee shirt. This way she could ONLY look at her practice page or her test page.

The rules of this course are that you may not look at anything other than the page your are working from. If you make mistakes then obviously you don’t know everything correctly. Makes sense right? Totally! So, any errors are mistakes and therefore you need more practice. No using the backspace button either. LEARN IT the FIRST time correctly and you won’t be like me (I have a love/hate relationship with the delete/backspace key).

I was so pleased that Ana was able to take her first test without too many issues. She worked so hard to get the “home row” down pat. She was so diligent inner practicing that after she took the test a few times she passed!


The photo above shows what the student sees at the end of their test. As the parent/teacher though I get an email too that tells me that a test has been taken. And I can go see the results as well.


There are incentive pages that you are free to print to encourage your reluctant typer. These are fun and help them to set some goals for themselves. We set a pretty lofty goal for Ana and she is still trying to reach her goal. Incentives really work for some kids!

Overall, this is a wonderful course that we both enjoyed reviewing. I was able to brush up on my personal skills and Ana was able to un-teach herself her learned ways. It is a class that required diligence and lots and lots of patience. But it is so absolutely worth it it see the joy on the students face when they pass their tests with no errors!

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I hope you enjoyed this review and that you will visit The Typing Coach soon. Visit my fellow Crew members to see what they had to say about this course:

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Visit again soon to see what else the kids and I have to share with you!

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