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Okay, here is the low down. I am a homeschool mama through and through. On occasion though life throws a whopping curve ball your way and you have to really lean into God.


I never though in a thousand years that I would need to know what that word meant, let alone become a part of the homesteading minority.


This has been my “normal” for going into 11 years and I almost cannot imagine life any other way.

Now combining homeschooling and homesteading is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

See, here’s the thing. My hubby and I purchased bare land over a year ago and we have big plans. The whole kit and caboodle y’all – home, land, animals, garden, etc . . . but it comes with a price. My sanity.

I have a 15 year old son and I don’t think high school is ever going to end! Since we have begun to clear, grade, and construct on our new land, my son has helped tremendously. He is a strapping young man so his physical strength alone is an incredible benefit to me and my husband. But his schooling is not up to par as far as I am concerned.

Then I remember that in the olden days that a 15 year old boy was practically a man that was already groomed to begin his own homestead. I know, I know, we don’t live in the 1800’s anymore but I have come to see the benefit of a boy that knows how to build a life for himself.

The thing is, homeschooling and homesteading do actually fit together in life. I just needed God to remind me of this fact.

My son has learned to think outside the box in regards to construction. We are going the route of the unconventional so we are having to construct most of our new house by ourselves. Which means we are all very much hands-on in this project.

He has learned to follow directions well. He is learning to drive his daddy’s truck and the tractor so that he can move them around the property if need be. That seems like a win to me or rather, a life skill.

My son has learned that physical labor is good for learning focus. No playing around when it comes to working with daddy on a project. He has learned that power tools are amazing and dangerous at the same time. Another aspect where focus comes into play.

Homeschooling has NOT fallen by the way side even though we are leaning toward a homesteading life.

As we see our new life evolve into reality, I am swept away by God’s hand in every area of it. He knew that I would be concerned with the “lack” of school getting done, so He placed all of these amazing opportunities in my son’s life so that I would find comfort in the true life skills that he is developing.

Homeschooling and Homesteading, it can work. It’s all in how you let God handle you and your life.

In His Grace.





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