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Zonderkidz The Beginner’s Bible


The Product We Reviewed


The newest updated version of The Beginner’s Bible from Zonderkidz is another hit with my youngest son Joseph! We are so blessed to be able to review this product thanks to The Homeschool Review Crew. This book is an incredible visually stunning hardbound book that is a pleasure to share with my son. The images are so wonderfully illustrated and are 3D as well. This gives the pictures lifelike characteristics.



The Beginner’s Bible is not like any other Bible that you may own. It is filled with the unforgettable stories from our Bibles, but in easy to understand words for younger children. The text is easy to read and is simple for even the fledgling readers. The pictures fill your senses as transport you into the stories themselves.

Each story is pulled from the True Word and it is made in the style of a story. Not all stories are found in this book, but definitely the ones that we all grew up hearing and memorizing. Once you start reading there is little to no breaks, the story just goes on. There are scripture references as each story progresses, which is wonderful for those that may know know where to find the “adult” version of the Bible story. As this is more a story book than a physical Bible, it is a nice feature that the company does put the scriptural references at the beginning of each story.

Check out these beautiful pictures that can be found in The Beginner’s Bible:


Adam and the animals.


Zonderkidz The Beginner's Bile - Mama's Coffee Shop Blog

Noah and the animals after the flood.


Zonderkidz The Beginner's Bible - Mama's Coffee Shop Blog

Jonah and the Big Fish (whale).


Zonderkidz The Beginner's Bible - Mama's Coffee Shop Blog

Jesus and the little children.

How The Beginner’s Bible Worked for Us


Joseph is at the ripe age where the Bible stories are still amazing, entertaining, fun, and educational about God’s Word. He is still a fledgling reader but is becoming more confidant as of late. He enjoys reading The Beginner’s Bible to me, but not so much to himself at the moment. His absolute favorite part is the stunningly beautiful pictures that represent the stories. He can look at some of them and he already knows the stories just by the images.

The best part for me as a parent is that once I sit down to read aloud to Joseph he always wants me to to read more and more. To which I oblige. Because no matter how you word these stories, they are still derived from the Word of God. The words are written in an easier format for the littles readers. One feature that I truly enjoy. The Truth that can be revealed to the young readers of this Beginner’s Bible through any of the images or words. That makes this one of the coolest books we own.



As a mama, I love the durability of the hardbound book. This book will last a very long time and for that I am pleased. As a homeschool mama, I love that the words are fairly easy for my up and coming reader. He has to work a bit harder than he does on some other books, but he does his best to meet the challenge.

There are tons of Bible story books on the market, but as always Zonderkidz makes it easy to choose with The Beginner’s Bible.

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