{Homesteading} Raising Rabbits – Week 3 with Baby Bunnies

Oh My Word y’all! I do believe that God is brilliant in the area of birth.

He intentionally makes every creature start as a tiny adorable little thing so that everyone falls in complete love with them!

Check out these pictures I gathered over the last week or so of our precious little bunny babies.

Junie B’s babies at 13 days old:


As you will notice, I am a bit partial to this adorable little grey bunny. This one looks just like its mama and its grandmama…I love a colorful baby bunny!



Check out this one of Junie B’s grey one…see its sibling in the back?! It was missing the other three babies…lol


Here is the current situation going on with Junie B and her babies. When her kindle (litter) arrived she had a total of five babies. One of the babies looked to be deformed at his tailbone. Sadly this little one could not move its back legs and I should have put the poor baby out of its misery but it seemed to actually be thriving. (I prayed that God would make this easier for me and please just let the little die on its own.) So I left it alone.

Well, after bed check one evening I found the poor baby had died. So I had another burial to tend to. Most definitely not my favorite part of this homesteading/raising livestock thing. And, yes, I remembered to thank God for listening to my pleas…sigh…it was extremely rough on me to see this and then to make a decision. Just a reminder that God knows our hearts and does His best to do good for us.

This is Junie B’s remaining babies, and all seem to be thriving well!


We are also throughly enjoying Vellie’s babies here in the house. These furry little balls are already 17 days old and oh my word…these things are so stinking cute!



One of the amazing things that the children and I have learned about raising rabbits is that the mama rabbit does not actually teach the babies anything. They simply just know how to clean themselves, learn to drink water, learn to eat the hay and feed…it is truly fascinating to witness God’s abilities as we watch these baby bunnies grow.

This is beyond sweet, at least I think so…one of Vellie’s babies decided that mama needed a bath…watch…

Seriously one of the cutest things we have be blessed to see while raising these little furry balls of fun.

I will be back next week with more baby bunny updates as well as sharing with you about getting our well dug on the property…yep, we are officially one step closer y’all!

See you next time and I hope you enjoy our homesteading adventures.

In His Grace.






{Product Review} Unbroken (Movie) Legacy of Faith Edition from


If you see any movies this year, please add this one to your list – Unbroken Legacy of Faith Edition from, The Unbelievable True Story of Louis Zamperini. I do not think that my words will do this story justice, but here goes…


This movie in NOT rated, (stated on the front of the case – “This edited version contains material different from the original theatrical version) but if I had to rate it, I would say it sits at a Strong PG-13 type of movie. We watched both of the DVDs sent to us.

The Movie

The movie shows us a time in Louis “Louie” Zamperini’s life. We start at the beginning (isn’t usually the best place to start, lol) when Louie is a young boy. He is without a doubt a delinquent in the making, he smokes, drinks, steals, and runs from the cops all the time. With some push from his older brother he sets up to make the track team at school. His older brother Peter, told him, “If you can take it, You can make it.” This message proved to help him numerous times throughout his life.

We see Louie become an Olympian runner that blew apart numerous world records. He even got to meet the up and coming Adolf Hitler after one race in the 1936 Olympics. He was in top form during this time in his life.

The next chapter of Louie’s life shows him in the military fighting in World War 2. He was a Master Bomber during his stint in the military and do to his position he was also on the search and rescue missions. One such search and rescue mission is when he ended up crashing into the South Pacific Sea and left to drift for 47 days. Amazingly he was rescued but the unfortunate part is he was rescued by the Japanese.

We watched as he became a Prisoner of War and the atrocities that he had to endure. First in a tiny cell in an information type camp, then moved to a concentration camp, and lastly in a work camp. None of these were any better than the previous places. Louie was beaten and starved, again and again. This man’s life is a true testament of strength, because Louie came home.

The Extras

The extras that were given in this DVD were so amazing and the completed the story of Louie Zamperini. These extras were some interviews that Louie gave throughout his later years. They gave more depth to the original movie and to the man himself. He spoke about his life after he got home and incredibly hard it was. How he got married and had a child but his life was a complete disaster. About the nightmares he had and the revenge he held in his heart.

Then he spoke about going to see a young evangelist in town, named Billy Graham, and how the words he preached finally touched him deep inside. The interviews go on to show how much Louie’s life was transformed by his acceptance of Jesus Christ. And how he then spent the next 40 years living his life fully in Christ.

My Thoughts

I have cut back through the years and try to monitor the language in films that we watch, especially with our children. There are some curse words in this movie, at least curse words in my book. Just a heads up if this is an issue for you as well.

Again, I have to say, if you see no other movie you must take the time to watch this one. I was moved to tears numerous times. Now, if you know me at all I am an empathetic and sympathetic person, so this movie did quiet a number on my emotions.

I am flabbergasted at the horrors that Mr. Zamperini endured in his life. There is no question in my mind that God had a plan for him from the very beginning. Louie survived some of the worst things that a human being can endure and amazingly, in the end, he was able to share his story of faith with the world.

His story is one that should be in every history book. The spectacular transformation of his life alone is so encouraging.

I am blessed that I was able to share this story with my teenage son. These are the types of stories that young men of today’s world need to see more of. That there is a God that sees you and has a plan for you, that will take care of you in the worst situations. A true story of faith.

There were some scenes in this movie that brought my son to tears, even though I believe my son to be an emotional young man, some of the scenes were heart breaking. That a human can treat another human so cruelly is a tough bit of information for anyone to swallow.

Overall, this was an incredible film and I would recommend it to anyone. The strength and faith of Louie Zamperini would encourage even the most hardened heart. shared a bunch of different films with the Crew – go see what others reviewed by clicking the link below.


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{BookLook Bloggers Book Review} Breaker’s Reef (Cape Refuge Series) by Terri Blackstock


Breaker’s Reef

As I drag myself away from the kindle and look for something constructive to do I am still slightly stuck in Cape Refuge…

If you were around to read my previous review of the Cape Refuge Series by Terri Blackstock, then you might recognize a few of the characters in this story.

A teen girl has been murdered in the local area of Cape Refuge and Chief Matthew Cade is in seriously trouble. One of his new deputies wandered into deep waters to find this well placed body. Now Chief Cade needs to figure out the who’s and why’s before anyone else dies. Can he root through the mess of teenage angst and newbie employees without incriminating himself all the while keeping track of super reporter girlfriend Blair?

There is a killer in town and everyone is highly aware of the dangers, including teen Sadie, high schooler and up and coming reporter for the local paper. Is there a bounty on all the young girls in the area and will Sadie be able to keep her wits about her and stay out of trouble at the same time? Or will new interests lead her astray in her investigation?

The town has also recently inherited a famous murder mystery author that is more than the usual peculiar. Does he have something to do with the crime as, former prisoner of the state, Sadie’s mom, Shelia might suspect? Or is someone into copycat murder and looking to frame the most respected members of the town?

New babies, teen dilemmas, old friends, new family members, a marriage, and a murderer on the loose – could Cape Refuge get any more exciting?

My Thoughts

Author Terri Blackstock does it again! She throws twists and turns at you yet at the same time she is weaving the characters of Cape Refuge deeper and deeper into your heart. These characters are just so real and I feel like I would know them all if I met them on the street tomorrow.

The deep faith that is portrayed in this story is just as well done as the previous story. The prayers and silent thoughts that are offered up are so real that I imagine doing the same myself.

Each character is well developed with an emotional and compelling backstory. This may be book four of this series but it is a wonderful stand alone story. It is a fantastic continuation of the previous book and it almost felt as if there was never much of a break from one story to the next.

I have come to really enjoy her books and I look forward to more of this series (here’s hoping there are more to come)!

I hope you enjoyed this review and visit again soon to see what else I’ve been reading.

In His Grace.


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{Product Review} Early Settlers in America (Unit Study) from Homeschool Legacy


I believe that life just is easier with unit studies. What is a unit study you ask…a wonderful addition to homeschooling, that’s what. Okay, it is more than that, but that seems like a great start. A unit study is a laid out plan of study that revolves around a particular subject. For instance, Early Settlers in America from Homeschool Legacy is a great one to talk about.

Joseph, Ana, and I reviewed this for the past couple of weeks and I enjoyed the review as much as they did. We were given a PDF (Grab-n-Go) that we downloaded and I printed out. It is not required to be printed out but it always works better for me to have it printed and easily accessible. Use it in the way it works best of you. Homeschool Legacy has a printed version of each unit study available on the site.

Here is layout of this unit study, which worked pretty well at my house.

early settlers 300x400_zpsbj7iv9mn

Early Settlers in America 

This is a six week unit study. It entails way more information and covers a bunch of subjects that you would think at first. The study is so well laid out that there is virtually nothing the teacher needs to do, other than read and follow the game plan.

The first couple of pages go over the basic information of how the unit study works. Then, get this, there is a breakdown of what badge information a child will receive if they are enrolled in American Heritage Girls or Boy Scouts…that is pretty cool right there!

After that there is a suggested usage timeline for each week. Note to self (and you) this is just a suggestion, work this however it works best for your family.

Here is the breakdown of the six weeks of study:

  • The Lost Colony – Roanoke, North Carolina
  • The First Successful Settlement – Jamestown, Virginia
  • Holland
  • The Pilgrims – Plymouth, Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York

Now, at first glance you might think that this is going to be the boring stuff that we learned in school. Well, that just isn”t the truth. This was a very comprehensive and through study of the beginnings of our great nation.

There is a lot of reading. And I mean a lot! Each week there are suggested books and/or videos on the list for library checkout. I think for this review we visited the library way more than we have lately. Which is a pretty different change for us. I love the library, but this unit made me step out of my comfort zone a bit and really get into the library…a nice change for us.

The list offers suggestions for independent reading as well as read aloud books. There are some fun read aloud that we were so delighted to read. Now that Ana is older and she reads better it was not always my job to read out loud, she did sometimes too. Which greatly improves her skills, a fact that I truly enjoyed.

Not only is that a lot of reading, there is almost always a supply list for the week. This allows you to be more prepared and make sure when you get the the craft for the week you already have the needed items. The weekly craft was always more fun than we originally thought but we didn’t get to do all of them either. Time permitting and supplies needed, but most were done.

There is a weekly family devotional included in the unit study also. This was the way we wrapped up our week and had time to sit and discuss the things we read about, watched, or worked for the week. I love this about this unit study, it makes sure to always lead the student back to the bases of God in each area.

Here are some of the subjects (skills) we covered during this unit study:

  • reading
  • art
  • history
  • geography
  • Bible
  • math
  • language
  • community service
  • library skills
  • trivia
  • research
  • map skills
  • science life skills (baking)

How this Unit Study Worked for Us

Since this is a review, we laid down pretty much every other subject (unless it was another review) for this time period. The unit study amazingly covered almost every other subject that the kids would need. I am so impressed and the kids learned so much information.

Each day of work was always a different amount of time. Depending on the reading that needed to be done or the time needed for the craft. Our average was between an hour or two for each day we used the unit study. There were a few days that were longer, like the days we read AND watched a video or the days we went out to the library.

For us, this unit study was a real active way for me to interact with the kids with more hands on than normal. Yes, we sit and read, yes I help with math but this unit study put us ALL in the thick of this historical place, at the same time, and all learning things, yes, even mama learned a few things about the early settlers!

And because we were so busy with the hands on, this mama totally forgot to grab real pictures of the goods…

Overall, this was fun review that the kids and I both enjoyed. It was a nice way to take a break from the day to day (sometimes monotonous) schooling that we get caught up in. So if you are looking for a way to get more involved in your kids schooling, this just might be the product that you are looking for.

I for one am seriously considering more of these products from Homeschool Legacy because of how well laid out the program is and just how wonderfully it worked for us. Somedays being more involved is a wonderful way to build the important memories that we are searching to create, and yet another reason why we homeschool.

Here are the different products offered:

Full collection 600x795_zpsu4wlggmw

Check out the other products that the Crew reviewed and what they had to say by clicking the link below.


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I hope you enjoyed this review that the kids and I got to use. Please visit again soon to see what else we have in the works!

In His Grace.






{BookLook Bloggers Book Review} Whenever You Come Around (A Kings Meadow Romance) by Robin Lee Hatcher

Whenever You Come Around by Robin Lee Hatcher | Mama's Coffee Shop

Whenever You Come Around

If I was able to live in Kings Meadow, I think I would move in a heartbeat. A quiet town outside of Boise is the epitome of small town living. Robin Lee Hatcher makes me want to move…it is that good y’all. This is the first book by this author that I have read and it will not be the last.

Charity Anderson made it out of Kings Meadow years ago. In an attempt to help out her parents, Charity makes her way back to Kings Meadow for the summer. But she is constantly apprehensive due to deeply buried secrets that she holds in her heart. Her current job requires peace and quiet but she is having a hard time running away from her own thoughts, let alone the gorgeous neighbor next door. Circumstances have her helping out the handsome neighbor which happens to be Buck Malone, her old flame from high school.

Buck Malone never left Kings Meadow. He stuck around and cared for his family, as any responsible young man would. He is content to live in relative peace and quiet on his horse farm but he is now in a bind thanks to Charity Anderson. His business is down the tubes for the summer time and he needs help. With the help of his horses and Charity’s sweet dog Cocoa, this confirmed bachelor now has his sights set on his lovely neighbor and he thinks he may know how to crack her tough outer shell.

Can Charity share her darkest secrets and let God mend her brokenness? And will her confession ruin any chances she might have with Buck?

My Thoughts 

This is the type of love story that just tickles my fancy. There is The Girl, The Guy, The Backstory, and God all rolled up into a really good read. The plot was good and well thought out. I understand the deep guilt that causes someone to keep secrets that are better being told. The author covers the emotional state of Charity well with this mentality.

I admire the way the author used Buck as the main character opposite of Charity. Buck is the typical guy for a romance; tall, dark, and handsome…and it is all good. He also has a Godly background that makes him even more appealing.

I cheered once confessions were made, I laughed at that antics of the characters because they were written so well. I thoughtfully enjoyed reading this book and now feel like I “know” the people of Kings Meadow and I think I will be reading more from this series and author.

Until my next book review y’all, enjoy this one and let me know what you think.

In His Grace.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”