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Chicken Taco Soup



Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm.

This recipe is a keeper! Okay, well not everyone in my family thinks that, but since I am the mama, it stays!

Crock Pot Chicken Taco Soup, easy peasy and ready when you get home.

Okay, so you need to do one little thing, but even this little step can be bypassed.

This is what you will need:


3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 can of corn, drained

1 can of black beans

1 can of pinto beans

1 can of light red kidney beans

1 jar of salsa

1 medium onion

1 package of taco seasoning

optional ingredients:

tortilla chips

sour cream

shredded cheese



Put all of your ingredients in your crock pot, mix well. Take the chicken breasts and put them in the crock, just pushing them under the liquid ingredients. Let cook on high for 4-6 hours or low for 8-10 hours. An hour before you are ready to serve, remove the chicken breasts and once cooled, shred it. Once shredded, put it back in your crock pot to cook for the last hour.

Now, to element the last step of shredding the chicken, you might be able to buy chicken already shredded and making life easier on yourself. Check into it, and then let me know!

Ways to serve:

Once you have your soup on your bowl, you can add a dollop of sour cream, shredded cheese with a side of tortilla chips…..holy heavenly delightfulness!

Hope you enjoy this crock post recipe, I would love to hear how you made yours.

Many blessings,





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