Hi there! My name is Callie and I am a Christian, wife to my wonderful husband, and mama to 3 kiddos which I homeschool. We are now in our 11th year! I am a newbie homesteader and I have great dreams of getting our homestead up and running in the near future. I am a baker (sometimes a cook too!), full time blogger (among other things), as well as I a reviewer of many things. I am an introvert that has a creative mind, for which I often and a slave to my own ideas. And I have many, many ideas!

I have a deep love for The Truth, books, and coffee.

Glad you could join me here at Mama’s Coffee Shop Blog, grab a cup of something you love and enjoy your visit!



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Cups of Coffee

How I Took the Kids to Ancient Egypt {Product Review}

Home School in the Woods Product Review   We are often blessed here in our homeschool thanks to the various vendors that are so willing to allow us to review their products. Home School in the Woods is one such company and their recent offering is some of the...
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HR 610 and Why it is Bad News for Homeschoolers

Okay. I don't normally post about such things here on the blog but this one really got to me and the nitty gritty needs to be shared.   HR 610 - Bad New for Homeschoolers   (click here to read a PDF version of the bill with page numbers cited below) Need...
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The Heart of Marriage {Book Review}

The Heart of Marriage - Dawn Camp, Editor The Heart of Marriage. What kind of images pop into your head when you hear or read that word? For me, I envision the struggle, the love, the heartbreak, the forgiveness, the pain, the redemption, and my favorite guy in the...
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Why I Take Homeschooling Days Off {And Why You Should Too}

Why I Take Homeschooling Days Off Let's face it mama, homeschooling is no joke. It is a hard job to take on the sole responsibility of educating your children. Big. Heavy. Sometimes overwhelming even. So that is why I take homeschooling days off, and truthfully why...
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Kari Jobe’s The Garden Review + Giveaway {FlyBy Promotions}

Kari Jobe's The Garden The Garden - My Review Kari Jobe's The Garden CD is filled with beautiful and heartfelt songs. The Garden was a labor of love and healing during a very difficult time in Kari Jobe's life. As she healed from a loss of a member of her family this...
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BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos {Recipe}

  Game Day or Any Day Recipe for BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos   I will be totally honest, The Big Game, i.e. the Super Bowl, I haven't watched one in probably 14 years. Not a fan of the garbage commercials that come through and football? Eh, I can take it or leave...
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