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Being a reviewer is a hard job. I know you probably think I’m joking but seriously, there is a bunch of stuff that comes across my desk (or dining room table) that isn’t all it is cracked up to be. That can oftentimes make it difficult to review. Then you have incredibly awesome products like OHIO ~ Here We Come! from By the Way Book Series and we get to share everything about it with you! This book is educational yet doesn’t just bash you over the head with facts. It is a wonderful story and I am so blessed that I was able to review this product and read it aloud to my children.



Ohio ~ Here We Come!


The coolest part about this entire book review is the fact that I was born in Ohio and through this book, I can share portions of my home state with my children. I grew up on a small sometime working farm, in the middle of the country. I raced across the summer grasses, watched the dairy cows grazing, and tended to other small livestock and the occasional garden. This was a beautiful time that I remember fondly and this book makes is so easy to relive those memories and share them with my children.

This book has information about the state of Ohio that I didn’t even know, so I was able learn right along with Ana and Joseph. That is always fun and one of the neatest perks of homeschooling. Granted I was only lived in Ohio until I was nine years old, but still so much fun information! I was so excited to share with the children more about my family’s “home state”.


About the Book

This is such a stunningly beautiful book! It is hardbound and has the most gorgeous Cardinal on the front cover. It is 48 pages that are stuffed full of facts yet it fits into the story of Lexi and Alex, the two children that the book focuses on. Lexi and Alex are going on a visit to their family that lives in Ohio for their Spring Break from school. As Lexi and Alex travel with their parents, they are encouraged to really take time to enjoy the sites. The children are also encouraged to ask questions about what they see or what they heard, very much like life here at my house for our children.

The book does an excellent job of sharing about the animals, nature, local sites, local farms, crops, environment, and more. Not only all of the previous mentioned things are in the book but the BEST part for me is the Biblical principles and truth that is a constant throughout the book. It is refreshing to read a story aloud to my children and not have to worry about the underlying tones; or my being concerned that this is a book full of fluff.

This page is one of the coolest pages I read in the book:



By The Way Book Series books offer up opportunities for parents (and teachers) to diligently teach children to see God in everything. It was an absolute pleasure to review this book – we are looking forward to the other books in the series. I believe that Pennsylvania ~ Here We Come! is the next book on our list!


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I hope you enjoy this review and visit again soon to see what the kids and I get to review next!

In His Grace,





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