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Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - Memoria Press Astronomy


I love being able to look up into the sky and see the amazing stars that God has sprinkled above us for our viewing pleasure. And learning about the stars has always intrigued me too. So when I had the chance to review The Book of Astronomy Set from Memoria Press I was so excited! This would be an excellent way to teach more than just the constellations that I already know. This set is so much more!


The Book of Astronomy

Ana and I were delighted to receive The Book of Astronomy set and rather quickly dove right into studying. There are two books in this set, the Student Book and the Teacher Guide. Both are soft cover books with glossy covers.

The Student Book jumps right into the study of the stars. The main usage of the book is recitation. The student should be able to recite:


  • the 15 brightest stars (and their constellations)
  • the 12 Zodiac constellations (both Latin and English names)
  • the 8 planets in our solar system

Then the continuation of the study is that the student should be able to recite, draw, and answer questions about the stars as well as the constellations. Once the constellations have been learned then the Zodiac constellations are taught. There are sections for the following:

  • The Summer – Fall Zodiac
  • The Winter Zodiac
  • The Spring Zodiac

The last unit in the book is the Solar System. There are diagrams, questions and answer sections along with complete informational portions about each planet and the moon.

The Teacher Guide is the exact same book, but with all of the correct answers written in. In the back of the book, in the appendix, is the following:


  • all of the tests and quizzes
  • answers to all of the tests and quizzes
  • chart for plotting information about each planet
  • the Zodiac chart
  • definitions for the constellations
  • definitions for the solar system
  • pages for using an overhead projector for learning constellations


How This Worked for Us

By far this is one of the coolest courses that I have gotten to review with Ana. The curriculum is very straight forward and very easy to understand. Most of the time Ana and I take turns reading from the text during our class time.

She has put a lot of time and effort into learning all of the star names and the correct spellings. It has been a long process as these are brand new names for her to learn, and some are new to me as well. I know only some of the common names that have been given to the constellations so this is a new and fun experience for both of us.


Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - Memoria Press Astronomy


Ana is taking great pride in the fact that she can now recite the 15 brightest stars, spell them correctly, tell me which constellation they are in, and in which season they can be seen. She is an auditory learner so I have been extremely grateful that there is a phonetic pronunciation guide listed in the back of the Student Book and the Teacher Guide.

There is still so much to learn with this curriculum and I am so excited to learn and relearn some of these facts. One of the perks of homeschooling, mamas and daddies get to learn new things too!

We have just begun to touch on the Zodiac constellations and Ana is getting a kick out of some of the constellation names and meanings. This has opened up our learning about the Greeks and Romans because we have done research into the names of the constellations. It makes this class a more complete study instead of just about the stars and the planets.

I am looking forward to teaching about the solar system that is coming up soon in the book. Just one more amazing creation that I get to share with my kids!

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I hope you enjoyed this review, I know we sure did! Visit again soon to see what else we have to share with you.

In His Grace.






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