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Educational materials that are fun and actually educational are sometimes very hard to come by. Thanks to MarshMedia the kids and I were able to review the Homeschool Special the past few weeks. It has been a blessing to share this videos with my kids!

The Product

MarshMedia has been providing educational materials since 1969. We were able to watch numerous videos via streaming. The materials on the site though are for purchase to any school. They are provided the physical DVDs or they can stream the videos.

As homeschoolers we were able to use the streaming option to watch nearly 60 educational videos in the following subject areas:

  • puberty (non-sexual) – there are around 16 videos on this subject, targeting boys as well as girls
  • hygiene – there are around 10 videos on this subject
    • eyes
    • ears
    • head lice
    • teeth
    • skin, hair, and nails
  • health/safety – there are around 18 videos on these subjects
    • immune system
    • health
    • nutrition
    • safety
  • Guidance – there are around 28 videos on this subject
    • bullying
    • character education
    • social skills
  • Special Needs – there about 7 videos in this area of interest
    • there are 4 videos that also have parent packs that can be ordered
  • Spanish – there are about 34 videos that have been translated into Spanish


How This Worked for Us

These videos are fairly sort, usually no more than about 15 minutes in length. (Some run a little longer, but not by much) Which is wonderful because honestly how many young kids (or older kids of that matter) can keep attentive for very long?

The kids and I watched a few that had Annie Funelli and the Funsters in them. Theses are such fun characters that really help keep the kids attention. They use bright colors, and Annie smiled the entire time. One that we watched, “Take Care of Your Teeth” was all about how to care for your teeth. Not just the usual make sure you brush and floss. This particular video talked about how to physically protect them as well as how to protect them by brushing and flossing. It was cute, lively, and most importantly keeps the kids glued to the screen.

The kids talked about this one for a while. And they were so excited to be caring for their teeth, just this little extra knowledge helped to encourage them to be more diligent!

One of the other videos that the kids keep coming back to is, “You Aren’t a Little Kid Anymore”. The tune was very catchy. So catchy in fact that all of the kids and of course, me, sang the song over and over again. The information in all of the these videos is absolutely kid friendly. The videos that I personally watched had no mention of anything overtly unacceptable for my kids to see or hear. I did chose to be more cautious with some of the videos, but in the end, there was not one issue for me. The content was informative, educational, and fun.

Most of these products are good for grades K-8.

MarshMedia has extended an opportunity that will allow you to use their curriculum in your homeschool for your child(ren). Please click the link to learn more:

PLEASE NOTE: Their current offer, only available to homeschool families,has  unlimited viewing of 59 programs for $50.00 until 12-31-17 with no time constraints or limits on the number of times a program can be viewed, can ONLY be accessed by using the link we provided; After they choose this link they then MUST click on “Homeschool Special.”

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I hope you enjoyed this review and that you come back soon to see what else the kids and I get to review.

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