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Motivate Your Child Action Plan Giveaway

Motivate Your Child Action Plan

Not so long ago I reviewed the book Motivate Your Child from the National Center for Biblical Parenting and I was floored at all of the wonderful information that I garnered from it. Now I am reading the companion book Motivate Your Child Action Plan and I am so impressed with all of the valuable information and resources that I am seeing.

This book is a guide that will allow me (and you) as a parent to have a better grasp on how to work on my children’s hearts. The previous book was amazing, this one though, well this one is equaling amazing. There are so many techniques outlined that will help me become a better parent. Something I think all of us strives for.

I will have my full review up on the blog soon enough but for now, I wanted to share a bit of good news and fun!

To celebrate the release of Motivate Your Child Action Plan, I am joining other members of the Launch Team in a wonderful giveaway filled with an iPod Touch, $50 iTunes Gift Card and several biblical parenting products! A value of nearly $350!

Here’s what you could win:

Apple iPod touch 16GB Black/Silver  ($195 value)

  • In the Box – iPod Touch, Apple EarPods, Lightning to USB cable, QuickStart guide
  • Brilliant 4 Retina display with Multi-Touch IPS technology
  • Front-Facing FaceTime camera with 1.2MP photos & 720p HD video recording.
  • iOS 6 features – Siri, Apple Designed Maps, Integrated Facebook, Shared Photo Streams, Passbook & more

iTunes Gift Card ($50 value)

Because you’ll need apps and music for that iPod Touch!

Motivate Your Child Action Plan ($56.95 value)

The Christian Parenting Handbook contains nuggets of parenting wisdom condensed into 50 short chapters, each one biblical, practical, and relevant for parents of children ages 2-18. Learn appropriate ways to correct, instruct, and set limits. Glean wisdom for dealing with emotions, conflict, and developing closeness in your family… and much more. These 50 strategies provide you with hands-on tools for parenting children of any age.

The Companion Guide is a workbook of 50 lessons along with 50 audio tips to take you through The Christian Parenting Handbook step by step. Each lesson contains advice from Dr Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller in a 5 minute audio tip and then offers teaching, an assignment, a Bible verse, and a prayer to help you apply each idea or strategy in your family. The tips are available to you as MP3 downloads and access to them comes in the workbook.

Family Time Activities Book Bundle ($45 value)

Your kids will have fun learning about God’s Word and how it applies to their lives. Science experiments, art activities, and games are all designed to reinforce spiritual truth. Each lesson is clear and simple, yet profound even for parents! You’ll teach kids how exciting it is to learn about God and his ways. Your kids will love these books, but more importantly you’ll build spiritual memories of Family Time in your home. Titles in this giveaway include:

Seeing Is Believing 

Playing for Keeps 

Running the Race

Enter the Giveaway using the Rafflecopter below! This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY to those 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited by law.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Join us for the Action Plan Facebook Party on Wednesday, May 20 at 9:00PM ET. There will be even more prizes and giveaways there and the authors of Action Plan will be present to answer your questions! The winner of this giveaway will be announced at the Facebook party!

RSVP here for the Party!

Action Plan Facebook Party


Good Luck in the giveaway and I hope to see you at the Facebook party! I cannot wait to find out who is going to win these amazing prizes!

Talk soon…

In His Grace.





{Tyndale House Publishers Review} Chance of Loving You by Terri Blackstock, Candace Calvert, and Susan May Warren

Chance Of Loving You Romance Anthology | Mama's Coffee Shop

Chance of Loving You

A Sweet collection of three stories written by some of the best Christian authors:

Author Terri Blackstock – view author info
Author Susan May Warren – view author info
Author Candace Calvert – view author info

Each story is stand alone and complete. These short stories all revolve around taking a chance on love. Such sweet stories and a pure delight to read!

For Love of Money by Terri Blackstone

Blake and Julie meet in a cafe on a dark and rainy night ( a wonderful way to beginning any story!). Blake is down on his luck, no job, no finances to speak of. Julie is a waitress trying to make ends meet while she dreams of becoming a fashion designer. A spark of attraction and a lottery ticket leads to frustrations, money, fear, and ultimately love.

Paths cross and emotions run high but where does God fit into the everyday plans of a waitress and her customer? Will they both learn that money isn’t evil yet it isn’t everything either?

These characters are well written with wonderful personal interaction. There is humor laced with easily identifiable emotions. These characters are well written and they felt so real that I could completely envision their adventure.

I enjoy Terri Blackstone’s stories and this one did not disappoint.

The Recipe by Candace Calvert

Aimee and Lucas meet in a hospital room over boiled rice and a black olive. Aimee is a dietary tech at the hospital that dreams of becoming a well-known chef. Lucas is a crime sense investigator that is praying for a miracle. Love can be found in the most unlikely places.

Adventure with a culinary twist makes for a fun and enjoyable read. Can each of them overcome the obstacles in front of them to find peace and happiness? Or does the worst have to happen before they realize their callings?

Candace Calvert makes my mouth water with her food based story and then tickles my funny bone with a dash of humor. The characters are well written and true to life as the dialogue flows like an everyday conversation.

This was a sweet read and I look forward to more stories by this author.

Hook, Line, and Sinker by Susan May Warren

Ross and Abby had been best friends but when personal tragedy struck everything changed.

Ross is a youth leader at college and has the charisma to light up a room. He is the center of attention no matter where he goes yet deep down he has a  heart for the broken. PhD or not, can he be a fisher of men?

Abby is one of the broken. Her heart years to repair the relationship she once had with Ross but she doesn’t see how it can ever be like it was before. With plans and goals can she overlook the present and find peace with the past?

Through in some hearty competition, some baseball, a fishing tournament, and some good old preaching and you get a rib tickling, fun, and absolutely enjoyable read. The conversations are real and the characters are well written.

Susan May Warren writes a story of hope, restoration, and love that pulls at your heart. I look forward to reading more from her.

My Thoughts

All three short stories are drawn on the principle of relying on God and following His path for your life and love. I enjoyed this anthology and look forward to more stories from each of these authors.

It is refreshing to read love stories that do not solely rely on physical attraction but a yearning to follow God’s lead. Each author makes sure to show the characters dependence on praying and faith in the daily decisions that are necessary for a relationship with God.

Though each story points this out not one of the stories felt the least bit “preachy” to me. They each simply made a point of showing that each character had a personal relationship with God then wrote in the characters silent prayers, which worked well. Never did I feel that this approach was forced, it was an easy flow into most of the characters conversations as well.

Keep it up ladies, I can’t wait to read more stories like these!

Until my next review y’all…

In His Grace.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the Tyndale House Publishers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”





Fragrance Friday {Scentsy Pick of the Week} Coconut Flower


This week I am featuring a new favorite from the Spring/Summer catalog…Check it out below!

For a few years now I have been selling Scentsy smelly stuff and pretty household decorations to those around me. I LOVE the scented wax and all of the pretties that go along with them!

Scented Wax
Room Sprays
Scent Paks
Laundry Products
Bath Products

Today I am sharing my pick of the week from the current Scentsy catalog, along with the product link on my direct selling site.

– This week I have picked * Coconut Flower * as my Scentsy Scent of the Week –

I hope you find something you LOVE and please feel free to message me with any questions about the Scentsy products or the company itself, I would be happy to help!

You can visit my personal Scentsy site, Mama Loves Smelly Stuff, any time to check out the current specials, place an order, set up a party and so much more!

In His Grace.


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{Product Review} La La Logic Online (and Printable) Preschool Curriculum


Learning for small children is always better suited when it is connected to something fun. At least that is what I have found when it comes to teaching my own children. So when Joseph and I began reviewing Preschool Curriculum from La La Logic we were pretty excited. It looked fun and something that would keep Joseph’s attention, all the while teaching him different concepts.

This program is geared for preschool aged children but I believe that this is a wonderful resource tool for older students as well. Joseph is 7 ½ years old and he just zipped though this program. He had a blast going through each of the weeks work. He completed numerous weeks of curriculum at a blistering pace but he had so much fun doing it that he constantly is asking if he can do La La Logic!

The system is computer based, and online program that requires a subscription. The only things needed for this is a computer (or tablet) and internet access. Once signed up the user can add their student into the system. There is only one username and password required for this account, the login info will be used for one or all users.

Once each student is set up in the system, there are two options for study:

  • 100 Weeks of Curriculum, which has online interactive activities and printable fun for the week, with parental curriculum
  • Continuous Mode, which has all 500 lessons available without interruption

Let’s talk about the 100 Weeks of Curriculum

There are 20 Sets of Lessons, each set contains 5 weeks worth of work.

Mamas Coffee Shop La La Logic Weekly

Each week consists of a brain challenge, enrichment (a printable, hands on activity, such as matching, cut and paste, and/or coloring), worksheet, and a family fun activity.

Mamas Coffee Shop La La Logic Weekly Break Down

Each week you select will offer you the ability to download that pages necessary for your Weekly schedule.



Everything is set up for the parent / teacher so that is very easy to complete the work for the week. Joseph enjoyed the process that went with the listening tot eh story, the recall of the story and then the worksheets that went with the weekly lesson.

Not all of the enrichments are required and feel free to complete the weeks how ever works for you and your little learner! I sometimes (okay, A LOT of the time) have a learner that doesn’t want to complete the required work in the ways suggested, so mama has to improvise, like this worksheet shown.

The directions on the worksheet said to cut out the images them sort them into categories. Then tell what the categories have in common. Well, my son (whom I love to pieces!) didn’t want to cut, so I changed it to circle, check mark, and cross out. Again, this written portion of the curriculum is wonderfully easy to adapt to your needs. A huge plus for me!


Here are some more types of printable activities that you can find in the weekly agenda pages.

LaLaLogic Printable Pages | Mamas Coffee Shop

Let’s talk about Continuous Mode

If you are looking to simply supplement your little learner with fun activities that will reinforce basic skills, this part of the program is perfect! Once you are signed in, you will be able to select which section of the program you would like to use.



The continuous Mode will allow the student to complete a whole session (about 5 weeks of work) without the interruption of the “end of the week” portion of the curriculum.


Choosing the continuous mode will allow the child to move through the session at a much quicker pace. All that is required is you will need to set your child up in continuous mode, then all they have to do is click GO and NEXT. Some of the online activities MAY require a few more button clicks, such as PLAY but most of the time though it is click to move an object or to answer the question.

Another wonderful portion of the online portion of the La La Logic program is that there is a LISTEN button so the directions can be repeated and there is a SKIP button allowing the child to skip over the activity if they do not understand what is being asked of them. These are awesome features that I agree with and as a parent of a fledging reader, it makes it easier for the student to feel more in control.


Joseph was able to do either section of the program (Weekly or Continuous Mode). He watched me go though the weekly curriculum area and that was actually his favorite area. He was delighted to see the weeks go by so quickly, as he checked them off at the end of the session. He would sit and complete weeks of work in a single day!



Joseph said that he “really loved playing” (playing?! this is learning Bub! LOL) and that his absolute favorite part was the dancing monkey and lizard when he got answers correct. Sorry, no dancing monkeys or lizards pictured, and not every activity produced them either!

Here are some of the activities that are available for your student to enjoy while they do the online portion of this curriculum.La La Logic Numerous Online Activities to Choose From | Mamas Coffee Shop


Overview of La La Logic

Here is a list of skills that I noticed that are put to use while using the online portion of the program:

  • memory
  • sequencing
  • matching
  • counting
  • measurements
  • recognizing numbers
  • listening
  • comprehension
  • visual
  • following directions
  • directions (left, right, up, down)
  • number comparison (bigger, smaller)
  • number recognition (listen then select the correct number)
  • identifying numbers
  • shapes
  • colors
  • position (top, bottom, middle)
  • symbols
  • patterns
  • puzzles
  • picture stories (sequence of events)

Here is a list of the skills that I noticed that were put to use while using the printable curriculum portion of the program:

  • following directions
  • listening
  • comprehension
  • memory recall
  • cutting with scissors
  • using tape
  • using glue
  • identifying objects
  • putting objects into groups
  • matching
  • coloring
  • hand writing

My Thoughts and Opinions

If you have little learners that enjoy brain challenging games, this is a wonderful program that will do just that! Joseph enjoyed the review of this Preschool Curriculum from La La Logic and he doesn’t even know (or care) that this is considered preschool work. It is fun and engaging for him and gets his little brain going.

The layout of the site is very easy to navigate and I had no issues getting anything set up. I enjoy an easy peasy site that is for sure!

The speaking portion of the activities is well spoken and very easy to understand. The directions are simple and easy for the little one to follow. Also, the encouragement offered when answers are correct is a nice addition to this already enjoyable program. We both really liked this program and I’m glad that we have had a chance to share our thoughts with you!


Come back soon and see what we review next!

In His Grace.







{Blogging for Books Review} The Girl in the Road by Monica Byrne 

The Girl in the Road by Monica Byrne | Mama's Coffee Shop Book Review

* Caution – Sensitive Details *

The Girl in the Road by Monica Byrne

I picked this book to review. I should have read some reviews before I picked it. I should have not let my curiosity get the best of me.

But…I love science fiction stories. I grew up on Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, and many more. But this story…well…I can’t even finish it, and I really wanted to.

Because y’all read my posts (at least some of you do), I trust that what I have to say influences you to some degree, for good or bad. Since my goal is to be truthful and encouraging, I have to be honest. This is not a book I want to recommend…to anyone.

Okay, here goes. I only made it to page 26 in the book. If you know me at all, I am a very enthusiastic reader and a devourer of the written word. Not this time.

Within the first few pages I was assaulted with 12 curse words (most more coarse than I could let slide by, yes I do let some slide by…not this time), that the main character had been in a relationship with a man that changed gender to become a woman, and had casual (this shouldn’t even be a term) sexual relations with a strange man.

As much as the basis of the story intrigued me, I cannot even finish the book. Mores the pity because now I cannot even tell you what the rest of the story is about, other than what I read on the back cover, “fates will collide in spectacular fashion and leave readers amazed, shaken, and profoundly moved.” I was all of those things, but seriously not in a good way.

An interesting twist on time, space, and life. Wish it wasn’t so “pop culture-ish” with so much yuck in it. I would have rather read the story if I wasn’t inundated with the author’s view on life, even if this is supposed to be sci-fi. Not my piece of cake at all, and y’all know how much I love desserts.

Sadly, with 293 pages left in this book, the story may have become better, I wouldn’t know though. So, with the previous opinion stated, you may be able to overlook the items I listed and read on and find that it is well worth the read. Alas, I shall never know.

Better luck next time on a book review, sorry folks…nothing to see (read) here.

In His Grace.




Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the Blogging for Books book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


{BookLook Blogger Review} A Pretty Age by Barbara Mueller


A Pretty Age by Barbara Mueller

This is a story that was offered up to me for review because I willingly chose another eBook to review. I thought, eh, why not.

Two young women in the early 1900’s are thrust into a septacularly devious situation that involves murder, madness, deception, religion, and long winded sometimes confusing journal entries.

Antoinette and Sophiny are in a Catholic convent boarding school. The daily rituals and strict schedule is something that they have learned to love so when life is drastically altered the unstructured becomes scary. The girls are thrust into a dark and fast paced world of confusion and deceit.

Can they trust each other or others that are in direct contact with them? Will this tale become a tale of murder or just a case of misdirection? Ultimately, the only friends are the ones that you know and trust.

We are introduced to brothers and farmers, missionaries and detectives, guardians and strangers…but which ones are real and which ones are designed to mislead?

This story shows a budding young love as well as the mysteries of the world through a young girls eyes. The historical period seems well researched and well written about. The societal scene seems particularly accurate, and I appreciate that. Each character is very well developed, with an incredible back story.

The first moments of the book seemed a bit drawn out to me, and it took an inordinate amount of time for the story to develop. Once the drama began though, the story kept me intrigued. I needed to find out what exactly happened and was pleased with the end result.

I am looking forward to the next book, as I am sure that there will be one written. If not, well then this was a good read and I enjoyed it.

* Editing *

I’m not sure if the editing needs reworked or what but I had a hard time with the formatting.

The structure of the paragraphs was rough and it was hard to differentiate when the characters were conversing with each other. It read like a run-on sentence sometimes and I would have to stop and go back to clearly understand the conversation or to follow the train of thought better.

Some of the word phrases did not make sense to me and I would have to reread the sentence again to decipher what the author was talking about.

In His Grace.




Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”




Regal Entertainment Group Summer Movie Express {$1 Summer Movies for 2015}

Mamas Coffee Shop |Regal Summer Movies 2015 List

Each year Regal Entertainment Group takes time to show their generosity and offer kid friendly movies during the summer months, they are all rated either G or PG, with the Summer Movie Express.

A fun and inexpensive treat for the kiddos that are off of school for summer break. For us, this is a fun time to go to the theater and see a movie on the big screen for cheap, cheap, cheap!

Seriously though, going to the movies with my family easily puts a huge bind on our finances…for the five of us to go to a movie (even a matinee) it costs us close to $50. It may be more or less in your neck of the woods, but as you can see, that is a bunch of money for a small block of time.

So, this amazing offer from Regal is a thrill for everyone!

Here is the movie list that they have scheduled to show:

{Admission to the Summer Movie Express is only $1. Tickets available for purchase at the box office and all movies start at 10:00 am. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute.}

Week 1
Nut Job

Week 2
Earth to Echo
The Boxtrolls

Week 3

Week 4
Rio 2
How To Train Your Dragon 2

Week 5
Mr. Peabody & Sherman
The Book of Life

Week 6
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
Penguins of Madagascar

Week 7
Madagascar 3
Dolphin Tale 2

Week 8
Muppets Most Wanted
Alexander and the Very Bad Day

Week 9
The Lego Movie
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Now they have a theater locator on their site, at the bottom of the page, that will allow you to type in your zip code that will show you which theaters in your area are showing the $1 movies. From what I have noticed, there are different dates for each theater, so make sure you click not he schedule for your specific theater, otherwise you may miss a movie you really would like to see.

I hope this helps you plan some of your days for the summer months and that you enjoy your kiddos and their giggles!

In His Grace.





Fragrance Friday {Scentsy Pick of the Week} Jumpin’ Jellybean


This week I am featuring one of my all time favorites from the Spring/Summer catalog…Check it out below!

For a few years now I have been selling Scentsy smelly stuff and pretty household decorations to those around me. I LOVE the scented wax and all of the pretties that go along with them!

Scented Wax
Room Sprays
Scent Paks
Laundry Products
Bath Products

Today I am sharing my pick of the week from the current Scentsy catalog, along with the product link on my direct selling site.

– This week I have picked * Jumping Jellybean * as my Scentsy Scent of the Week –

I hope you find something you LOVE and please feel free to message me with any questions about the Scentsy products or the company itself, I would be happy to help!

You can visit my personal Scentsy site, Mama Loves Smelly Stuff, any time to check out the current specials, place an order, set up a party and so much more!

In His Grace.


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{Product Review} Orphs of the Woodlands from Star Toaster


I am a squirrel. No, really. I am a squirrel named Jacob.

Okay, well, obviously, I’m not a real squirrel, but in The Woodlands I am. Along with my youngest son Joseph. Oh yeah, and my daughter Ana is a squirrel too, named Jason….okay, let me explain.

We have been reviewing Orphs of the Woodlands from Star Toaster and what a fun program we have found!

I might have mentioned a time or two how much I appreciate the brilliant minds that are in the world and sometimes we are blessed to get a peek into that brilliance. The program is computer based, an online computer based program to be exact. You will need any computer and internet access for this to work for you.


After you get setup and paid, the system will prompt the admin (parent) to add the child to the system. The child will have access via the same email address but under a different password. Pretty cool system feature right there! What a pain to try to remember each and every username AND password…

Once the child begins, they are asked to pick their character’s name. Each child is a squirrel, no other options, but they do get to choose the name, so that was pretty neat. The next part that they get to do is begin reading. Now, this is a story called The Treasure of HighTower that will need to be read before ANY activities can be completed.


Each chapter has a questions/answers section at the end, under the guise of completing jobs. The only way that they can complete the jobs is if they are attentive throughout the previous chapter.

So far, Ana has completed a few chapters, it is a long process since she is a slow reader, but she is trying to make sure that she understands what she is reading. Once the reader completes a “job”, they get gold stars, which in turn is their “money” to buy items.

The reason that the student needs the money is because their character is in the process of helping orphaned mice (Orphs), they need their stars so that they can provide for their Orphs. Entirely too cool! They must complete their jobs, get paid, then use their stars to purchase, food, water, clothing, shelter, medicine, protection, and fire for their Orphs.Game Map Orphs of the Woodlands - Mama's Coffee Shop review

What I have seen so far, this online program is educational, uses critical thinking, planning, and fun, all rolled into one!

Here are some of the Skills that Ana has had to use so far to complete her Jobs:

  • Vocabulary and Language – new words and their meanings, comprehension, synonyms and antonyms
  • Math – place value, how to write out numbers as words, basic algebra, geometry
  • Critical Thinking – managing the Orphs, what to do, should I?
  • Life Skills – recipes, ingredients, and why the foods are important
  • Science – fulcrums and levels, acidity, base
  • Memory Skills – remembering information about certain characters
  • Character – values
  • The Arts – quotes by famous people


For Ana, this is a bit of an overwhelming program but only because her reading level is adequate. Therefore her reading comprehension is still not completely developed yet and she tends to skip over things she doesn’t understand. Now, she would never tell me that, but from using this program myself, it is obvious that there are still gaps in her comprehension skills.

When she sits down to use this program, she easily will sit for an hour because she needs that much time to read through the pages in each chapter. She is one that likes to complete a chapter so that she doesn’t forget the material, but again, there are still gaps with the amount of information that is provided, as she isn’t always able to answer all of the questions correctly.


As the parent, I get progress reports emailed to me (see image above) about the work that has been completed as well as the upcoming work that will be shown to the student. As a homeschooler, I appreciate the level of involvement that Star Toaster provides for the parent. I am then able to access the student accounts and view what they have completed, as well as the right/wrong questions and answers.

I have found that once the Jobs (questions and answers) have been completed, there is no way to go back and correct them later. This is difficult for me as I would like to be able to go in with my student and help them better understand the required work, then have the option for the student to redo the Job and see if the reworked subject is now more understandable.

I think that having that option would help to create pride in ones work instead of not being able to go back and correct their mistakes. I see how the program requires the comprehension and the ability to retain information, but I think it would be a helpful alternative for parents with struggling students.


The grade range suggested is for 4th-7th but from our experience, this program is well suited for students that read well. Ana would be considered on the low end of this spectrum. This program most assuredly tests the readers with all of the large vocabulary words that are sprinkled throughout the pages of the story. This Orphs of the Woodlands is for the student that is looking for adventure and will work hard for the rewards.

Since this is a program that requires reading skills, Joseph and I have been completing this together. I am reading it out loud to him and then helping him through the questions and answers. If he gains nothing else, it is well worth the read. This is an adorable story that will enthrall your listeners (and readers) with the imaginative and diverse creatures that they will get to meet. Joseph has very much enjoyed listening to the story and often begs me to read for a bit to him.

We are thankful that this program is offered because it challenges the student to get involved, not just construct and destroy as some other programs do. The reading section is full of vibrate descriptions and fun characters, this is not a drab school program, this will totally captivate your edger reader.

A subscription is offered for 2 months that allows you to add up to three child accounts. After your two month period ends there is an optional month-to-month subscription available.  But right now, Star Toaster is offering a FREE Trial for you to test our their program. This FREE trail allows you to read the beginning of the story and complete the first lesson.

5 Free Trial_zpshpeqskdm

Ana, Joseph, and I are looking forward to working diligently through the rest of the program, and learning more about the Orphs and what is in store for them.

We hope you enjoyed this latest review, please see what the rest of the Review Crew had to say.



If you would like to keep up with Star Toaster via social media, follow the links below.




Please come back soon so you do not miss what we review next!

In His Grace.





{Product Review} New American Cursive: Penmanship Workbook #1 from Memoria Press


My daughter Ana has recently began to take notice of her penmanship, and she would like it to be better than it currently is. She (and I) were recently able to review the New American Cursive: Penmanship Workbook #1 from Memoria Press. And what a treat this has been for her!

Don’t you just love meerkats? We certainly do and we both thought that Mr. Meerkat from her penmanship workbook was absolutely adorable! This cute and helpful character makes this writing process much more fun instead of the tedious task it used to be.


Each lesson was easy to understand and she was able to complete them on her own. This spiral bound book made it simple to flip the pages and move onto the next lesson with ease.


For Ana this workbook was to help her improve her cursive handwriting, as well as reinforce her technique, and she was able to complete a few lessons at a time. But, I truly think that for the beginner that is going to need to adjust their posture, workbook tilt, and how to hold the pencil, this is going to be an excellent first cursive handwriting course.

The lessons begin with technique, paper tilt, pencil grip, and then repetition. Each lesson was set to show the student how each letter is formed in cursive, such as say the letter, feel the letter, then write the letter. This constant repetition is a wonderful help that allows the student to visualize the cursive letters and how they relate the print letters they know.


Ana was able to sit and practice with her workbook for just a few minutes a day. The lessons were easy to understand and took just a small portion out of her day. She liked the fact that there were other things to do to break up the work in her workbook. After some of the lessons she was given blank space to draw her own letters and pictures. She was also encouraged to circle her best letters once her work was completed. This helped her critique her own work and helped her focus on what she could improve.


I found that she had a hard time unlearning how to hold her pencil when writing. Because each person learns to hold the pencil in the position that feels the most comfortable for them, this was something she tried to overcome when using this lesson workbook. She holds her pencil up higher than the curriculum suggests, so she tried to adapt, and she did better by the end of this workbook.

As she worked her way through this workbook she was shown over and over again how to tilt her workbook (or papers) so that her letters were formed correctly, how to correctly write her letters individually as well as to write her letters in connection with the other letters, and to  grade her own work. This allowed her to feel more confidant in her abilities and allowed me to guide and instruct her with less correction. Yes, I did guided her and helped her to understand what was required but since she can read she was able to complete her lessons with minimal assistance.

At the back of the book there are more detailed pages that explain how each letter connects with either a smile, or a grin, or a jump. These were neat explanations that showed how each letter connects to the other letters in a word. There are also more pages that have copywork on them as well as blank pages that are able to be reproduced for extra written practice.

This workbook is geared for young students that are just beginning to learn cursive, but I think it was a wonderful practice workbook for Ana. Overall, this was a wonderful workbook that encourages the student and I will be looking forward to using it with Joseph when the time comes.

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