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HOMESCHOOL ~ And why I am so very thankful


The main reason I am so thankful for homeschool……..these little joys, right here ~

















This photo is a few years old, the one of many taken a few years ago by family friend Ana Lombardi… of the few moments my little people cooperated for me (and her!).

Without being able to homeschool, I wouldn’t be able to see how truly wonderful  my kids are. I am so caught up in so many daily “things” that I sometimes lose track of time….ummm, yea, truly, I do, heehee.

I wouldn’t be able to see the love blossoming between brothers or the sometimes over protective nature of my oldest.

Without homeschool I would miss out on the creativity of my young bloods……for another post, I promise!

I would miss the bickering, I know, crazy, right?! But I totally would…..without bickering I sometimes think something has gone horribly wrong….no bickering, no communication, right?! Until I sneak and see the most loving, joyful times being created by my little people……I would REALLY miss that.

Homeschool allows for many teaching opportunities that I would miss if my kids went to school…..I would miss not being able to have a 45 minute impromptu lesson on why baby squirrels need to continue to live in the wild and not at my house. Those moments that allow hubby and I to actually TEACH. To teach the important things like, REAL history, the kind being made TODAY, and yesterday of course, but those moments from RIGHT NOW that other people might miss. Those moments are a blessing to me and I thank God He has allowed us to continue our homeschool journey for as long as we have.

Homeschool may not be for everyone, and surely most do not “do school” like we do here at our house, but it works for us. And until it doesn’t “work”, we will continue on our blessed path, creating, sharing, loving, and really teaching.

Many blessings to you, today and everyday,





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