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Teens don’t really ever believe anything a parent says…well, from my experience anyway! So when I was chosen to review the Micro Business for Teens ebooks about Starting a Micro Business and Running a Micro Business I saw an incredible chance to give my son an extra boost into entrepreneurship.MircoBusiness4Teens-Logo

My son (with a little continued pushing from me and his dad) has been mowing our lawn and a neighbors lawn for a few years now. He started The Lawn Boy when he was 9 years old and has tried for years to expand. I know believe that God has issued Isaiah, my now 13 year old son, a new chance to increase his business. By allowing us this opportunity to review this product, Isaiah now has a better idea about getting the ball rolling in his business. This year he finally was able to add to this resume the next door neighbor. He has diligently mowed her yard now for 3 weeks and is as pleased as punch when she comes to “pay her bill”.

I was given the ebooks for the Starting a Micro Business, Running a Micro Business and the Micro Business Workbook for my son to use. These three eBooks cost $19.85 all together. If you prefer the printed form for all three of these, the cost will be $34.85.

The age range varies for a product like this; the suggested age for use is 10-18 years old. I know that each child differs though, so a through reading about this product would be the most beneficial in making that determination.

Starting_small_zps6c32c7b1The ebook, Starting a Micro Business was so informative, I really enjoyed how well it is written. Isaiah was able to read it fairly quickly and the ideas offered for “other” businesses has already sparked his interest. At 13 he was able to understand each workbook section that went along with each chapter that he read. Since he is looking for ways to expand his current micro business, it was helpful that the author Carol was able to help him move along in growing his business with the extra information she provided. She provides the basics like brainstorming. Since he would like to expand, he was brainstorming and planning his budget for new equipment to add to The Lawn Boy.

Usually most teens won’t really tune in to what a parent has to say in regards to getting started with a new business. Our young man did to some degree but like most things it wasn’t much, so it was really wonderful to hand him these books and see him soak up the information.

As Isaiah worked his way through the first book I could see the light in his eyes with all of the new ideas he had brewing!

He talked about web design, graphics design, vehicle detailing, of course, expanding his current lawn care business. It was an excellent product to be able to hand over to him and watch the lightbulbs start lighting up.

The ebook, Running a Micro Business gives the “behind the scenes” of any business. Things like, over coming shyness (which Isaiah definitely needs encouragement in that area), taking care of the booking keeping, marketing and of course, time management. This are all such valuable tools to running a successful business and each area is covered well and he said that pretty much all of it made sense to him. As for my son, since his business is still a fledgling business, even after 4 years, most of this information was a bit too in depth for him and his business. But the benefit of now having this information on hand will be fantastic as he gets older and more ready to flesh out his small business.

Running_small_zps3d9a968cThe Micro Business Workbook was laid out well and Isaiah never had any issues with understanding the questions or writing out his work as directed. I highly recommend a three ring binder to handle all of the printed pages for the workbook.

These books are available individually or they can be purchased as a complete curriculum for a homeschool group or class setting. Discounts are offered from 20%-50% off for large orders. Such a wonderful program for a group class setting and for the young people motivated by the prospect of some spending money!

Another product offered on the site include the last book in the series, Money and Taxes in a Micro Business. I look forward to the time I need to offer this information to Isaiah, it will be a wonderful addition to the other two books Carol has written. This book is also available in eBook format as well as in printed form.

For the online learner, this product is coming to the web! You can see the beginnings of Micro Business for Teens Fast Track now.

I hope you enjoyed this newest review and found a product that might benefit your homeschooler!


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In His Grace.

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