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Hiding Places by Erin Healy

The Book

Eleven year old Kate is a secret super spy. Her mission is to escape the eyes of her family as she meanders around The Harrison Lodge. Her spying has allowed her to monitor one sister’s thievery from the petty cash draw, allowed her to find her other sister’s marijuana stash, and help her grandfather keep his candy bar sneaking a secret.

Her grandmother is the head of the lodge and she rules it with an iron fist, nothing escapes her eye. Kate’s mom is a wounded heart that is forever waiting for an escape from the drudges of lodge management.

Then there is Kate’s eccentric great-grandmother that has almost as many secrets as Kate. Between the two of them, there are a bunch of things that are going on at the lodge that no one wants to acknowledge or admit.

But when murder comes to town the family uncovers secrets that threaten to tear them apart. And what about the homeless man that showed up broken and bleeding, is he connected to the recent murder in town?  He too becomes one of Kate’s secrets and hiding him becomes a matter of life or death – for every one involved.

Mystery surrounds the lodge as the residing family comes to terms with the past that each one thought was better left buried. Will the past repeat itself or will the consequences of Kate’s secrets expose wounds better left alone?

My Thoughts 

This is my first Erin Healy novel and I was completely enthralled. The twists and surprises that she wove throughout the story held me captive as I poured over the pages. The way she connected the story’s characters was wonderful. I loved the historic details she added into the story.

The emotional depth of the characters was so very well written. The author’s portrayal of family seemed incredibly spot on. There was family craziness, past hurts, current relation issues, sneakiness, and so much more. Seems like a pretty normal family to me!

As the characters stretched and developed I was overwhelmed by the sweetness of Kate, even in her deception. I fell in love with this young lady and her great-grandmother. Both characters were so fun and had true heart!

This story was filled with many emotional roller coaster moments. Also, there was mistakes identified and grace-filled moments. None of which would have been possible to witness if there wasn’t a God element in the story.

I throughly enjoyed this story and look forward to picking up more books by Erin Healy. She writes well and spins a truly impressive tale. Who knew that an eleven year old girl could invoke such sympathy and show incredible courage? This was a wonderful read and I hope you take the time to pick up a copy to read for yourself.

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