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Free Online Science Curriculum can be difficult to find, here are some sites that should be helpful. We know that homeschooling your children is a great gift to give them. However, sometimes we run low on ideas when it comes to the bigger educational subjects like science. While you still want your child to understand the beauty of science, you may not know where to get started! There are lots of free online homeschooling curriculum options for science.

Here are some of the best ones:


How Stuff Works

When it comes to teaching your kids science at home, you don’t need to look far. “How Stuff Works” is a great way to feed the curiosity of your kids in the science realm. A lot of science is understanding how stuff works! Anything you can think of science wise can be learned right on this website, so make sure you go and check it out. From innovation to life science to environmental science, they cover it all.

This is an incredible place to learn so many things. And not just science stuff! This falls in line with the tv show, How Stuff Works and the tv show How It’s Made, which you might be able to find on Netflix. We love those shows and the kids (and I) have learned so much about stuff in our world. Totally fun shows for educational purposes.


Easy Peasy

Many of you have probably heard of Easy Peasy, but did you know all the different options they give science wise? Easy Peasy is especially awesome for older homeschooled kids. Check out the different science curriculum available for FREE through Easy Peasy.

  • Physics
  • Earth Science
  • Chemistry
  • Zoology
  • Biology


Magic School Bus

You and I grew up watching the Magic School Bus, so why shouldn’t our kids? The Magic School Bus does a really good job of teaching kids science. It’s so much fun to watch this show, but it’s also very educational. When you’re not great at learning science, this show can teach the ins and outs of it all.

Plus, they take it down a notch so kids of all ages can understand the wonders of science. You can watch different episodes on YouTube for free, but they also have various episodes on Netflix. Netflix isn’t free, but you can get several uses out of it, so it may be worth signing up!

I have heard that there are some questionable things in the newest version of The Magic School Bus, so please be mindful of each episode. I do highly recommend the old version and most of them are available at the library on VHS or DVD.


Forensic Science

All of us have those kids that love forensic science. If you’re a homeschooling family, resources for this could be hard to find. There is a website for all forensic science lovers out there. In fact, you can grab the whole curriculum for free. Well, I have not actually verified this yet, so make sure you do so before assigning anything to your kiddos.


There are quite a few FREE online science curriculum sites. You just have to dig around for something that will work for your kids! Of course, I love scouring Pinterest for various science experiments we can do right at home! But be careful! You will spend more time poking around Pinterest then getting stuff done . . . ask me how I know! Also, Amazon is a great place to pick up some workbooks if you want something other than online. Also, don’t forget to make a stop at your local library to see if there are some books in the book sale area that you could use too.

Know of more free online science curriculum sites, please feel free to share in the comments below.

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