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I am so grateful that there is a company out there in this big world that produces quality movies. We were excited to review another movie from This time we reviewed Faith of Our Fathers, and I firmly believe that you will absolutely love it as much as we did!

The Movie

John Paul George is on a mission to learn more about his father, Steven George, that died in the Vietnam War. During a search in a long stored box, he finds a name that he is unfamiliar with, Eddie Adams. As he searches for Eddie Adams he comes across Wayne Adams instead. Wayne is Eddie’s son and he has information that John Paul would love to have. Information about his father.

A road trip to the Vietnam War Memorial allows Wayne and John Paul to learn more about each other as well as their dads.

After 25 years , Steven George and Eddie Adams are finally able to share their story with their sons. Through letters that they wrote home while in Vietnam. Through a complicated journey, Steven and Eddie become closer than brothers and form a bond like no other. The letters they wrote home are full of encouragement and love.

Through various ups and downs the adventure in 1969, leads to present day as every man draws closer to God.

My Thoughts 

This story is set in 1969 as we watch the soldiers in Vietnam run a rescue mission to save a downed aircraft. As well as the present where we meet John Paul and Wayne. The many trials and tribulations of all of the men involved is a true testament that there truly is a loving and ever faithful God.

The sons yearn to know all about the men that never came home from the war and this was a wonderful way to portray that. The flash backs to Vietnam allowed us a peek into what type of men these young fathers actually were. It allowed us to be taken with the love and dedication that these young men had in the fierce love that they had for their young boys at home.

Steven George was a God fearing man that never hid his love and devotion to the heavenly father. He constantly prayed and often spoke about God in his time over in Vietnam. It was as if he knew that all of his fears would be waylaid if he continued to be faithful, as it is promised.

Eddie Adams needed some faith and his only source of learning more was from Steven George. It was amazing to watch the transformation of God’s love work on these men. Then witness again the unending love of God reach across the generational gap and continue to touch the lives of their boys.

This is a story that reaches down into your heart and tugs at your deepest recesses. I cried numerous times as I listen to the letters that were being written to the young wives and boys back home. The fear was always evident in the words as well as the longing to just go home.

There were moments of light-heartedness as Wayne and John Paul get to know each other and it broke the hard emotion of the scene in Vietnam. I enjoyed the spin that this movie took allowing us to be in the past and the present as well. The movie provided a brief glimpse into what some of the men had to endure during the Vietnam War and how their emotions were always running high.

But more than that, this movie showed us that there is a God that is greater than we could ever imagine that has plans laid out for us many years in advance. That our God is a God of amazing abilities that intertwines lives and life lessons in the most incredible ways.

I would recommend this movie to you if you are searching for answers to some of life’s deep questions. It will provide you with hope and it will encourage you in your journey.

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