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If you know me at all, you know that I have a LOVE of the audio dramas that we review from Heirloom Audio Productions! And sure enough they have done it again with In the Reign of Terror, their newest production! This adventure takes us deep into the French Revolution and once again, we were all transported to a different time and place.

In The Reign of Terror

We travel back in time with young Harry as he makes a visit to France. During this visit France begins to erupt into dark turmoil and the commoners rise in revolt against the nobles. This makes life stressful as Harry is staying with the Marquise de St. Caux, a nobleman and his family that has welcomed Harry into their home. As France falls into a terrible time, which we now recognize as the French Revolution, Harry must try to keep his faith in God at the forefront of his mind. He sees horrible things happen to many people, including the use of the guillotines on nobles for no other reason than being of noble blood. This is heartbreaking as he cannot understand why this is happening when the nobles that he knows are good God Fearing people.

The terrors that ensue would make most men hide what they believe but not Harry. He stands firm in his faith and his principles even in the midst of the trials that he must endure. The darkness of the French Revolution draws Harry and others closer to the love and acceptance of Christ, as He loves us no matter our bloodline.

What We Reviewed

We received the physical CD for this review. It has two discs and is well over 2 hours of adventure. Suggested ages is from 6 years to adult.

This time we also reviewed the Study Guide that comes with the CD. It is 35 pages that are stuffed full of information. Here are some of the potions of the Study Guide that we used:

  • Listening Well – this section is full of questions that will help you gage the attention of your children. Are they REALLY listening? This is broken down into each small section of the audio, all questions correlate to the section that was listened to last.
  • Thinking Further – this section is deeper questions for your children to think about. It offers suggestions to go look up more in depth information about the subject at hand. It also draws conclusion about the characters’ actions. This encourages your children to dig deeper into the actions of Harry, his friends, and the actions of their enemies. The best part, when we used this section it allows for open-ended discussions, which do not always have a correct answer, therefore deeper discussions can be had.
  • Defining Words – this section is the vocabulary of the section. This allows for the opportunity of looking up words that are unfamiliar to the children. This time we encountered French words that some of the children did not recognize, which led to more frequent discussions about the French culture and nation as a whole.



What We Thought

Our favorite characters in this audio drama were (of course) Harry, as the main character we grew to love him almost immediately. Then there was Monsieur du Tillet, he absolutely cracked us up with his silliness and mess-ups with the English language. I greatly enjoyed the Marquis de St. Caux, he exuded Christ in every breath he spoke, a wonderful man of God.

For as many of these audio dramas that we have received, they just seem to get better with each one! I am always so impressed with the fantastic cast of people that are chosen for these productions. I have grown very fond of hearing Brian Blessed as G.A. Henty and John Rhys-Davies warms my heart no matter the character he portrays!

If you have a child that is an unwilling participant in your history class, these audios might change their idea of how to learn history. We are huge fans of Heirloom Audio Productions and cannot wait to see what they produce next!


Join the Live the Adventure Club

Would you LOVE to join the Live the Adventure Club? You totally should! This is where you will find all of the incredible extras that come with the audio CD. Here are some of the incredible extras you will find in the Live the Adventure Club:

  • Stream In the Reign of TERROR
  • The original eBook of In The Reign Of Terror
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Printable Cast Poster
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  • Desktop Wallpaper Download
  • AND . . .
  • Read along scripts, which will improve reading skills
  • Interactive chapter quizzes
  • Encouragement  and Resources for parents
  • Study guides, lessons, and teaching curriculum
  • Rare history and grammar books for the 1700’s and 1800’s (totally cool!!)

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I sure hope this encourages you to learn more about Heirloom Audio Productions, they are a wonderful company and we so enjoy them!

Visit again soon to see what else the kids and I have to share with you.

In His Grace,




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