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Need a new twist to your Bible study lessons with the kids? Great! Check this out –

We just reviewed Wizzy Gizmo‘s newest book, Book Two: In His Image.


This is a Bible study book that is spot on the level I needed for my 6 year old son and 9 year old daughter, which fit into the book being for ages 4-12.

Wizzy Gizmo is one crazy, fun inducing, Bible loving kinda guy!

This adventure had us climbing aboard his Gizmoblaster (time traveling car) and landed us smack dab in the middle of the most incredible garden ever. Yep, we landed in the lush, beautiful Garden of Eden. And thanks to the ingenious device called the Gizmovision (device which brings any book to life), we were able to wander in the garden and hear directly from the Written Word.

As the book progressed we were delighted to hear the words from the Bible shared and then broken down into more bite size pieces for the little ones.

It was nice to travel to the peaceful and majestic Garden of Eden and to feel like we witnessed the creation of Adam and Eve.

The characters were a treat as there was a variety of kids.

The Reserved and Mature Kid, Summer, age 9.

The Outgoing and Fun Kid, Thomas, age 7.

The Shy but Observant Kid, Eli, age 8.

The Very Active Kid, Olive, age 7.

And of course, the crazy, zany and famous Professor of Science and Technology, Wizzy Gizmo.

Let’s not forget the dynamic duo of Wizzy’s, Pepe the talking pet dog and Qwacky the robotic duck. This duo such made the adventure more fun with the antics that they got into and discussed.



Chapter break down:

Chapter 1 – Excitement Awaits:

The beginning go the adventure revs all the kids up as we were introduced to the kids and Wizzy.

Chapter 2 – Picnic Mayham:

Let the adventure get under way with a picnic with a blue-white haired professor, a talking dog, robotic duck and the kids. Eating, playing and all around fun with the crew.

Chapter 3 – Wondorus and Tasty Inventions:

We are shown Wizzy Gizmo’s newest invention, the Gizmoanycream. What a dream machine that can use any item and turn it into ice cream. (I think I need one of these, lol)

Chapter 4 – Creative Like the Creator:

The zany Professor is a man of God and shares about the creative nature that God has bestowed on us through the story of Bezalel and others from Exodus 35: 30-35. The break down of the idea that every one is created special is prevalent in the chapter, a detail that was very important to the creation of Adam and Eve.

Chapter 5 -A Perfect World:

Gizmovision drops us into the pristine and idyllic Garden of Eden.

Chapter 6 – Plants, Plants, Plants:

An incredible chapter that plants the seed that the Word of God is infallible (absolutely trustworthy) as well as inerrant (without error).

Chapter 7 – In His Image:

The longest chapter in the book shows us the up close and amazing creation of Adam and Eve. Using the direct verses from the Bible and breaking them down into understandable pieces makes this a pleasure to read. In this chapter we are given the up close view of the garden, the animals and Adam and Eve thanks to the Gizmoblaster.

The last sections of the book are Review Questions and the Vocabulary Words and Definitions. I do need to note that if I had not been the reader of this book, my 9 year old would have had a difficult time with some of the vocabulary words. I think that vocabulary words definitely made this more school like for her, so thankfully there was a glossary of the words in the back, otherwise she would have been lost.

All around we enjoyed the book and I look forward to picking up Book One: Who Created Everything?.

This paper backed book is a gorgeous and colorful book and worth the cost of $12.99.

There is a total of 57 pages in the book and I broke down the reading of the book into chapters. This way we were able to discuss and spend more time with the break down of the Scriptures.

Bible lessons were impromptu and it was easy to explain and talk about how special God made each of us with the kids due to the fun of the story. I believe that they didn’t feel like it was too “schooly” feeling so they enjoyed the story better. A win win situation for me!

Thanks for reading the latest review that the kids and I had fun doing! I hope you found a new product and enjoy it as much as we did.

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In His Grace.

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