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Sometimes I need a bit more assistance when it comes to teaching my kids. So I am so glad that I was able to review the Phonics Museum App from Veritas Press. This app has been such a wonderful and helpful addition to getting Joseph to feel more confident in his reading.

Phonics Museum App

This is a homeschool phonics app (application) that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and is geared toward beginning and early readers. It provides many areas of learning for all types of learners. With the visual aspects it draws in the visual learners; the songs bring in the auditory learners; the tactile aspect (using your fingers to make the games work) allows for hands on learners.

Here are some of the ways that this homeschool phonics app encourages learning:

  • Live action teaching – allows children to watch a real person (Miss Biddle) speaking and pronouncing words letting them mimic lip movements.
  • Games – the hidden beauty of learning. Getting children involved in the learning process without them even knowing!
  • Songs – catchy songs helps with people remember things better, especially little children.
  • Books – the love of reading is almost as important than actually reading. This introduces children to books at an early age to encourage the love of books.
  • Writing – little children sometimes have a harder time holding a writing implement, so the tracing in the app encourages writing skills.
  • Explore – this allows children to learn more than just reading skills.


How We Used This

I had Joseph review this product as he is my youngest reader. Even though he is 9 years old he still needs some deeper phonics education and ultimately review. This was a wonderful app for him because it covers so many areas of knowledge.

He was able to play the games and use the app without much instruction from me. At first he thought that Miss Biddle and Percival were a bit silly but eventually he grew to enjoy them both. The games were his favorite part but really enjoyed the short videos too.

I used this app for a complete review of all of the phonics that Joseph has learned in the past. He was able to recognize all of the letters and sounds but he was encouraged to use them in the games.

Joseph since using the Phonics Museum App has been motivated to pick up books we have around the house. He is still a struggling reader but I’ve sen a marked improvement in his interest level since he began using this app.

What I Liked Best

That I could be secure in all the things that came across the app were going to be educational and entertaining. I had no worries that something unacceptable would come across my sons iPad and lead him down paths or rabbit holes that he isn’t ready to go down (and neither was I).

I can trust that Veritas Press will only have good quality material for a classical education with Christian worldview. This is very important to me as I value the innocence of my people and this app provides me with that guarantee.

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I hope you check out this app from Veritas Press and all of their other amazing products!

Visit again soon to find out what other products the kids and I get to share with you.

In His Grace,


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