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Homeschooling is HARD but Worth It

I have tumbled this around in my head for days as I proposed to get it all out . . .and I have come to this conclusion. Homeschooling is by far one of the hardest things that I have ever done in my life. Well, it stacks up right next to being a mama, in my book. And some days it is actually interchangeable.

If for whatever reason this thought has crossed your mind a time or two lately, please let me reassure you that this is absolutely, 100%, completely normal.

So for the sake of truth telling and honesty, I want to share just a few reasons why this homeschool thing is hard but worth it.

The hardest part about being a homeschooling mama for me is the fact that I am around my children all. the. time. Please do not misunderstand what I mean by this. I mean, whole heartedly that I am in total captivation of their brilliance and their hearts. What that means is that I am around them in mess, in sickness, in tears, in joy, in emotional chaos, in break through moments, in heartbreak, and so much more. The emotional rollercoaster that is being a mama and a homeschooler results in moments like this:

  • When the child that you thought would never read, has read their first complete sentence without assistance. – Pure Joy
  • The moment when your oldest child has learned that kid down the street isn’t the best friend that he thought. – Utter Heartbreak
  • When math is more tears than understanding and you both just need a break. from math and each other. – Tearful Sadness
  • The moment when you realize that there is only 4 years left before your oldest is considered “done” with school. – Shocked Denial
  • When errands to the store become school and the kids don’t even notice what you did. – Real Life

With each instance there is a time to direct, re-direct, correct, influence, love, show empathy, show Jesus. So, yes, with each moment that I share with my children, I am overwhelmed with the emotions that I am able to share with them.

I may not always show the best side of myself to them, and I do my utmost to correct m own behavior, apologize, and ask forgiveness. Which in and of itself is so very important in life also.

The act of living each and every day with these children that I have been blessed with, makes me much more real in their eyes. The more real that I am with them, the more real they will in turn be with me. Bringing me back to the point that this is one of the hardest things I have be 100% committed to in my life.

Is homeschooling hard? Yes. But I am able to lay my burdens at the foot the cross each night. Knowing that the Lord will bless me with new mercies in the morning. I can do this homeschool thing. And so can you mama, so can you.

In His Grace.




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