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A Reluctant Bride - Kathleen Fuller

The Book

Sadie Schlock has lived in partial fear of men due to an incident many years ago. Because of this moment in her life she has vowed to never marry. But circumstances abruptly change when her parents are killed in a horrible crash and one of her sisters is seriously injured. As hospital bills rapidly accumulate and discovering that her parents were in deep debt Sadie realizes that the only way out is to marry. And marry the one man that left her alone in one of her weakest moments; one she can never forgive.

Aden Troyer knows that leaving Sadie alone all of those years ago has caused an enormous riff between them. He wishes that he could just ask her forgiveness and tell her how he truly feels about her, but he cannot overcome his shyness to do so. Then things change as he finally has the opportunity to save Sadie and try his best to make up for past mistakes. Even if he has to live the rest of his life with a woman that despises him, he believes that it is the right thing to do, especially for the woman he loves.

As Aden and Sadie work at restoring the Family Store, Sadie comes to the point where she realizes that Aden isn’t the same as the boy that he was many years ago. But is this change in him enough to safeguard her future? And will she finally start to fall in love with her husband only to be betrayed at the last moment? There are too many secrets from the past that are coming to haunt Sadie and risking her family and her future.

My Thoughts

This is a wonderful story of forgiveness and hope for the future. That there is a God that loves us enough that we can overcome any adversity that we may have in our lives.

As life becomes unbalanced for Sadie she has to learn to let go and offer up forgiveness even though she would rather not. She makes marked improvements in many areas of her life, tough moments that makes you wonder how she was able to thrive instead of fall completely apart. Then we are blessed to see that through all of her misadventures she has held onto the steady rock that his her God.

Watching Aden learn to stand up to some of the bullies in his life says much about what too much pain and condemnation can do for some men. He relies heavily on God and that allows him to ultimately become a true and good man.

Kathleen Fuller writes a compelling story that is fraught full of moments of fear and desperation that are flipped into moments of trust and obedience to God. A wonderfully good read and one that is filled with sweet moments of a growing love between two good people. It is sweet and lovely to watch their love bloom.

I absolutely loved this story and look forward to reading more from this series. I recommend this book to you if you are looking for a bit of intrigue and are a fan of the Amish and their lives.

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