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I don’t know about you but the closer it gets to the holidays the harder it gets for me to stay on track with school.

Does this happen to you too?

I think of all the other things I could be doing, with or without the kiddos.

So this year instead of dwelling on what I could be doing, I think we’re just gonna do!

Here is my short list of things I want to do during this Thanksgiving season…feel free to add your list in the comments below.

1) Christmas Boxes….Operation Christmas Child. Yep, totally making some boxes with the kiddos this year. We did this a lot of years ago and really enjoyed it. This year my youngest is almost six, so he can do his own box this year too. These are usually due by the week before Thanksgiving…perfect timing.

2) I’m gonna bake…a lot. I’m going to fill my pantry with goodies and the pantries of friends and neighbors. I love to bake and it just feels good to pass along something homemade. I envision cookies, breads and goodies lining the countertops of homes around me….oh yeah, my oven is going to be hot a lot this season.

3) We are going to make crafts. To keep or to give away, either one. But all of us are going to work on basic but cute crafts…just because we can. Quality time with my kiddos, that’s what this one is all about.

4) I am going to decorate the house for the Thanksgiving season. Not just the plain ole goodies I have put in the attic but simple and classic decorations that will make my house more homey. Pinterest will be my go to place as this mama here is just not that good at decorating.

5) I will be thankful for each and every moment the God graces me with. I will give thanks for each grump, for each blessing, for each breath I get to breathe.

Not exactly all related to homeschooling but more like home living instead. Isn’t that what homeschooling is all about anyway?

Got some good ideas? I’d love to hear them!

Many blessings to you today,


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