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Week 10 of 52 Weeks of Thankful Thursday

The Letter J for Joy

We went to the circus not so long ago and my youngest son had never been. My daughter didn’t really remember the last time we went. So fun was had by all. Including myself. I absolutely love the fun and excitement that goes on at the circus. It keeps my mind on overload the entire time! So much JOY was had that day!

The following image is one of pure JOY. The family made a trip to Florida back in October (2013) and if you are familiar with the weather in Florida, you know we made time for the beach. This was one of the best days we had there. This picture proves that sand and water can make anyone happy and full of joy!


I am not saying that this is the norm around here, actually far from it!

There is way more fussing and bickering that I would like, so I try to show more JOY myself. Again, that is sometimes a giant fail but it is still tried. No failing when it comes to being joyful always, like the Bible tells us to be. So, each and every day I try to allow as much joy in my life and in the kids lives too.

Make it a great day.

In His Grace.



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