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meMama’s Coffee Shop was created because I saw a need to help other Work at home Moms like me. But as the days have gone by I have come to the realization that this mama needs to make more of the time God has granted me with. The idea of helping is still a huge part of what I started. I now feel lead to help with more than one aspect of being a mama . . . Christ is a huge part of who I am. I am forever trying to be a better wife and mama through Him. I have been blessed with the gift of technology and again, by faith, I am stepping out of my little box to apply my thoughts, ideas, blessings and more to you.

IMG_0001I am married to my best friend and am trying my best to be the “help-meet” {wife} God created me to be.

My hubby is a busy man with his work. He has a job that takes him on the road for days at a time. It is a hard way to keep a marriage in good shape but with prayer and sacrifice we see great changes coming about. Silvio is my whole world and without him I would not be who I am today. He is my encourager, the guy I bounce ideas off of, he makes me more confidant, and he is without question my number one favorite comedian. I see us many years down the road laughing and carrying on, just like we do today. He loves to hunt, research ideas, build in his garage (he can build just about anything!), sleep, eat good food and the occasional pieces of chocolate, and watch TV. He is a well rounded guy, if I do say so myself!

We have, by grace & faith, been home schooling since 2006 and we have just begun our 10th year! Wowie wow wow . . . simply amazing. A miracle that is full of prayer and grace!

We have three children, Isaiah, Ana and Joseph.


Isaiah is the one with the buzz cut.

Isaiah is 15 years old and with all teenagers, he knows everything. We are on a daily quest to better our relationship and prayerfully seeking out the best way to grow as a family. He is a fun loving boy that still has a deep love for reading and he is a Master at anything LEGO related. He is a hunter, baseball player, history lover, and all around trivia buff. He is our resident lawn care guy, resident voice impersonator, secret protector of hearts, and all around gentle (most of the time) warrior. There is no one like him in the world and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe that God has some grand plans for this amazing young man and we cannot wait to see what those plans might be!


Our Ana is the brunette in the photo.

Ana is 12 years old and stretching and growing to find her way in this crazy world. She is (by God’s design) the middle child, only girl, between “bookend” brothers. That is sometimes an item of contention that we are praying about. Brothers can sometimes cause issues for sisters. She is a lover of the written word also and has a secret desire to be French! She loves Fancy Nancy, is a tomboy, has a heart for all things furry (large or small), loves to care for others, has developed a love of painting and drawing, and is the most precious gift God could have placed in this mamas life.


Joseph all dressed for a wedding.

Joseph is 8 years old and he is the light of our world. He can crack a joke at a moments notice and he is under constant prayer for that very reason. He has a knack for laughter at the worst times, LOL He is still learning that being the youngest does not give him certain privileges and that being the “bookend” brother is hard work. He is another Master LEGO builder and out of all of our children the one that plays the best when alone. His imagination is amazing and he is a true storyteller. (I have no idea where that came from, lol). He loves animals, he has a quick temper, he loves dirt and mud, and will fly from the nest way sooner than this mama would prefer.

Recently I have been blessed to become a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for 2014, 2015, now again in 2016! I have the opportunity to share in some new books and products that homeschoolers might be like to use in their homes and school rooms. I will be reviewing these and sharing my thoughts and opinions on the products the kiddos and I will have the privilege to be blessed with.

Through some God placed moments, I have become a member of the The Old Schoolhouse team as an Independent Contractor in the form of a Graphic Artist. I create images for various outlets of the TOS family group and I am so in love with this paying position! It is right up my alley and I already feel like a valued member of the team. God is amazing and He always knows better than we do what we are needed to do!

I am also always on the lookout for great deals for you and when I find them, I try to get them to you before they are gone. I confess…I am a lover of books and baking. {hanging my head} You will see a lot about the books I have read, I want to read, read to and shared with the kids and a number of recipes I simply love to create! I hope you enjoy that part of the blog.

I am now a part of BookLook Bloggers, Blogging for Books, and Thomas Nelson Bloggers, where I get to read and review books! What a wonderful and fun part of my life! I get free books to read in exchange for my opinion on them . . . seriously . . . what could be better for a book lover? You can also find more about book reviews at Mama Reads.

Recently I have also added in being a tester for and will be receiving, enjoying, reviewing, and blogging about some amazing products that they like to send out in their Oh So Ingenious #VoxBox boxes. Another fun way to enjoy products and to share about them with you!

Along with the great Free Resources that I have available on here on the blog, I welcome your opinions and ideas, as this blog is not just about me. It is ALL about US; The Christian, The Wife, The Mama, The Home Schooling Mama, The Frugal Mama, The Homesteading Mama, The DIY Mama, The Work at Home Mom, the Small Business Operator Mama and so on.  If you would like to be a contributing writer, please feel free to contact me, I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts about how to maintain a Christian household, a thriving home school, online business, all from a woman’s point of view.

{Coming Soon} – Mama’s Coffee Shop Blog Store

I look forward to giving you great information that I have gathered from around the web, from other mamas just like you and me. The newest home schooling resources, encouraging words, blessings from The Word of God,  the latest trends in business to how to handle social media. But that isn’t all this blog will be about. I wish to cover all aspects of being a wife and mom. I wish to see you succeed in your walk with the Lord, your marriage and raising those precious gifts we all children. So be on the look out for great articles from some of the best sources I can find.

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In His Grace.