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Beloved Devotional

There seems to be a theme with me lately, flowers galore! This beautiful Beloved devotional book from Zondervan that I was blessed to review is covered in flowers and I am so in love with it! Well, Ana actually helped me review this one because it says “for young women” and I’m not all sure that I fit into that category anymore. BUT, you can still totally use this too if you want. It’s so lovely that I would use it just because I enjoyed looking at it.

This devotional book is for year round use. No excuses, just one page a day, no more than a 5-10 minute moment in your day. This book pours into everything that it means to be a woman of God. Oh how much I enjoyed being reminded over and over again that He loved me for who I am. That He created women for a purpose, not as an afterthought or as a convenience, like the world would like us to believe. THIS is why He created us – “We’re His daughters. Valued. Adored. Cherished. Beloved.” Yesssssssss! As I passed this along to Ana for her to use and look over I was so very pleased to know that there was so much goodness coming from this devotional. Nowhere did I comments that put down women, that discouraged women to be anything other than God designed and created us for. Such much worldly garbage would have young women to believe that we ARE what the world says we are. But This incredible devotional puts women back where they belong, in God’s hands and so very preciously held.


The Design

  • I love the hardcover design because honestly I am pretty rough on books. A hardcover means it will stay a whole lot nicer over the years, at least in my house. Also, the front and back are covered in beautiful flowers and it is very appealing to look upon.
  • The interior pages have the day listed, a Bible verse, the devotional section, then there is a section to jot a few notes.
  • Each interior page is outlined with a pink floral band that is visually pleasing.



Final Thoughts

If I didn’t already have a young woman in mind for this devotional, then I would be looking for one to purchase this for. Again, I am so impressed by not only the stunning look but of the truth of God’s word that I read. This is a devotional well worth getting for your young woman or for that matter, any woman that you know that could use a sweet reminder of who she REALLY is not who the world says she is.

So much good can be found in this Beloved devotional and it is wonderful because it covers an entire year. Imagine being able to pour into someone 365 days a year. Think about how this could change someone’s life, even your own. Oh the possibilities!

Well, did you think of someone to gift this too? Yeah?! Awesome! Because I am giving away one below and this is your chance to enter to win one copy! But hurry, I want to be able to get this to you before the holiday! Go now to enter!

Visit again soon to see what others things I will be sharing with you.

In His Grace,



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