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We have been on an adventure on the high seas, been in France during the Revolution, and we have battled beside Lee during the American Civil War. Now, thanks to Heirloom Audio Productions, we have been to the Old American West in Captain Bayley’s Heir.

The Goods

We received the following items for this review:

  • The physical audio version in CD form
  • Digital downloads of the study guide


The CD is well over 2 hours long and features a variety of actors and actresses. We are once again thrilled to hear Brian Blessed as the voice of G.A. Henty and to hear that Captain Bayley is voiced by the masterful John Rhys-Davies. These two men are absolute staples in Heirloom Audio Productions, we just LOVE them both!

The Study Guide (and discussion starter) is a fantastic resource when we listen to these audio adventures! There are a couple of different sections in this study guide and I am always so pleased that these study guides continue to be an amazing part of these reviews.

Three main sections of the study guide:

  • The Listening Well section: this section has questions that you ask your children after each track is listened to. This is true comprehension skill building in this section. Listen, understand, and be able to answer questions. This is one o my favorite sections because it shows me my kiddos are actually paying attention.
  • The Thinking Further section: this section has questions like the Listeing Well section but the questions in this one are developed to make the kids (and you) think much deeper about what you are listening to. This section of the leads to looking up more information about the subject (the Old West and the California Gold Rush this go round).
  • The Defining Words section: this section is one of the best sections too! Because this incorporates dictionary skills into the study. Meaning that at the end of the track, there are a list of words that will need to be looked up and defined. This can be done on paper to also incorporate handwriting or it can be verbal is the child already knows what the terms mean.

In the back of this study guide there is a cool section that talks about important people during the Gold Rush. Such as John Sutter, James Marshall, Sam Brennan, Henry Wells, and William Fargo. This was cool because it gave us more to dig into once we were finished listening to the first CD. In the second section of the study guide after each track there are extras, like old print ads and expand your learning (more in depth things to research).

There is a full page of additional books that you can go pick up at the library for more study on the American West and Victorian England.

Last but not least is the BEST part of me in the study guide: the Bible Study section.

  • Bible Study I: God’s Grace – full in depth study of how God’s grace is sufficient to meet all of our needs. Referencing Bible verses are included for ease of research.
  • Bible Study II: Becoming a Christian – full in depth study of how God forgives us and declares us righteous for His sake. Referencing Bible verses for ease of research.
  • Bible Study III: Honoring Your Parents – full in depth study that God commands children to honor their parents in all things lawful and to listen to their godly wisdom ad advice. Referencing Bible verses for ease of research.

We also we able to download really cool extras:

  • an e-book of the entire story
  • a printable cast poster (22×34)
  • a beautiful printable hymn poster (22×36)
  • a desktop download image


Captain Bayley’s Heir

Frank is from England and he has recently been accused of a crime that he did not commit. To help to clear his name he has made his way to America. At just 18 years old Frank believes that he will be able to not only clear his name but hopes that he will prove himself to his uncle, Captain Bayley.

We enjoyed listening to Frank’s adventure as we made his way across America. He encountered a variety of people, some better than others, the good ones though shared about the beauty of God’s grace. Something that Frank never really understood before. Without knowing that this grace that they spoke of was the one thing that he needed to soothe his wounded soul.

This adventure takes Frank on wagon trains, as well as out to California for the (vastly crazy) Gold Rush. We listen as Frank faces imminent danger as a storm rolls in on the Mississippi River, then we hold our breath as American Indians try to take prisoners from the wagon train, an untimely death, and so much more.

What Frank doesn’t know is that his life back home has continued and that his loved ones at home never once believed that Frank actually committed the crime he was accused of. Just goes to show that grace CAN cover a multitude of sins, including the ones that we ourselves believe to be true.


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