{Product Review} Prasso Ministries Gives Us Teen Prasso (A Teen Bible Study)


“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4 (NIV)

With that verse in mind, it was a wonderful moment when Isaiah and I were chosen to review Teen Prasso from Prasso Ministries.

This review is for the Teen Prasso Student Homework Manual and the Teen Prasso Teacher’s Guide.

The Goods

Mamas Coffee Shop | Teen Prasso Bible Curriculum

First, the word “prasso” is a Greek word that means to repeatedly, continually, and habitually practice. What better name for a product that is for Bible class than one that reflects the true practicing of God’s word? LOVE IT!

The basis of this product is this:

  • Daily Student workbook (or journal) to get the teens in God’s Word
  • Weekly teaching lesson to help instruct and illustrate all of the ideas and principles of God’s Word
  • Weekly small group or parent/teen discussion to dig deeper into the weekly lesson

Now comes The Student Workbook (or journal), it is a book that is designed to engage young people. It is a small (6.5 x 11) glory covered spiral bound book. The drawings and text font are fun and make it seem more age appropriate. There is a lot of work in this mighty little book!

There are 12 Lessons which equals 12 Weeks of work.

Here are the Lessons:

  1. God Your Heavenly Father
  2. God’s Love
  3. Why Doesn’t 1 + 2 Add up in My Life?
  4. It’s All-Out War
  5. The Enemy’s Lies…and There They Lead
  6. Pressure!
  7. Anger
  8. Forgiveness
  9. Two Brothers – Pride and Selfishness
  10. Refocus
  11. Pars, putting it all into practice
  12. The Journey

Mamas Coffee Shop | Teen Prasso Student Workbook (Journal) Bible Curriculum

Each Lesson is broken down into a full 7 days worth of work.

Day 1-5

  • Read Bible verses
  • Write out specific Bible verses (including a memory verse)
  • Study questions and space for answers

Day 6

  • Questions for group session
  • What meant the most during the week
  • What Bible verse meant the most

Day 7

  • Group discussion – A question and answer session with parent or teacher

Last comes the Teaching Lessons book for the parent or small group leader. This is another spiral bound glossy covered book. It is 8.5 x 11 and it is chock full of goodness! It is a 13 Lesson layout, which equals 12 weeks of study. The Lesson titles vary compared to the Student book.

Mamas Coffee Shop | Teen Prasso Teaching Lessons Book - Bible Curriculum

Here are the Teaching Lessons:

  • Week 1:   The Right Beginning (an Introduction to this study, and the journal for the student)
  • Week 2:   The Map
  • Week 3:   The Bridge
  • Week 4:   The Storms
  • Week 5:   The Enemy
  • Week 6:   Full Testimony
  • Week 7:    Two Opposing Fears
  • Week 8:   Anger
  • Week 9:   Forgiveness
  • Week 10:  Pride
  • Week 11:  Refocus
  • Week 12:  Prasso
  • Week 13: Eternal Eyeglasses

Mamas Coffee Shop | Teen Prasso Teaching Bible Curriculum

Mamas Coffee Shop | Teen Prasso Teaching Book - Bible Curriculum

Each lesson is laid out to help the teacher ask the right questions and lead the student along the correct path. This Teaching Lessons book is set to follow a story about two teenage brothers. The story is broken down into sections, with important lessons being taught along their journey. It helps draw in the reader and listeners because it makes it more real.

Mamas Coffee Shop | Teen PRasso Teaching Bible Curriculum

There are Bible verses sprinkled throughout the lesson being read, questions to ask, and tips included to help the teacher get the point across.

This product can be used in a small group setting or as a parent/teen Bible course.

How This Product Worked for Us

This is one of the best Bible courses that I have been able to use with my teenager. It makes him accountable to get in the Word himself and truly study. The weekly lesson is a time for both of us to sit and read (he listens) and for some light discussion. Then he is able to take 20-30 minutes a day to work in his workbook.

He has used this for the past few weeks and I can see a distinct change in his mannerisms as well as how he responds to situations around the house.

We usually do our lesson on Sunday evenings, so that he can complete his journal throughout the following week. Then on Saturday we recap and go over the group discussion page.

This product would do well in a Youth Group setting as there are so many different opinions in a small group.

We enjoyed this product and the story that we read during the weekly lesson. The Teaching book is a wonderful tool full of information that I found incredibly helpful as I was reading to Isaiah. I enjoyed the time spent with him in deep discussion about the vastly important things in life.

It is an absolute joy to see my young one reaching, stretching, and grasping at adulthood yet helping him to become tethered to the truth.

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I hope you enjoyed this review of this teen Bible curriculum and visit again soon to see what else the kids and I get into!

In His Grace.






{Tyndale House Publishing Book Review} The Wonder of You by Susan May Warren

HiRes The Wonder of You

The Book

Amelia Christiansen is the youngest of the Christiansen children. She is over protected, she is often kept in the dark about family matters, and she has a recent broken heart. She flew the home nest in the hope that she would find who she really was, and who God was calling her to be.

But when she was in Prague she met a playboy type named Roark that then proceeded to break her heart and send her fleeing back into the safety net of her family. In a very small town, Deep Haven, Minnesota, people know more than just your name, they know everything there is to know, including the fact that Seth, Amelia’s long time boyfriend intends to make her his bride.

But Roark St. John wasn’t just a full-time student, playboy, he is the heir to the Constantine Hotel fortune and the heart break he caused Amelia was not even close to the truth. He flies across the ocean to set things right and dreams of making sure that Amelia knows his true heart.

With faith the root of all things, Amelia must decide which man is the one God has chosen for her.

Is it hard working Seth which is dependable and homegrown, like her, and because he a constant, the one that has always been there? Will Seth be able to set aside his jealousy though and prove he is the one for Amelia?

Or is it the striking Roark from Brussels that sees the real Amelia and her heart for what God truly is calling her to do? Is his past pain and heartache going to be the deal breaker and set him on the run again?

Join in the adventures of the Christensen family as each member has a say in matters of the heart and see which man Amelia thinks God is leading her to spend her life with.

My Thoughts 

This is my first full length novel from Susan May Warren and I do believe that I have fallen in love with the Christiansen family! What a fun, love filled bunch of individuals! The fussing that goes on with the brothers, sisters, and parents is real. Honest. True. This is a family rooted deeply in their faith and it shows up in every moment of their lives.

Each sibling has a story, and their stories are woven in so well. Without question, I will be picking up the other Christiansen family novels…I missed a ton of good stories…

This one touched my heart. For sure. I loved the interaction of all of the characters and I could not put the book down. I stayed up way too late last night just so I could find out what happened. It is that good. I was able to envision each character without issue, because they are so well written.

The conversations were real. The words felt right. The sibling love and rivalry was spot on for a family.

There were ups and downs. Laughter and tears. Sorrow and happiness. Romance and Drama.

It is hard to read through tears but it can be done…it is so much rolled into one story, a believable and fantastic read.

A well rounded story that I wish had not ended. I am thrilled that I choose this book to review, it was well worth my time. Good from the first page, to the last.

Visit the author, Susan May Warren around the web:

Website, Twitter, and Facebook

Stick around, I have so many more books to share with you!

In His Grace.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the Tyndale House Publishers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”




{Product Review} CursiveLogic Helps Get You Writing


There are so many programs that help get you and your kids writing in cursive on the market today. And I have a teenager that seems to think that cursive handwriting is old fashioned and no longer needed. So when I had the opportunity to review the CursiveLogic Workbook from CursiveLogic, I got a wee bit excited.

The company states that in teaching this time honored tradition of writing in cursive helps students excel in many areas of life.

Well, I took the plunge and decided that Isaiah needs to brush up on his skills of cursive handwriting.

Now, this review will NOT be as detailed as most of my other product reviews due to the proprietary nature of this product. I will do my utmost to provide you with a comprehensive review but I am limited in what I am allowed to share with you.

The Product 

Workbook_cover for Cursive Logic

This workbook is a glossy covered spiral bound book that is 8.5 x 11 inches, the size of standard writing paper. It is bound with plastic making this workbook easy to flip open and turn around with ease.

The colors are bright an engaging and just the look of the cover is enough to inspire hope that cursive really is as easy as one would like to think.

There are practice pages at the back of the book that encourage lots of time practicing.

Here are some points about CursiveLogic that I would like to share with you:

Letters grouped by shape: Four basic shapes make up the entire alphabet. CursiveLogic teaches all of the similar letters in one lesson, greatly simplifying the learning process.

Workbook page from Cursive Logic | Mama's Coffee Shop

Letter strings: Rather than teaching letters individually, CursiveLogic teaches all of the letters that share a common shape in a connected string. This allows the letters to reinforce each other and means students are writing cursively from the very beginning.

Color coding: Each letter string has a theme color that helps students remember the shape.

Catch phrases: CursiveLogic uses “verbal task analysis,” or saying an action verbally as it is performed manually, to aid the development of muscle memory and to give students a mnemonic they can return to over and over.

Real words: Because CursiveLogic teaches a group of letters in a single lesson, students can write real words at the end of the first lesson. For some students, this immediate success is a huge motivator.


For more detailed information about this handwriting program, please visit the Cursive Logic site. The program can be more throughly examined by clicking on the How it Works link.

How it Worked for Us

The beauty of this workbook is that the instructions are incredibly detailed. Isaiah had no issues working on this alone. Being that he is 14 years old, he could easily understand the concepts being talked about and he was able to implement them quickly.



Isaiah would work in his workbook, at his own pace. Each lesson he would complete, he would bring to me for correction or accolades. He quickly grasped the color coding and it seemed to me, that this helped him remember which letter went with what group.

Overall, even though there was much resentment from my teen at first, Isaiah enjoyed this workbook. He completed much of the book and it is a delight to see him practicing on his own. I would never tell that I saw him, but let’s just keep that between you and I…okay?

There is no set age requirement for this workbook, so I recommend this for any age. It can be used from the early years all the way through adult.

I enjoyed watching my teen delve into cursive handwriting again and reap the benefit of a job well done.

You can get some practice pages from CursiveLogic, as well as some eBooks. Feel Free to download these!

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I hope you enjoyed my latest review and I look forward to sharing about our next product!

In His Grace.







Your Love is Like a River by Third Day for Musical Monday

There are so moments that we get caught up in each day.

The arguments, the distrust, the hurt, and pain…but we can overcome them all with Jesus…

When all my strength and hope is gone, Your love is like a rock that I am standing on. YES!



Lyrics to Your Love is Like a River by Third Day

Your love is like a river flowing from my heart

When this cruel world tears us apart
Your love is like a river flowing from my heart
When sharpened words have left their scars
Your love is like a river flowing from my heart
And it’s overflowing and showing us all
How deep and how wide is Your love
It never stops, it rages on
Your love is like a river flowing from my heart

When I am tired and so afraid
Your love is like a fire that will light my way
When darkness comes and my vision fades
Your love is like a fire that will light my way
And it’s always burning and stirring my soul
To know You and love You much more
It never stops or ever fades
Your love is like a fire that will light my way


When all my strength and hope is gone
Your love is like a rock that I am standing on

Your love is like a river flowing from my heart
Your love is like a fire that will light my way
Your love is like a rock that I am standing on
Your love is like a river flowing from my heart



Miracle by Third Day


I pray that you too will let His love flow like a river today…blessings.

In His Grace.





{Book Review} Murder Simply Brewed by Vannetta Chapman


The Book – Murder Simply Brewed

Amber Wright has been managing The Amish Village, a collection of Amish shops, for a very long time and nothing ever really happens there. Then an employee, manager Ethan Grey of A Simple Blend coffee shop, ends up dead and she doesn’t quite believe that is was due to any vandalism.

Amber then hires Hannah Troyer, a young Amish woman, to start managing A Simple Blend, and more unusual things begin to happen around The Village. Amber and Hannah team up to investigate because even the local police think the women are seeing more than is truly there to see.

Mysteries include clues that do not make any sense and Amber and Hannah end up enlisting the help of a neighbor with their investigation. The tides are turning quickly around The Village; will the amateur detectives find themselves at death’s door? Or will they spill the beans and nab the killer before one of them ends up becoming the next victim?

Amber and Hannah must trust each other and overlook their age difference so that they can figure out why things have gone terribly wrong at The Amish Village shops. They will need to learn to rely on each other and God to help them discover the truth, a truth that might have been better left hidden.

My Thoughts

If you know me at all, you know that I am always up for reading a good Amish story. This one takes the cake though! I LOVED the fun mystery and intrigue that this story delivered. There is plenty of Amish characters, traditions, dress, relationships, and more but there is the always engaging Englischer (English) characters that this story does well!

I loved the way that in this story the English and the Amish are working together in The Amish Village. And it was an interesting bond that the author creates with the two main female characters. It was real. I could see myself interacting with these characters, Amber and Hannah, on a daily basis. They are so well written.

Vanessa Chapman does an excellent job in reeling you into the story with a very gripping incident. Not only does she write murder well, she writes detecting and investigating well…amateur super sleuths are on my “to-do-list” so I especially enjoyed the writing of this story.

If you are looking for fun, excitement, a little bit of romance, a healthy dose of relying on God, then grab yourself a copy of this book and dig in. Coffee anyone? There seems to be an opening at the local shop…

I hope you enjoyed this book review and come back soon to see what else I have on my reading list.

In His Grace.


— This book was NOT a required review. I have one by this author from this series though that I will be reviewing soon. I wanted to read up on the series before I got to that book though. —