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With so many different programs for teaching math out there, it is always wonderful to find one that truly helps your child. When we were offered to review the Family Membership from CTCMath, we were so excited!

I have two levels of learning going on here at the house at the moment with Ana and Joseph, that it is beneficial to find a company that can cater to both of their needs. Having school take place in one program is an excellent way to record keep as well as check up on Joseph and Ana’s progress at the same time.


The Program

CTC Math is an online computer program and the only requirement is to have a working computer with internet access. This program is also accessible via tablets and iPads.

As with each online program there is the subscription choice, payment, and then the account setup. This was a fairly simply process that did not take me much time. The program that we reviewed allowed our family to set up to 10 children accounts. A HUGE benefit for us, since we still have 2 school age children in separate grades.

Here are the levels of learning that we had access to:

  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • 6th Grade
  • BASIC math and Pre-Algebra
  • Elementary Measurement
  • Elementary Geometry
  • Algebra 1
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry

How The Lessons Work

Each grade level has numerous internal levels to choose from as well, which falls under the grade level. Then from the grade level you can choose what part you want to work on and from there your specific level of learning lessons.

The grade level is the break down of the grade and what should be learned during that grade period. From there you access the part of the grade you want to work on, which is the work that is involved. Once you have picked your work (or topic) to work in, then you are given a break down of individual lessons to increase the knowledge base.

One of the best parts of this math program is that in the beginning of MOST of the lessons, there is a video that will cover the information that will be required to know in the lesson. There are tips, tricks, and through explanations given. It is very helpful when the student needs to work independently for a bit.

More Features

There is an Awards page that the student can keep up with their achievements – this is a nice touch that allows the student to peek at their previous awards, it is so easy to access from any point of the student program. But there isn’t too much extra ‘fluff” when it comes to awards. Do the work, see the ribbon reward on your account. Easy peasy.

There is also an amazing feature that will allow the student to print out their worksheet so that you can keep it on hand (if you would like). It has the subject, the problems, the answers (correct or incorrect), the date, and the final grade listed on the worksheet. Quite handy and helpful!

The most fun for any student is the drills (at least it is this way at my house!). Speed Skills drills are easy to access and to complete. And there is also the fun Times Tables Shoot ‘Em Up, which is fun with the times tables. Then there is Swap Pieces, which is a puzzle activity to hep with placement and remmebring where the pieces fit. These three features are extra fun that simply doenst feel like school work. The kids get to work on any of these after they get their lessons completed for the day.


Newest Feature

CTC has added a new feature which is an amazing feature that is helpful to parents like myself. The Question Bank Wizard is for grades 5, 6, 7, and 8. This lets you create online questions that are interactive or a printable worksheet where you can add specific topics. You can also create the level of difficulty you want for the questions, a specific number of questions, as well as a specific time limit (for the online only ones). This new feature helps add in the topics that truly need more practice and when aiming for complete comprehension of a particular section of learning.

CTC Math is NOT aligned to follow the Common Core standards of the educational system, for those of you that try to keep track of this information.

How This Program Worked for Us

There is without a doubt a huge YAY! from all us here. Ana used this program the most and she said more than once, “I think the videos are really helpful. He makes the problems easier to understand.”

She was diligent in her work as she used this online math program and she never once gave me any issues when I reminded her that she needed to work on her math. The step by step process was easy enough for her to do this all by herself, and very little mama interaction was needed.

This program is super easy to work through and understand. She picked up quickly how to navigate the online setup. We have used (and still use) other online math programs but by far, this is Ana’s favorite one!

One of my favorite things that I appreciated with this program is the ability to print out the completed worksheets. As well as the weekly email reports I would receive with my students progress. Easy to monitor the work being completed as well as seeing the items that need more work.

Overall, this is a math program that any child could benefit from. There was little resistance from all parties involved when it came time to work on math!

Social Media

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Final Thoughts

This is a math program for the kid that doesn’t hate math and picks up things by seeing it as well as hearing it. We enjoy this program and among all other programs we use, this one is our favorite.

I hope you enjoyed this review of CTCMath and and come back again soon to see what other goodeis we get to share with you.

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