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My son has found a new way to “do” science and I think it is wonderful!

I have had the privilege of reviewing Supercharged Science via the e-Science Learning Program with my oldest son, Isaiah. He is almost 13 (yikes!) and still has a huge love of science. Thank goodness for Aurora at Supercharged Science, she makes learning science easy as pie! And who doesn’t love a little bit of pie?

This is a fantastic way to get your students involved in science. It is an online teaching resource, a ready to go science curriculum. There is no specific computer or web browser needed and for the most part it is a fairly simple site to navigate. There is an abundance of information and sometimes the site is a little overwhelming. If my youngest son was to sit down and try to use the site, he would not be able to navigate it as well as my oldest.

The site has a few ways to approach science class. The lessons can be chosen by topic or grade level. Most lessons have a video that you can watch to see an experiment that uses mostly household items. Which was wonderful because it was quick and easy to pull the needed items from the house and get to making science happen.

The science program is set to be used with grades Pre-K through 12. The lessons start out with easy and very simple projects for even the littlest scientist. Pre-K/K lessons about sensing temperature changes. To the most advanced alternative energy lessons, like solar power for the high school scientist. The solar power car is next on our list of fun experiments to do!

We have tried out both ways (topics and grade level) and my son prefers to use the grade level side more than topic led. The eight grade courses, which he used the most, are chemistry, astronomy, and physics of force,motion and energy. For the first experiment he wanted to try the Rocket Car. The following video clip is his rocket car experiment which is based on Newton’s Third Law of Motion – That every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

As you can see, the cork flies off of the bottle as it was supposed to do. Unfortunately the firetruck did not move forward because as the cork shots off, my son still has the truck in his hand. It was great fun and this was only one of 7 videos that we took!

It was a bit hard to get the formula of vinegar and baking soda just right, as there was no specific details listed on the experiment page for the e-lesson. It would be a better process if there was a broken down list of “how much” of the needed ingredients on the site. It was a hit and miss process for us. Luckily we have already used the reaction of vinegar and baking soda before, but other people may not have done that, so the needed amounts would be more helpful on the experiment pages.

Supercharged Science is a great tool for your science class. My son used it almost daily for his science instruction. He did not really enjoy the written questions and answers section about the lessons, he is more a doer of experiments that paperwork but it was a great part for the program for me. I love science but I have the hardest time explaining things so that the laws make sense to my younger crowd. So I appreciate Aurora being able to make science more of an everyday thing instead of only during science class. She makes the hardest stuff seem so simple for all of us to understand, not just me.

  • Laid out lesson plans
  • Experiment videos
  • Question and Answer section for each lesson
  • Easy to Advanced science lessons

The price is reasonable for a frugal minded mama like me. For all of the above listed, Supercharged Science is available for $37-$57 a month. If the science program is not a good fit for you, you are free to cancel at any time. A deal like this is hard to pass up. It makes it worth while for me to test out the program knowing that I have the option of canceling at any time if it is not a good fit for me and my kids. Schooling is hard enough, luckily paying for science class doesn’t have to be hard too.

Because I think you would love this e-Science Program, here is a Free Copy of the Science Activity Video Series and Guidebook for you! Just click on the link to find out more about the program.

I’m off to see what type of science experiment Isaiah wants to do today and I will be back to post more about this awesome program soon. I believe that science should be more fun and not just a tedious class that must be taken. Thank goodness I was blessed to review this science program. Motivating my son to “do” science has never been so easy. Thanks Aurora!

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I hope you enjoyed this review and have now found something that you simply cannot live without!


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