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Rescue. A word that is filled with hope and the promise of change. I have been homeschooling for over 11 years now, so I guess that classifies me as a veteran homeschool mom. Listen, I don’t have it all together, even after all of these years. So you cannot begin to image how grateful I am that I was so blessed to review Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity. It has been like God has breathed His abundant grace down on me. I had no idea that I was in such need of rescuing in my homeschool.

Homeschool Rescue

Homeschool Rescue is an online course that is designed with homeschooling mama (and me) in mind. This course is designed to help you take back your homeschool and manage it better, more efficiently, and ultimately become more productive.

There are PDFs that you will be able to download, there are videos that you can watch, transcripts, audio downloads for you to listen to, homework/workbooks, resources & links for further information, Heather did an amazing job of putting this Homeschool Rescue course together. The site is easy to navigate, and each module has lessons in side that contain videos, PDFs for you to download and links to more resources.

Here is the current overview of the course:

  • Module 1 – Triage Your Homeschool
    • Lesson 1 – Take Your Pulse
    • Lesson 2 – Look to the Future
    • Lesson 3 – Triage Your Homeschool
    • Lesson 4 – Special Curriculum
  • Module 2 – Time Management Systems & Organization
    • Lesson 1 – Just Say No (with grace)
    • Lesson 2 – Take Back Your Time
    • Lesson 3 – Teaching the Masses
    • Lesson 4 – Saving Time
    • Lesson 5 – Organization
      • Declutter in 40 weeks challenge (PDF)
      • Monthly Cleaning Routine (PDF)
      • Weekly Cleaning Routine (PDF)
  • Module 3 – Curriculum Planning &Organization
    • Lesson 1 – Curriculum
    • Lesson 2 – Pacing Guides
    • Lesson 3 – Supplies
    • Lesson 4 – Classrooms (homeschool rooms / areas)
  • Module 4 – Setting Students up for Success
    • Lesson 1 – Rewards
    • Lesson 2 – Consequences
    • Lesson 3 – Training Children
    • Lesson 4 – Master the Follow Through
  • Module 5 – Teaching Older Students
    • Lesson 1 – Teaching Teens
    • Lesson 2 – Study Skills
    • Lesson 3 – Time Management
  • Bonuses
    • Members Only Facebook Group
    • Accountability Pack
      • Student Checklists
    • Ultimate Planner Styles 1-8
    • Ultimate Planner, Day on a Page
    • Ultimate Planner, Monthly View



60-Day Course Plan

The course is designed to be completed within a 60-day period. BUT, take as long as necessary to complete the course! This is Homeschool Rescue NOT Homeschool Race. If it takes a bit longer to work your way through the course, so be it. This course is all about GRACE. Take as long as you need.

I completely understand, it has taken me way longer than I originally thought it would. Apparently my homeschool needs more rescuing than I thought!


How This Worked for Me

When I first was rewarded the review, I honestly thought, this will be a simple review. I’ll log in, get started. Surely I can get this down well before the review period is up. Let me tell ya, the very first lesson kicked my tail!! I quickly realized that my homeschool (read that as LIFE) as gotten completely out of my control. As I worked my way through Lesson 1 – Take Your Pulse, I was shocked to realize that my plate is far too full. That was a shock. I have often believed that I am superwoman, and that I can handle the All. the. Things. Alas, to my great dismay, I cannot.

I was able to work through each course at my own pace. I was always grateful when I would listen to Heather to “just give myself grace”. As a mama, I am trying to handle educating 3 kids, all different ages, all different abilities, working part-time, running my household, being a wife, and a mama. Ultimately something has to give. And according to Homeschool Rescue, homeschooling was the one thing that was sliding right off of my plate.

Part of me wishes that the organization that I crave was a physical reality. But that too is lacking in my home and homeschool. I was grateful to get to the tTime Management Systems & Organization module because I seriously need a reboot with my homeschool area. We are half moved out of the house we are in, and a lot of my homeschool books are already at our other place. So this go round I couldn’t purge the homeschool books like I really wanted to, but it was stress relieving to know that I could unload some of these products without added guilt.

I haven’t made it though the entire course, yet. But I fully intend to get my homeschool (and my LIFE) back on the right track. I will make it all the way through the end, because I have come to realize that I am in dire need of help in my homeschool. Supermom I am now.

If you are feeling the least bit defeated in your homeschool, then seriously, you need to visit Only Passionate Curiosity‘s Homeschool Rescue today. No blame, no guilt, no pressure, just grace and encouragement, that’s what you will find in this new course. And I’m pretty sure you will not regret it either. Join me and some other mamas in breathing life back into our homeschools.



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I hope you enjoyed this review and that you will find some encouragement for you and your homeschool!

Please visit my fellow Crew members to see how this online course worked for them:

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In His Grace,





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