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I am so grateful that there is a company out there in this big world that produces quality movies. We were excited to review another movie from This time we reviewed Faith of Our Fathers, and I firmly believe that you will absolutely love it as much as we did!

The Movie

John Paul George is on a mission to learn more about his father, Steven George, that died in the Vietnam War. During a search in a long stored box, he finds a name that he is unfamiliar with, Eddie Adams. As he searches for Eddie Adams he comes across Wayne Adams instead. Wayne is Eddie’s son and he has information that John Paul would love to have. Information about his father.

A road trip to the Vietnam War Memorial allows Wayne and John Paul to learn more about each other as well as their dads.

After 25 years , Steven George and Eddie Adams are finally able to share their story with their sons. Through letters that they wrote home while in Vietnam. Through a complicated journey, Steven and Eddie become closer than brothers and form a bond like no other. The letters they wrote home are full of encouragement and love.

Through various ups and downs the adventure in 1969, leads to present day as every man draws closer to God.

My Thoughts 

This story is set in 1969 as we watch the soldiers in Vietnam run a rescue mission to save a downed aircraft. As well as the present where we meet John Paul and Wayne. The many trials and tribulations of all of the men involved is a true testament that there truly is a loving and ever faithful God.

The sons yearn to know all about the men that never came home from the war and this was a wonderful way to portray that. The flash backs to Vietnam allowed us a peek into what type of men these young fathers actually were. It allowed us to be taken with the love and dedication that these young men had in the fierce love that they had for their young boys at home.

Steven George was a God fearing man that never hid his love and devotion to the heavenly father. He constantly prayed and often spoke about God in his time over in Vietnam. It was as if he knew that all of his fears would be waylaid if he continued to be faithful, as it is promised.

Eddie Adams needed some faith and his only source of learning more was from Steven George. It was amazing to watch the transformation of God’s love work on these men. Then witness again the unending love of God reach across the generational gap and continue to touch the lives of their boys.

This is a story that reaches down into your heart and tugs at your deepest recesses. I cried numerous times as I listen to the letters that were being written to the young wives and boys back home. The fear was always evident in the words as well as the longing to just go home.

There were moments of light-heartedness as Wayne and John Paul get to know each other and it broke the hard emotion of the scene in Vietnam. I enjoyed the spin that this movie took allowing us to be in the past and the present as well. The movie provided a brief glimpse into what some of the men had to endure during the Vietnam War and how their emotions were always running high.

But more than that, this movie showed us that there is a God that is greater than we could ever imagine that has plans laid out for us many years in advance. That our God is a God of amazing abilities that intertwines lives and life lessons in the most incredible ways.

I would recommend this movie to you if you are searching for answers to some of life’s deep questions. It will provide you with hope and it will encourage you in your journey.

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{TNZ Fiction Guild Book Review} A Reluctant Bride by Kathleen Fuller

A Reluctant Bride - Kathleen Fuller

The Book

Sadie Schlock has lived in partial fear of men due to an incident many years ago. Because of this moment in her life she has vowed to never marry. But circumstances abruptly change when her parents are killed in a horrible crash and one of her sisters is seriously injured. As hospital bills rapidly accumulate and discovering that her parents were in deep debt Sadie realizes that the only way out is to marry. And marry the one man that left her alone in one of her weakest moments; one she can never forgive.

Aden Troyer knows that leaving Sadie alone all of those years ago has caused an enormous riff between them. He wishes that he could just ask her forgiveness and tell her how he truly feels about her, but he cannot overcome his shyness to do so. Then things change as he finally has the opportunity to save Sadie and try his best to make up for past mistakes. Even if he has to live the rest of his life with a woman that despises him, he believes that it is the right thing to do, especially for the woman he loves.

As Aden and Sadie work at restoring the Family Store, Sadie comes to the point where she realizes that Aden isn’t the same as the boy that he was many years ago. But is this change in him enough to safeguard her future? And will she finally start to fall in love with her husband only to be betrayed at the last moment? There are too many secrets from the past that are coming to haunt Sadie and risking her family and her future.

My Thoughts

This is a wonderful story of forgiveness and hope for the future. That there is a God that loves us enough that we can overcome any adversity that we may have in our lives.

As life becomes unbalanced for Sadie she has to learn to let go and offer up forgiveness even though she would rather not. She makes marked improvements in many areas of her life, tough moments that makes you wonder how she was able to thrive instead of fall completely apart. Then we are blessed to see that through all of her misadventures she has held onto the steady rock that his her God.

Watching Aden learn to stand up to some of the bullies in his life says much about what too much pain and condemnation can do for some men. He relies heavily on God and that allows him to ultimately become a true and good man.

Kathleen Fuller writes a compelling story that is fraught full of moments of fear and desperation that are flipped into moments of trust and obedience to God. A wonderfully good read and one that is filled with sweet moments of a growing love between two good people. It is sweet and lovely to watch their love bloom.

I absolutely loved this story and look forward to reading more from this series. I recommend this book to you if you are looking for a bit of intrigue and are a fan of the Amish and their lives.

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{Product Review} Online Reading Program from Reading Kingdom


As a homeschool mama I absolutely try my best to not freak out when someone I know shares that their kid is already reading. Because my youngest son isn’t quite there yet. And he is almost 8 years old. Yes, I know the science behind the why he isn’t reading. Yes, I know when he is ready it will come. Yes, I am trying to not compare him to other children. But….

So, when Joseph and I were offered the chance to try (one more) reading program, this one from Reading Kingdom, I jumped at the chance. Joseph has started the Reading Kingdom Online program and hasn’t looked back!

YeeHaw y’all – this might be the one!

The Goods


This is an online reading program. It is available with a subscription to anyone that has an internet connection. It works on the computer as well as the iPad, as long as you use Safari (and keep the tablet upright).

There is a placement test for the student to see how much they already know and where the program needs to start them. It is an incredibly effective way to figure out what the student knows already and it quickly (with no judgement) lets the student begin the program after the testing portion.

The Dashboard is the central location to every point of interest that the parent will need. It is also the access point that allows the student to get back into their sessions.


Reading Kingdom is broken into sections, each one determined by how much your student does or does not know.

  • Reading & Writing Part 1
    • Placement Test for Part 1
    • Seeing Sequences
    • Letter Land
  • Reading & Writing Part 2
    • Placement Test for Part 2
    • Reading / Writing Level 1
      • exercises and books 1 – 6
    • Reading / Writing Level 2
      • exercises and books 7 – 12
    • Reading / Writing Level 3
      • exercises and books 13 – 18
    • Reading / Writing Level 4
      • exercises and books 19 – 24
    • Reading / Writing Level 5
      • exercises and books 25 – 30


In each level there are fun games for the student to play. Some of the games that I have seen:

  • listen to the word, fill in the letter(s) missing from the word
  • listen to the word, find the word on the screen
  • listen to the word, pop the bubbles (shoot the rocket) for the correct letters
  • keyboard work to find the correct letters

The program suggest that the student should use the program At Least 4 days a week. This helps the student to retain the information from session to session. Each session is between 15-20 minutes in length.

It is a fairly simple program for Joseph to use. He has had no issues working through the program and following the directions. He clicks on the friendly owl to get started in his session.


The hardest part of the program (for me) is that it is Highly Suggested that the parent (or teacher) NOT help in any way during the usage of the program, other than providing direction in how to actually use the program. This way the student can grasp the concepts being taught with no outside help.

A nice addition I found was that there is a settings menu that allows the parent (teacher) to modify some of the program features.

  • You can skip a lesson
  • You can redo a lesson
  • You can increase the response time so that the student can have a chance to answer correctly.

Another nice section is the Account Settings. In this section you can:

  • modify the account
  • manage student
  • move student
  • download reports
  • download diplomas
  • show/hide student


How This Worked for Us

The program suggests that the student complete one session a day. Well, Joseph was so excited to get started that he has been going strong with two sessions a day. The goal is to complete the levels in increments of 20,000 points. So if he is close to the points required he begs me to do the next session in the hopes that he can get to the next point level. Boggles my brain that he loves this so much!

Joseph has made it through the first part of the program and is now diligently working his way through the level in part 2. I’m guessing that he knew more than he thought when he took the first placement test, because at this point he has slowed down to only one session a day. He is doing well, and he is absolutely loving the program. He has come to me a few times already and said, “Hey Mama, I can spell…” then proceeded to spell the word. That is pretty stinking’ impressive!

Because of the knowledge that he is obtaining from this program and the fact that he is continually being encouraged, he is trying to read other materials. Most specifically his Bible. This mama heart is so proud of how much he is trying!

At first I was overwhelmed with the “do not help” requirement but I have then since relaxed as I watch Joseph’s progress. I am so pleased that we were able to review this program and I look forward to sharing Joseph’s results at a later date.

I would recommend this product to the parents of readers that are struggling. It can be used as an All-In-One reading program or as a supplementary program. Overall, I am giving Reading Kingdom an A+. It works well in our house and I am excited to see the final results!

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{BookLook Bloggers Book Review} A Heart’s Home by Colleen Coble (Book 6 of Journey of the Heart Series)

A Heart's Home - Colleen CobleThe Book

Isaac Liddle is ready to take Emmie as his bride, but she knows that keeping her pregnancy from him any longer will cause nothing but problems. Before Emmie has a chance to share her secret with Isaac, she is asked to abide by her promise that she made to her friend Amelia. Marry Jacob and care for his motherless babe.

The Sioux Indian War is wreaking havoc on everyone at the fort and now Emmie doesn’t know if she will ever be able to wait for Isaac. Will she be forced to marry the man she promised or will she be released from that promise and marry the man she truly loves?

My Thoughts

This is book 6 from the Journey of the Heart series and it was a lovely way to wrap up the story. This final section of Emmie and Isaac shows that even in the midst of strife and despair, God is always right there.

I love the characters in this story, not just Emmie and Isaac, but all of the previous ones as well. This was a beautiful story that makes you understand, a little, what it must have been like way back when. It is always delightful to read about how much faith it took to live in such hard times. These characters fully depended on their faith to get them through the bitter winters, the deep disappointments, and learning to let God be in control.

Colleen Coble spins a lovely tale about the Old West, the military, and love throughout this series. I have absolutely enjoyed reading about all of these characters and cannot wait to dig into my next book by her.

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{Litfuse Publicity Group Book Review} The Methuselah Project by Rick Barry

The Methuselah Project

The Book

In 1943 the world was in the throes of World War II and it was an incredibly rough time for all involved. Now add on the fact that you are a fighter pilot that crash lands smack dab in the middle of Nazi Germany. Roger Greene finds himself as a prisoner as well as a very unwilling participant in a frighteningly bizarre experiment – The Methuselah Project.

Seventy years have passed since that fateful day for Roger, he looks no older today than he did in 1943. After all of his years in captivity his hope began to fade and his sanity was only hanging on by a thread – that is until he asked for a Bible and is renewed in his spirit.

When in the midst of a harrowing escape Roger realizes that he has been misled for nearly three quarters of a century. The world has changed dramatically and Roger is more lost than he ever was before.

Now on the run from the secret society that runs the Methuselah Project will Roger be able to make anyone believe his crazy story?

Can he enlist the help of beautiful Katherine Mueller even after he finds out that she is working for the organization that he is trying to evade?

My Thoughts

This was such an interesting story! Once I got deeper into the story the more I had to read to find out what was going to happen. Ooooh, how I love a good suspense story! This ones fits the bill.

Rick Barry lays a wonderful foundation for the story and reels you in with the emotional despair of the main character Roger. I become so wrapped up in the story that there was no option for me other than to complete the entire book.

I cheered. I cried. And I had  more moments of “oh no!” than I have with any book recently.

I loved the intricate details that Roger shared about his past and that his one hope upon escaping was to make it “home”.

The book was a twisting, turning, mind-boggling experience that any lover of suspense will enjoy. The historical details were a wonderfully well done touch that made the story truly come to life. The Christian aspect of the story was so well laid out. The deeply held convictions made for some interesting talk among the characters. Well done!

More About The Book

The Methuselah Project (Kregel, September 2015)

Nazi scientists started many experiments. One never ended.

Roger Greene is a war hero. Raised in an orphanage, the only birthright he knows is the feeling that he was born to fly. Flying against the Axis Powers in World War II is everything he always dreamed—until the day he’s shot down and lands in the hands of the enemy.

When Allied bombs destroy both his prison and the mad genius experimenting on POWs, Roger survives. Within hours, his wounds miraculously heal, thanks to those experiments. The Methuselah Project is a success—but this ace is still not free. Seventy years later, Roger hasn’t aged a day, but he has nearly gone insane. This isn’t Captain America—just a lousy existence only made passable by a newfound faith. The Bible provides the only reliable anchor for Roger’s sanity and his soul. When he finally escapes, there’s no angelic promise or personal prophecy of deliverance, just confusion. It’s 2015—and the world has become an unrecognizable place.
Katherine Mueller—crack shot, genius, and real Southern Belle—offers to help him find his way home. Can he convince her of the truth of his crazy story? Can he continue to trust her when he finds out she works for the very organization he’s trying to flee?

Thrown right into pulse-pounding action from the first page, readers will find themselves transported back in time to a believable, full-colored past, and then catapulted into the present once more. The historical back-and-forth adds a constantly moving element of suspense to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Purchase your copy of The Methuselah Project today.

About the author:

Rick Barry - The Methuselah ProjectRick Barry is the author of Gunner’s Run, another World War II novel, Kiriath’s Quest, and over 200 articles and fiction stories. In addition to being a World War II buff, he is the director of church planting ministries at BIEM, a Christian ministry operating in Eastern Europe. He holds a degree in foreign languages, speaks Russian, and has visited Europe more than fifty times. Rick lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Connect with Rick online:


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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the Litfuse Publicity Group blogger review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”