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I do not have many decorations around my house. Most of the “homey” stuff I do have has been given to me throughout the years.

Recently I have been on mission to spruce up my house and finding the most cost effective way to do it, like I did here.

I wanted a small but cute (adorable, homey, classic, well done) welcome sign by my front steps BUT I didn’t want to spend an arm or a leg to get one!

So, I happened to have all of these materials on hand, well almost, I had to buy the outdoor craft paint. Which costs me a total of $7.63.

Hubby had some left over PVC pipe from one of his projects and a large piece of leftover wainscoting from the downstairs room completion.

I went to confer with Hubby and he said sure, this should work.

After a brief instructional moment on how to use Hubby’s drill press, I was off and running.

I drilled some holes in the wainscoting and matching holes in the top section of the PVC pipe.



















Using 2 screws, I attached the wainscoting to the PVC pipe.

With a brush and a few minutes of quiet time, (lol, who am I kidding?! I rushed down to the garage with the intent to get as much done as I could before somebody needed me!) using Kilz indoor/outdoor latex paint, I slapped on two coats over my now put together sign. I did not even paint the back of the sign!

I let this dry completely, well, okay, time slipped away and about 4 days later I got back down to the garage and managed to get another 2 coats of Kilz on the sign.

(Time goes by too quickly!!) I made it back down to the garage and did a rough sand on the now painted surface using 220 grit sandpaper. I sanded it to give it a weathered look as well as make the surface a bit more smooth for my lettering.

I sketched out the lettering and set to painting my sign in Fall colors. I used an outdoor craft paint in orange and medium brown.

After letting my paint dry for a few hours, I sprayed a clear coat on the finished product.


Do you have any Fall/Autumn projects you would like to share?

Be blessed and enjoy the beautiful weather,

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