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A dancing pig, a giggling child and learning to spell and read.


I have been chosen to review Talking Shapes iPad App, and I would love to share about how it works and how fun it is for my son.

This app is from Talking Fingers, Inc. and is available for Apple iPads. It was given to me for free to review, the normal cost is $5.99 from the Apple iTunes App Store.

The greatest thing about the program is that it can be used to encourage young users to participate in the learning process. This is a wonderful product that any child would enjoy. Who doesn’t love to play and learn? But let’s not tell the kids!

My youngest son, which is 6 years old, is still in the early stages of learning to identify letters as well as remembering what each letter “says”. Talking Fingers is perfect for him because the program allows him to hear the letter, hear the letter’s sound, see the letter written and then make (draw it out) the letter.

The four benefits from this app:

Listen to the letter, which allows my son to hear the correct pronunciation of the letter.

Draw the letter, which helps him get the basic shape of the letter.

Play Games, which is always the best way to learn. This way he integrates the sounds and the visuals and he doesn’t even realize it!

Reading, which for my son was a new thing. He hasn’t really gotten this far yet. But he is learning how to spell the words, which is a really good start.

The app is great because it begins with two sisters in ancient Egypt. They wanted a way to remember the letters they were using for their stories. Being children it was a fun game for them to tell their stories but it was so hard to remember them all. So using images they were able to remember the letters better. A picture of a cat with the letter C on it, a picture of a girl playing with a G on it, and a picture of a worm with a W on it are some of the cute images used to help with the letter recognition and the sounds.

The stories being told by the two sisters are so very entertaining! My son giggled and laughed every time in book three that the pig came out to dance its jig (okay, truthfully, all of us got a kick out of the pig dancing a jig….it’s really cute!). During the stories the app even asks the youngster to repeat the word, which continues to enforce the visual with the sound. I like that part of the app.

The best age for Talking Shapes is around Pre K – K. The age range is vendor suggested, but I also have a 9 year old daughter and a 12 year old son that got a kick out of the music and the visuals in this app. My daughter even used it on the sly during her free time. That is how much fun this is for all that use the product.

My son loved playing on the app and would get so caught up in playing the games and watching the pig dance, birds laying eggs and puzzle matching that I would actually have to make him stop playing! The app is so easy to navigate that my son was able to use the app all by himself within a few minutes. Which makes it very nice for mama to help someone else for a few minutes on a different project. Even though the youngsters using this product may not be able to read fully but with so many games and electronic devices nowadays, it is one of the better ones for them to grasp how to navigate. In the end making them more likely to enjoy using this Talking Fingers, Inc product.

I am so pleased with this app and I am excited to see how much my son has learned in the short time we have had it installed. I would recommend this to any parent for fledgling readers and those that are looking to supplement additional reading programs. It is a useful tool that I plan on continuing to use in our homeschool. My only regret is that the voice command (repeating the word) did not always work as I hoped. It did work on occasion and the vendor has been informed of this complication. Otherwise, we all throughly enjoyed this iPad app!

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Thanks for stopping by to read my latest review. I hope you found something that you just can’t live without!

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