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Learning for small children is always better suited when it is connected to something fun. At least that is what I have found when it comes to teaching my own children. So when Joseph and I began reviewing Preschool Curriculum from La La Logic we were pretty excited. It looked fun and something that would keep Joseph’s attention, all the while teaching him different concepts.

This program is geared for preschool aged children but I believe that this is a wonderful resource tool for older students as well. Joseph is 7 ½ years old and he just zipped though this program. He had a blast going through each of the weeks work. He completed numerous weeks of curriculum at a blistering pace but he had so much fun doing it that he constantly is asking if he can do La La Logic!

The system is computer based, and online program that requires a subscription. The only things needed for this is a computer (or tablet) and internet access. Once signed up the user can add their student into the system. There is only one username and password required for this account, the login info will be used for one or all users.

Once each student is set up in the system, there are two options for study:

  • 100 Weeks of Curriculum, which has online interactive activities and printable fun for the week, with parental curriculum
  • Continuous Mode, which has all 500 lessons available without interruption

Let’s talk about the 100 Weeks of Curriculum

There are 20 Sets of Lessons, each set contains 5 weeks worth of work.

Mamas Coffee Shop La La Logic Weekly

Each week consists of a brain challenge, enrichment (a printable, hands on activity, such as matching, cut and paste, and/or coloring), worksheet, and a family fun activity.

Mamas Coffee Shop La La Logic Weekly Break Down

Each week you select will offer you the ability to download that pages necessary for your Weekly schedule.



Everything is set up for the parent / teacher so that is very easy to complete the work for the week. Joseph enjoyed the process that went with the listening tot eh story, the recall of the story and then the worksheets that went with the weekly lesson.

Not all of the enrichments are required and feel free to complete the weeks how ever works for you and your little learner! I sometimes (okay, A LOT of the time) have a learner that doesn’t want to complete the required work in the ways suggested, so mama has to improvise, like this worksheet shown.

The directions on the worksheet said to cut out the images them sort them into categories. Then tell what the categories have in common. Well, my son (whom I love to pieces!) didn’t want to cut, so I changed it to circle, check mark, and cross out. Again, this written portion of the curriculum is wonderfully easy to adapt to your needs. A huge plus for me!


Here are some more types of printable activities that you can find in the weekly agenda pages.

LaLaLogic Printable Pages | Mamas Coffee Shop

Let’s talk about Continuous Mode

If you are looking to simply supplement your little learner with fun activities that will reinforce basic skills, this part of the program is perfect! Once you are signed in, you will be able to select which section of the program you would like to use.



The continuous Mode will allow the student to complete a whole session (about 5 weeks of work) without the interruption of the “end of the week” portion of the curriculum.


Choosing the continuous mode will allow the child to move through the session at a much quicker pace. All that is required is you will need to set your child up in continuous mode, then all they have to do is click GO and NEXT. Some of the online activities MAY require a few more button clicks, such as PLAY but most of the time though it is click to move an object or to answer the question.

Another wonderful portion of the online portion of the La La Logic program is that there is a LISTEN button so the directions can be repeated and there is a SKIP button allowing the child to skip over the activity if they do not understand what is being asked of them. These are awesome features that I agree with and as a parent of a fledging reader, it makes it easier for the student to feel more in control.


Joseph was able to do either section of the program (Weekly or Continuous Mode). He watched me go though the weekly curriculum area and that was actually his favorite area. He was delighted to see the weeks go by so quickly, as he checked them off at the end of the session. He would sit and complete weeks of work in a single day!



Joseph said that he “really loved playing” (playing?! this is learning Bub! LOL) and that his absolute favorite part was the dancing monkey and lizard when he got answers correct. Sorry, no dancing monkeys or lizards pictured, and not every activity produced them either!

Here are some of the activities that are available for your student to enjoy while they do the online portion of this curriculum.La La Logic Numerous Online Activities to Choose From | Mamas Coffee Shop


Overview of La La Logic

Here is a list of skills that I noticed that are put to use while using the online portion of the program:

  • memory
  • sequencing
  • matching
  • counting
  • measurements
  • recognizing numbers
  • listening
  • comprehension
  • visual
  • following directions
  • directions (left, right, up, down)
  • number comparison (bigger, smaller)
  • number recognition (listen then select the correct number)
  • identifying numbers
  • shapes
  • colors
  • position (top, bottom, middle)
  • symbols
  • patterns
  • puzzles
  • picture stories (sequence of events)

Here is a list of the skills that I noticed that were put to use while using the printable curriculum portion of the program:

  • following directions
  • listening
  • comprehension
  • memory recall
  • cutting with scissors
  • using tape
  • using glue
  • identifying objects
  • putting objects into groups
  • matching
  • coloring
  • hand writing

My Thoughts and Opinions

If you have little learners that enjoy brain challenging games, this is a wonderful program that will do just that! Joseph enjoyed the review of this Preschool Curriculum from La La Logic and he doesn’t even know (or care) that this is considered preschool work. It is fun and engaging for him and gets his little brain going.

The layout of the site is very easy to navigate and I had no issues getting anything set up. I enjoy an easy peasy site that is for sure!

The speaking portion of the activities is well spoken and very easy to understand. The directions are simple and easy for the little one to follow. Also, the encouragement offered when answers are correct is a nice addition to this already enjoyable program. We both really liked this program and I’m glad that we have had a chance to share our thoughts with you!


Come back soon and see what we review next!

In His Grace.






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