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Siren’s Fury by Mary Weber

Nymia is an anomaly, she is a female Elemental. She can control the weather around her. She has gone from being a slave girl with 15 masters to protector of the kingdom, yet she is only 17 years old.

With much practice she has learned to control her curse, or gift as Eogan calls it, and she recently was tasked with saving Faelen, her home, from the invading kingdom of Bron. Yet, when it comes down to it, she could only save one – Eogan, her newest love or Faelen, the kingdom she vowed to protect…she might have chosen wrong.

All she learned from Eogan has been stripped away from her by Draewulf, the dark lord that Faelen has been fighting against for well over a century…the original slayer of the Elementals.

Will she now be forced to side with a former student of Eogan’s, a surprisingly gifted Uathúil, to fight against Draewulf or will this new force be the breaking point of her soul? Is losing her powers the end of the war within the Five Kingdoms? At one time she used her powers for good and now that she has no powers at all, will she be able to save Eogan in time?

A battle ensues between the darkness and the elemental light and because of this battle will Nym lose herself as well as the war?

My Thoughts

As this is the second book in this trilogy, there is so much backstory that I highly suggest that you read the book one, Storm Siren, before you read this one.

That being said, I have an infinity for the fantasy genre. There is so much that can written about, so when I come across a well written fantasy, I am always willing to test the waters.

Before I read Siren’s Fury I picked up Storm Siren and devoured it. So I was not the least bit surprised at how quickly I dove into this story and gobbled it up. There is an intriguing twist to this story that I was very impressed with and it was so well written that I felt if this wasn’t fantasy fiction, it could be real.

I am again so blown away by this author and the story she is weaving around this character. The dilemma of growing up is hard enough, but having the weight of the kingdoms on you too…well, that is some intense demands on anyone, let alone a young girl. The author continues to show the dynamic development of the main character Nym as she struggles with the darkness and the magnificent pull of the light.

I am anxiously waiting for the final book to appear, even though I know the wait will be long. Mary Weber draws you in quickly and you will have a hard time shaking yourself from the reality that is revolving around the fantastic Elemental she calls Nymia.

Step inside the world of darkness and see how brilliantly the light still tries to call you home. Well done.

I hope you enjoyed this book review and you come back soon to see what I have been reading.

In His Grace.


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