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Technology can be a powerful tool that can give you every advantage when it comes to education or it can become a beast that takes over your child’s every waking moment. Finding the balance between the two can be a challenge for homeschool parents. Using technology in your homeschool can be an amazing addition to your child’s education. These tips for using technology in your homeschool can help.

The first thing to remember when you find yourself-looking to utilize technology in your homeschool is to set limits. Without limits, children will become addicted to screens and the struggle to get them off and out the door to do something productive can become a challenge. A great way we deal with this is to limit the devices to one charge per day. First they complete school on the devices then they can do fun stuff. This helps keep them from breaking charging ports by playing with devices plugged in and allows natural limitations and self-regulating.

Freebies?! Totally!

Take advantage of free resources. Free educational apps, free kindle books, and online programs are all widely available to help you educate your children. Search for these regularly and joining homeschool freebies groups on Facebook to find things to use that will save you money. You can even find free textbooks online

Speaking of freebies. Not all technology for homeschooling involves the children using technology. Some of the best tools for frugal homeschooling families is a computer and a printer. The internet is full of free printable homeschool resources (like this one) that you can use to provide your child with educational materials at a low cost.

Take advantage of fun educational games. It is a proven fact that kids learn better when they are having fun. They remember what they are learning better and willingly spend more time learning. This is a great way to get reluctant children to learn. In fact, you do not even have to tell your child they are learning. With some of the best games and apps, they will not even notice but the results speak for themselves.


Streaming?! Absolutely!

Use video streaming like Netflix, Pure Flix, and YouTube are powerful tools technology offers homeschoolers. From your living room, you can watch documentaries on nearly any topic, entrance your child with educational programming we enjoyed as children with The Magic School Bus and travel the world.

The best thing when it comes to technology in your homeschool is to embrace it. Technology is here to stay and we can make the most of it and give our children intimate knowledge in how to utilize technology allowing them to advance in future careers.

So yes, there are numerous ways to use technology responsibly in your homeschool. Sometimes you need to take advantage of the technology and literally make it work for you!

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