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The Book – Blessing

It is 1848 and Blessing Brightman is an Original. Meaning she left the Quaker community and married into the highest ranks of Cincinnati society. But her marriage was not one that she was able to speak of, as it slowly torn her soul apart. Widowed young, she is now one of the most wealthy and independent women in the local scene and she is deeply involved in various charities that take up most of her time.

Gerard Ramsey is heir to a wealthy Bostonian family and sees no goodness in the affairs of the abolitionists or the woman’s suffrage movement. Why can’t they just leave things as they are? But once he arrives in Cincinnati to “rescue” his cousin from the clutches of a no name society girl, he finds himself face to face with Blessing Brightman. And he surly does not know what to say to this overly outspoken, highly opinionated woman.

The intent all along was for Gerard to escape the role of heir apparent, and finally be free of the demands of his father and family. Yet, as he stretches to remove himself as the right man for the job, he might just be bungling all of Blessing Brightman’s plans in Cincinnati.

Blessing cannot understand why Gerard is trying so very hard to escape his family and besmirch his father’s name, but she sees no reason to allow him to create such havoc in her town. So she sets out to rein him in and warn him of the local thug that seems to want to draw him in.

Except the local thug not only wants Gerard to fall from the height of society’s eyes, he also has a notion to end all of Blessings plans as well. Old pains and new troubles stir the waters as Blessing and Gerard try to wade through the muck to find the truth of it all.

As Blessing and Gerard are faced with the dirtiness of the back streets of Cincinnati in 1848, they come to the realization that the deepest held fears and guilt are usually the ones that are the hardest to let go of. But can they find peace in God and in each other before the local thug makes good on his promises?

My Thoughts

Well, it would seem again that since I have never read a novel by Lyn Cote that I have been missing out. I immediately feel in love with Blessing Brightman and Gerard Ramsey. They clashed well then learned to see each other for more than society claimed they should.

This is a love story that builds, sways, and engages you at every flip of the page.

I was duly impressed with the thoughts of the abolitionist movement and the woman’s suffrage movement written into the story. It felt real. I was so moved by the important people that these characters were able to listen to during the story. It was a wonderful history lesson neatly rolled into the storyline. Well done.

I enjoyed the plight of Blessing and how she always handled herself in the most calming and genteel manner. She pulls of being a lady with ease and I loved her more for it!

This book is from a series called Quaker Brides and I intend to read the previous story and keep my eyes open for the newest one that is coming soon.

Find our more about author Lyn Cote by visiting her around the web:

Her Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed this latest book and visit again to see what else is on my reading list!

In His Grace.


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