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I'm Happy for You by Kay Wills Wyma


The Book

There are so many ways to handle the comparisons that go on in this modern culture. You can try to ignore it, you can try to stand against the onslaught, or you can be a wise cracking mama just trying to do her best.

Meet Kay Wills Wyma, the woman that wrote down why living in this culture of comparison is just so stinking’ difficult and how we as women can do our utmost to come out the other side fresh and clean instead of covered in sludge and slime. She speaks from her heart about how she is try to find her way and teach her children (and herself) to respond to others with the “I’m Happy for You” phrase. Because there is so much joy lost in today’s comparison culture.

She also speaks about the common “It’s not Fair!” phrase that floats around the house. The point she makes about it is true, the fact that we just don’t want others to be happy because we aren’t. She shows her approach to how to help us and our children come to terms with the equality and inequality of today’s world. And the fact that sometimes, seriously, life isn’t fair but 99% of the time, we will survive.

Kay talks about the ups and downs of having to raise children in this day and age with the advances of technology. This is a critical time for young people and as parents trying to navigate this tech and helping our children learn that their worth is NOT found in how many “likes” they get…this is especially important for adults too, a trap that many fall into without even realizing.

My Thoughts

Throughout the book I am impressed with the truth that Kay speaks on this touchy subject of comparisons. She makes excellent points about the heart of all individuals involved in social media, the church, homeschool groups, school athletics, and so much more.

The world we now live in is extremely “instant gratification” orientated. The reality is that we need to be more focused on the good that we already have instead of what we don’t have. The trails and tribulations that we put ourselves through and others through can be stopped, if we can only remember to Whom we belong and in Whom we have found glory and grace.

Kay does a wonderful job of showing the honestness that goes along with this attitude of trying to be happy for others, yet still struggling with the realness of it all. She is a lovely writer and the bluntness of her writing and the honesty behind her words made me laugh out loud numerous times. Even though this subject is usually one that wants to be avoided, Kay plunges in head first and manages to come out shining on the other end.

I appreciate the way she gently reminds me to try to be the better person even in the midst of the struggle, she makes it okay to admit that THE STRUGGLE is REAL. As long as you are trying to use the “I’m Happy for You” approach, you are winning the war, one battle at a time.

I look forward to reading more from Kay Willis Wyma, she is enjoyable to read and makes me and my life seem much more normal…so thank you Kay for simply keepin’ it real!

Until my next book review…

In His Grace.


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