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My Introduction to Physics

Science is a part of life, we see it, live it, breath it. Physics takes us deeper in though. I desire to really let my children learn, not just “get the books done”. Thanks to Novare Science & Math I was blessed to review Introductory Physics with Isaiah. I was thrilled to get into this course, while I needed to persuade the high schooler a little at first. I never took Physics in high school, so this course held some appeal to me. I never felt smart enough then but now is a different story. An interesting review for both Isaiah and I to say the least.


Introductory Physics

We received a beautiful hardbound book that has well over 350 pages. First impressions absolutely do say a lot. I for one was encouraged to read the Preface for Teachers and the Preface for Students at the beginning of the book. This information provided me with a clarity that I find lacking in tractional textbooks. The approach taken by the author eased my (unfounded) fears about teaching this course to my high schooler. I appreciate the way that we are encouraged to teach for understanding versus teaching to just get done.

The textbook covers a plethora of subjects in the science world. There are many areas that have been touched on in smaller quantities in pervious years of study. Each chapter digs deeper with significant detail to each area of discussion.

Here are the areas that we will (have been) be studying:

  • Chapter 1:  The Nature of Scientific Knowledge
  • Chapter 2:  Motion
  • Chapter 3:  Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Chapter 4:  Energy
  • Chapter 5:  Momentum
  • Chapter 6:  Atoms, Matter, and Substances
  • Chapter 7:  Heat and Temperature
  • Chapter 8:  Pressure and Buoyancy
  • Chapter 9:  Waves, Sound and Light
  • Chapter 10: Introduction to Electricity
  • Chapter 11: DC Circuits
  • Chapter 12: Files and Magnetism
  • Chapter 13: Geometric Optics

Also included in the textbook are the following facts and helpful recourses:

  • Appendix A: Reference Data
  • Appendix B: Chapter Equations and Objectives List
  • Appendix C: Laboratory Experiments
  • Appendix D: Scientists to Know About
  • Appendix E: Making Accurate Measurements
  • Appendix F: References
  • Appendix G: Image Credits
  • Index

For all of the paperwork required for this review we received a download for all of the pages. When purchased form Novare Science & Math though, you will receive ALL of the extras on a CD.

Our extra (printable) resources included:

  • Course Overview (3 files)
  • Sample Answers for Verbal Questions (3 files)
  • Weekly Review Guides (23 files)
  • Quizzes (28 files)
  • Quiz Keys (25 files)
  • Semester Exams (2 files)
  • Semester Exam Keys (2 files)

Again, your Resources will be in the form of a CD that would be sent with your textbook.


How This Worked for Us

This was a pretty intense course for Isaiah and I to review.

First off, there MUST be some base knowledge of Algebra to take this course. There are equations throughout each subject that is touched upon. This basic understanding of how equations work and (hopefully) the mastery of how to work them is necessary. Algebra 1 is recommended at a minimum of this source and I would tend to agree. There are a few chapters that really hit the math side harder due to this being a high school course. So, again, at least an understanding of pre-Algebra would be best.

Second, the detail in each chapter is quite amazing. There are fun facts throughout each chapter, making it a nice break for the actual study portion of the lesson. Lastly, this is a wonderful course that I see has a good amount of Christian worldview sprinkled thought the textbook. I have seen Bible verses referenced, as well as direct text, for example: “As Christians” etc . . . I appreciated knowing that I would not have to have extra discussion about some of the theories, and experiments due to the overly wordy nature of the text.

Having Isaiah take this course for review in this short amount of time was a tad difficult for me. I know that we needed to utilize what we could for the review period but I can honestly say that I am so very glad that I will have access to this for a while. It is a course that requires absolute dedication (on both Isaiah and my part) to make this a class worthy of a full-credit. We personally need more time to break down the lessons. the math portion wasn’t so hard for us to complete, but ultimately the explanation and understanding required more time for us. Either way, with working on this every day of the assigned school year, this course could easily be completed in a one year time slot.

I appreciated that the there was a calendar provided that allowed me to see how the course could be laid out to fit into a year. It made it easier for me to see how adding in extra time for us to really make sure the knowledge was planted before moving on would work for us. We have both been blessed by this review and I am so pleased that I can finally say, “I took Physics”. Learning it as I teach it still counts, right?!

I am looking forward to moving on to Physics: Modeling Nature in the next year or so. We can handle it . . . right?!


Final Thoughts

This is a course that reminds me just how impressed I am with all of God’s amazing creation. And seeing His hand in every portion of our world still continues to awe me at every turn. This course gave me a deeper appreciation for all of the day to day things that I take completely for granted. I was so pleased to see this review of Novare Science & Math come available after I saw their books in the Memoria Press catalog. Seeing the books in their catalog gave me more peace of mind about reviewing this Introductory Physics course. As I trust Memoria Press to never lead my astray, it was an surprise blessing to see Novare Science & Math show up on the Crew this year!

If you can, take an opportunity to visit Novare Science & Math‘s site to see all of the incredible courses that they have available. I am seriously considering getting the Earth Science: God’s World, Our Home for Ana and Joseph for next year! This is a wonderful company that I am pleased to share with you.


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I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this review and that you come back soon to see what else the kids and I have to share with you.

In His Grace,





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