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Parenting is Heart Work

The Book – Parenting is Heart Work

I come back to this style of parenting over and over again. I am overwhelmed at the benefits and the fruits that are produced because of it.

Never heard of heart parenting? Let me explain.

Heart Parenting is the understanding that children, like adults, process everything through their heart. The inner struggles are worked out in the heart; the basic nature of humans according to God is played out in the heart. So when addressing the numerous challenges that come with parenting, working on the “heart of the matter” is working to correct heart behavior versus outward behavior. In turn, helping the child grow and mature in the heart, and not just by knowing how to behave well, the outward view.

That is one incredible way to help a child understand the Biblical principles even at the youngest age. By teaching the littlest of hearts that how we feel and react to situations is just as important as learning to obey and honor parents.

This book encourages parents to look past the outward signs to see what is truly going on in the child’s heart.

There are 4 main parts of the book, that are then broken down into smaller subsections, like so:

  • Part 1: Understanding the Heart
    • A Heart Story From the Bible
    • 1.   What is the Heart (Part 1)
    • 2.   What is the Heart (Part 2)
    • 3.   Will I or Won’t I?
    • 4.   Do it Like You Mean it
  • Part 2: Connecting With Your Child’s Heart 
    • A Heart Story From the Bible
    • 5.   Emotions Have Feelings too
    • 6.   Turn on Their Heart Lights
    • 7.   Avoiding Congestive Heart Failure
    • 8.   Making the Connection
  • Part 3: Working Out Heart Change
    • A Heart Story From the Bible
    • 9.   Talking to Yourself
    • 10. Teaching Your Child’s Heart
    • 11.  Meditation Management
    • 12.  A Light on the Path to Change
  • Part 4: Touching Your Child’s Heart
    • A Heart Story From the Bible
    • 13. Constructive Correction
    • 14. Turn Around for Change
    • 15. Defibrillating for a Change
    • 16. Cross Your Heart

Each chapter covers how to better understand the steps that our hearts take in our daily walk so that it is easier to approach our children. This book is based on Biblical principles and uses numerous Bible verses to show just how important the heart is.

The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

The above verse is the sole basis of this book. It is a very valuable tool for any parent. It is full of insight, encouragement, and is a wealth of information. I believe every parent, every Christian parent, should read this book and keep it handy as they navigate through the child rearing years.


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Thank you for reading this latest book review, come back soon to see what else I have on the book shelf.

In His Grace.





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