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Midnights With Jesus - Psalm 37:4


This past week I have learned that seeking God can come in many different ways.

I have been recently blessed; hubby that has provided a home workout area for all of us. Therefore, I am seeking God to encourage my heart to get in that workout area and use the machines. God has been generous allowing this is be a part of our lives.

The Lord has placed this on my heart; I must seek Him in all things. Even in the area of my health, rather, especially in this area. I have become too complacent.

The verse that we have been studying on this week was Psalm 105:4 – Seek the Lord, and His strength; Seek His face forever.

It has been extremely important in my life because I have been battling laziness in regards to my health. I need to get back into better shape, for my health, and the example I am setting for my children.

So, not only I am having to seek the Lord, I have to also seek His strength, because I so cannot do this exercise stuff, eating better, and being more healthy without His help.

Maybe not as deep as I would have thought that this verse would take me this week, but there you have it; the truth that I am unable to complete even the smallest (yet, the largest and hardest) tasks without the Lord’s strength.

Also, knowing that as I seek His strength as I do this better health thing, I must continue to do so or I will fall right back into old habits. It does not take long to do that!

Here is the newest verse that I plan on working on for the next 7 days:

Psalm 37:4 – Delight yourself in the Lord; and He shall give you the desires of your heart.”



If you are just joining in this week, please feel free to download the PDF that has all of the verses I will be using this month.

There are so many wonderful verses still yet to come, I hope you continue to join in with me here as I spend Midnights with Jesus.

As promised, there will be a linkup for last week’s verse and you will find it below.

I look forward to reading all of your posts!

If you are interested in sharing about this series on your blog, you can use the banner and the attached coding.

(Also, if you would please use the hashtag #MidnightsWithJesus if you talk about this blog series on social media, that would be wonderful.)

Dig in night owl mamas, and let Jesus shine upon your face . . . even at midnight.

Not sure what Midnights with Jesus is all about? Visit this post to learn more.

Until next week.

In His grace.



What has your week been like and what have you been lead to read or study?



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