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With so many words that come at us and our children throughout the day, it is a pleasure to listen to some uplifting words in kids songs. That is what we were able to do in our latest review from Happy Kids Songs.

Mamas Coffee Shop - Review Happy Kids Songs

We were given there albums, Happiness & Attitude, Friends & Sharing and Manners & Character to enjoy. Also, we were given Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social and Emotional Skills.

Happiness & Attitude featured songs with these titles: Mamas Coffee Shop Reviews Happiness & Attitude from Happy Kids Songs

Shake it out and Dance

Who Knows What’s a Kudo?

I Don’t Understand

Be Good to Yourself

Better Together

Each song in this album offers up words of encouragement for little kids. Songs that are catchy tend to be remembered easier. Here are some of the lessons that the kids and I learned from this album:

Learning how to handle your limitations, learning that playing alone is okay but being with a friend is better, learning that you can turn your I can’t around into I can, learning that mistakes are normal and to not beat yourself up over them, learning to ask questions when you simply do not understand something and that you should offer up thank you’s and other words of encouragement to others.

Friends & Sharing featured songs with these titles: Mamas Coffee Shop Reviews Friends & Sharing from Happy Kids Songs

Sailing on the Seven C’s

Everybody wants to Find a Friend

Sharing Friends

Happy as Happy Can Be


This set of songs in this album sets out to show how important friends and learning to share can be in your life. Here are some of the lessons that we got from this album:

Learning that having a special friend to play with wonderful and fun, learning that some friends are meant to be and how great it is to find that kind of friend, learning that you sometimes must share your friends and that when you share a friends you might find a new one, that everyone wants a friend but you need to be a friend first, learning to be caring, cooperative, considerate, committed, concerned, curious and learning to communicate.

Manners & Character featured songs with these titles:Mamas Coffee Shop Reviews Manners & Character from Happy Kids Songs


The Magic Word


The Golden Rule

Six Little Kids

This album was by far the best one for the kids and I. We learned a lot about why having a good character is important as well as why manners were so very important.

Specifically we learned the value of being an honest individual, that saying please can help create better situations around you, that every one is made differently and that is okay, that the do unto others rule applies at all times, and that opinions are important and that each opinion can be correct so that being opinionated is okay.

Each of these albums can be downloaded from Amazon as well as from iTunes. We were given the albums to reviews that came in a downloadable file. You are able to download individual songs for .99 each or you can download the whole album of 5 songs for $4.95.

Mamas Coffee Shop Review Happy Kids Songs Workbook

We were also provided the Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social and Emotional Skills.

This workbook is an amazing addition to the songs that come from Happy Kids Songs.

The workbook is able to be copied numerous times for sharing the song lyrics as well as the activity pages. In the back of the book there are teacher activities also that provide much more fun for the kids to learn about each concept being taught.

This book can be purchased as a downloadable file or as a physical book (which is what I received). The 125 page physical book can be purchased from Amazon for $12.56.

The kids and I really enjoyed listening to all of the songs throughout our day. The songs were all easily understandable and had a light and peppy feel to them. It was great to be able to incorporate the worksheets and extra activities also. Making it easier to keep the songs and their meanings fresh in the kids minds.

You can read what my fellow reviews had to say about this product by clicking the image below.


You can find Happy Kids Songs on social media:


Twitter: @howsyourfam


I hope you enjoy our latest review and have now found something you are ready get for your homeschool!

In His Grace.

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