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We just started the beginning of our 9th year as homeschoolers and again this year, I have changed, added, dropped, and tweaked how we “do” school.

One new item that I have added this year is a logbook for Isaiah, my 13 year old (wanna be 9th grader/still an 8th grader by a thread). My Student Logbook that we are reviewing is the Undated version with the plants cover. The logbook was created by Corina and Jim Abbot from My Student Logbook and I am so impressed by the layout of this logbook!


The logbooks can be used for any age child really, 2nd grade and up is best according to the site. It would be more beneficial if the child is able to read to some degree.

Isaiah’s undated logbook was my choice because we started school a bit later than other families did this year. So, I needed to be able to start the school year on the exact week we began our studying.

The logbook is simple to set up and even easier once I watched the set-up guide video on YouTube.

The logbook is designed to use the Checklist Page with the daily reporting. The Checklist Page is removed from the spiraling, folded in half and then taped to the daily reporting page.

Isaiah and I set the logbook to be used as such:

  1. I write out his classes on his Checklist Page.
  2. I put the day and the date on his daily reporting page.
  3. I put, in his notes section on his daily page, his required work load.
  4. Isaiah then marks his time spent in the daily boxes or a check mark, depending on the work required.

Using the Checklist Page to complete the required subjects for the week.


Under the Notes section I write the required textbook / website / lesson for the required work.

There are the pages that allow you to log all of your classes, chores, seat work, etc…

…but the extra goodies I found at the back of the book, I think they are such a wonderful addition. The extra pages help your child turn this new logbook into their own personal progress chart.

The sections added to the back of the logbook are:

  • All About Me
  • Prayers and Goals
  • Bible Verses Memorized
  • Books Read
  • Events, Projects, Field Trips, Presentations, Activities
  • Test Records
  • Year Highlights

The first time my son flipped through the logbook and he saw the extras at the back, he immediately filled in the All about Me section. He really liked the fact that it was “his” and he could write his name on the front and essentially steak his claim. With a house of more than one child, and where everyone needs to share, an “all mine” item is highly treasured!

The cost for a printed logbook, undated or dated is $15.00. There is a number of covers for the printed logbooks, pretty much any interest your child might have.

There is also an option to purchase a PDF logbook that range in cost from $10.00 – $20.00. The PDF logbook does not come with cover art at this time.

Since this is the first time I have used a logbook or true daily planner in our schooling, it has taken some getting used to, for both Isaiah and I. Throughout the years I have used notebooks, plain paper, the chalkboard, the whiteboard and verbal reminders as to what needs to be completed for the day.

My nature, I have learned through the years, is a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda lady…except of course my God given temperament is, a-place-for-everything-and-everything-in-its-place. On any given day I do believe that God is having a good laugh at my expense. Even though I am created one way, I have tried to become more “bendy” with day to day activities. Luckily for me, the My Student Logbook allows me to indulge both of my ways. It allows me to schedule classes as well as allows me to be a bit more bendy…I like that!

To top it all off, I think this logbook is so much of a good thing for us, that my 9 year old daughter, Ana, wanted one for herself (again, the “all mine” gets us a lot, doesn’t it?!). This is what her new logbook looks like:


She wanted the horses cover, but as you can imagine, they were currently sold out! Ana was so excited she stalked the mailbox for days and immediately upon arrival, she begged (first school item begged for, I believe!) to fill out her All About Me section in the back…perfect!

For the time involved in setup, the time it takes to write out the work, this logbook has truly saved me copious amounts of time (and brain power)…again, I like it!

My favorite part of Isaiah using this logbook is my practice for when I really need to log his hours for school. For transcripts and whatnots, which frighteningly, is not so far away! We are both trying to “bend” into this new way of school and so far it is working out well.

One more important thing to note about these logbooks, foreseeing that each homeschool is different, the Abbots have given permission to the buyer to photocopy the Checklist Page. Which for our family is wonderful, due to the way Isaiah and I agreed to lay out the logbook. A wonderful and thoughtful addition. A benefit for me, is if I could download just the checklist page as a PDF, say upon purchase. This way, it would be even easier for me to print the Checklist Page at a later date, because, sometimes, I just forget and I use up my supply and I forget to make copies…yes, it has happened, lol.

Best new addition to our schooling this year, I am so pleased to add this daily student logbook to my arsenal and look forward to the ease I now have of scheduling work for the day, week, and year.

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Thanks you for reading my latest review, I hope you found something you can use in your homeschool! Come back soon for another review soon.

In His grace.


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