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The latest review I get to share with you is a really cool USA Activity Bundle from The Crafty Classroom. Ana and Joseph were my reviewers for this homeschool product; they loved it and that means I’m now pretty fond of it too! Check out the coolness of this bundle . . .

USA Activity Bundle

This bundle has a collection of three notebook style activity books in it, all printable and easily bound. I usually bind my printables but the last few weeks were so crazy busy so I used binder clips instead.

USA Activity Bundle

USA State-By-State Activity Notebook

This portion of the bundle contained the following: Activity Pages for all 50 states. Here is what the kids learned about for each state:

  • How to map the location for the state capital
  • How to map the main landmarks of the state
  • The state postal code (or abbreviation)
  • The state nickname
  • The state flower
  • The state bird

With each state page there is a place for the kids to color the state flag, the state bird, and the state flower. There is also writing space for each state where the kids could add in some of the interesting facts that they learned the state. In the back of the activity pack there are two games for learning, USA Bingo and Roll Across America. We made good use of the book The United States of America by Millie Miller and Cyndi Nelson for most of the information for each state.

USA State-By-State 50 Mazes

This portion of the bundle contained the following: 50 Mazes, one for each state

These are really neat mazes that follow the geography of each state. These were totally fun for Ana (she LOVES mazes) and a smidgen harder for Joseph as he is still a bit younger. The age range listed is subjective, as each child is different. These mazes for a fun break from the other learning (read that as, reading, writing, and researching) that the kids did during this review.

USA State Birds – Realistic Art Cards

This portion of the bundle contained the following: Realistic Art Cards of the State Birds

As many states recognize the same bird for their states, there are only 27 bird cards in this pack. The cards each have an image of the real state bird, that shows all of the colorings and markings. Then there is a place for the child to color their own bird, right beside it (easy reference). There is some space to write interesting facts about the bird.

How This Worked for Us

This was a fun review. Most of the “work” was fun and there was a lot of coloring to be done. This is a total win for me as my kids are still young enough that coloring isn’t “boring” and it also helps them learn about their country. See? Total Win-Win situation!

Ana was the easiest one to encourage with this bundle because she is my artist. Therefore she was really enjoying the coloring aspect of this review. Jospeh followed suit but ultimately he would prefer not to have to do any of the writing portion. But seriously, there isn’t that much to even write about in any of the packs in this bundle. And all of the extra information we easily found in the book suggested, The Untied States of America buy Millie Miller and Cyndi Nelson. This was a wonderful book that was full of the needed information about each state.

During this review, I let the kids pick whatever they wanted to learn about. Then I would sit and share from the extra book I ordered. This activity bundle went together well with another USA study we have been doing. We would then pick one state to work on during the week. This allowed us to fill in some of the missing information that we might have missed.

I really enjoyed this review. The kids loved it because it was “more fun than real work”. Again, that makes me happy when they don’t realize that they are still learning yet I know they are!

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