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Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - Here to Help Learning


Each year I set out to help my children learn the most and in the ways that it best for them. It always warms my heart when I find a program that works well with the learning style of my kiddos. Here to Help Learning is an awesome program that is a little bit online and a little bit paperwork; this is a wonderful way for Ana to learn Flight 1 Paragraph Writing and so far it has been just perfect for her!


Here to Help Learning

This product is a little bit of video watching and a little bit of paperwork.

The videos are set up in 5 parts:

  • Pre-Flight Checklist – this is for the supplies needed for the lesson and to share any important information in regards to the lesson.
  • Flight Check-in – any “homework” needs to be handed in, you go over Colossians 3:17 again.
  • Take Off – for playing sentence/no sentence game and the writing warm up
  • Full Throttle – completely work in a group setting or all by yourself and moving into each step of the writing process.
  • Fly Solo – the wrap up for the lesson.
    • this is where you can have the student complete all work independently or,
    • you can have the student dictate all work to you


Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - Here to Help Learning - Mrs. Mora


The videos are so fun! Mrs. Mora has spent a lot of time creating such fun, colorful, and exciting videos for the students! And who can forget the adorable Knucklehead (the basset hound captain)? The creativity alone in the videos is worth watching, let alone the vast amounts of information that Mrs. Mora is sharing with the students!


Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - Here to Help Learning - Knucklehead


For each lesson you can print the paperwork that goes along with the video.

I created a binder for Ana that has the sections divided for her that coincide with the 5 sections of the videos. I have a smaller flimsy folder that has the teacher notes in it for my references. The teacher notes also have the “scripted” lesson on them. For me it has been extremely helpful that the lessons are completely laid out for me to follow.

There are some neat-o things that go along with this program, making it so much fun for students aged 1st – 3rd grades such as Discovery Tickets, and the way fun game of Sentence/No Sentence.

The Discovery Tickets are a great way to encourage individual diligence; for each piece of work completed, you receive a Discovery Ticket. These tickets can be collected until a previously set number has been reached and a prize awarded OR the Discovery Tickets can be collected and turned in once a previously set number of lessons have been completely 100 perfect! Either way that you chose to set them up, they are a fun and immensely fun way to encourage your student.

The game Sentence/No Sentence is another fun part of the lessons for each week. The video is set up a lot like “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” with a questions and answer portion. This game helps the students learn that every sentence requires a noun and a verb to be considered a complete sentence. A lot of fun that we enjoyed!

By far one of the coolest writing programs that we have had the joy of reviewing. Exciting, full of adventure, almost like not doing school at all!



How This Worked for Us

The Flight 1 Paragraph Writing was one that I am glad that we were able to review. There is just so much involved in this program that I see why the Here to Help Learning program has been approved by many homeschool parents.

Ana was the student for this review and she was not overly pleased that I sighed her up for yet another writing review, but alas, she reviewed it like a champ. The lessons were set so that you watched one video for the week and completed the needed work during the video, pausing when needed. Then the extra Fly Solo work was to be completed another day during that same week.

So, one Monday or Tuesday, Ana would get her binder ready and watch the video for the week. She is able to write the words, as well as the sentences, so this process was done by herself. I would help with the Sentence/No Sentence and review her previous work.

When the fun parts of the videos would come on, I would generally sit close so that I could see what all the giggling was about and allowing for us to dig deeper into the subject if need be. This added some extra time but was always an added bonus in my opinion.

Ana improved in her ability to see that there is more to writing paragraphs than just putting words on paper. She has been able to see as well as hear the writing process, and that helps her a bunch since she is my auditory learner.

I enjoyed that this was a two-part program allowing me to have papers to follow and for the video portion for Ana. It is a wonderful program and we both truly got a kick out of the program videos, our favorite part by far!




I look forward or being able to sharing this with my youngest son, I think that he should be ready for it very soon.

Please visit the blog to see what my fellow Review Crew members thought of the programs that they reviewed from Here to Help Learning.




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I hope you enjoyed this review and that you may have found a new product that will work for you and the kiddos.

Visit again soon to see what else the kids and I are reviewing for you!

In His Grace.





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