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Day 18

Okay…if you know me at all, you will know that this is just about one of my favorite subjects. *wink, wink, smile, smile*

Today we are reading pages 38-41, subsection His Sexuality: His Need for Physical Intimacy

Kollae – Greek for “unite” meaning “to glue together, to make cohere”.

Men are simply hard-wired by God to need sex, unlike women that need love and affection to want to participate in the intimate side of marriage.

Men that all truly fulfilled in their marriage bed are less likely to feel the need to look elsewhere. Be mindful though, he will know if you are doing the deed out of duty OR if you are doing it to actually connect with your man.

Not only is it imperative to keep your man in the #2 slot of your priority list (after God at #1), it is vital to your marriage to make sex with your man an excellent and enjoyable priority.

Sexual fulfillment is not just a physical meed for your man it is an emotional one too. I flat out asked my husband this question not so long ago if that were true and he said, “YES! Absolutely. It shows me just how much you love me.”

Does it sound like he is laying it on thick? Maybe a bit…but in all truth, God didn’t mess up when He made men. He knew that the wiring system would require one on one upkeep and that married sex would be the correct conduit.

Like two pieces of a puzzle we are created to complete the bigger picture (or puzzle). By connecting with our man during intimate moments we are becoming the “one body” that the Bible speaks of.

Questions to Ponder:

Has sex become more of a chore than the enjoyable experience that God created it to be?

Where on your priority list has sex found its place?

Does your priority list need an overhaul?

Facebook/Twitter quote:

Day 18: God created sex between husband & wife to bind/bond/unite them as one. #hissexuality #praying4husbands #unite #MCSdevo

In His Grace.



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