Fragrance Friday {Scentsy Pick of the Week} – Frosted Ginger Cookie


For those of you that may not know…I am a Scentsy consultant. (I hold a lot of titles around this place, huh?! lol)

For a few years now I have been selling Scentsy smelly stuff and pretty household decorations to those around me. I LOVE the scented wax and all of the pretties that go along with them!

So, today, I am going to share my pick of the week from the current Scentsy catalog, along with the product link on my direct selling site.

- This week I have chosen Frosted Ginger Cookie as my Scentsy Pick of the Week -

I hope you find something you LOVE and please feel free to message me with any questions about the Scentsy products or the company itself, I would be happy to help!

You can visit my Scentsy site, Mama Loves Smelly Stuff, any time to check out the current specials, place an order, set up a party and so much more!

In His Grace.


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{Product Review} My Student Logbook for Time Management and Planning

We just started the beginning of our 9th year as homeschoolers and again this year, I have changed, added, dropped, and tweaked how we “do” school.

One new item that I have added this year is a logbook for Isaiah, my 13 year old (wanna be 9th grader/still an 8th grader by a thread). My Student Logbook that we are reviewing is the Undated version with the plants cover. The logbook was created by Corina and Jim Abbot from My Student Logbook and I am so impressed by the layout of this logbook!


The logbooks can be used for any age child really, 2nd grade and up is best according to the site. It would be more beneficial if the child is able to read to some degree.

Isaiah’s undated logbook was my choice because we started school a bit later than other families did this year. So, I needed to be able to start the school year on the exact week we began our studying.

The logbook is simple to set up and even easier once I watched the set-up guide video on YouTube.

The logbook is designed to use the Checklist Page with the daily reporting. The Checklist Page is removed from the spiraling, folded in half and then taped to the daily reporting page.

Isaiah and I set the logbook to be used as such:

  1. I write out his classes on his Checklist Page.
  2. I put the day and the date on his daily reporting page.
  3. I put, in his notes section on his daily page, his required work load.
  4. Isaiah then marks his time spent in the daily boxes or a check mark, depending on the work required.

Using the Checklist Page to complete the required subjects for the week.


Under the Notes section I write the required textbook / website / lesson for the required work.

There are the pages that allow you to log all of your classes, chores, seat work, etc…

…but the extra goodies I found at the back of the book, I think they are such a wonderful addition. The extra pages help your child turn this new logbook into their own personal progress chart.

The sections added to the back of the logbook are:

  • All About Me
  • Prayers and Goals
  • Bible Verses Memorized
  • Books Read
  • Events, Projects, Field Trips, Presentations, Activities
  • Test Records
  • Year Highlights

The first time my son flipped through the logbook and he saw the extras at the back, he immediately filled in the All about Me section. He really liked the fact that it was “his” and he could write his name on the front and essentially steak his claim. With a house of more than one child, and where everyone needs to share, an “all mine” item is highly treasured!

The cost for a printed logbook, undated or dated is $15.00. There is a number of covers for the printed logbooks, pretty much any interest your child might have.

There is also an option to purchase a PDF logbook that range in cost from $10.00 – $20.00. The PDF logbook does not come with cover art at this time.

Since this is the first time I have used a logbook or true daily planner in our schooling, it has taken some getting used to, for both Isaiah and I. Throughout the years I have used notebooks, plain paper, the chalkboard, the whiteboard and verbal reminders as to what needs to be completed for the day.

My nature, I have learned through the years, is a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda lady…except of course my God given temperament is, a-place-for-everything-and-everything-in-its-place. On any given day I do believe that God is having a good laugh at my expense. Even though I am created one way, I have tried to become more “bendy” with day to day activities. Luckily for me, the My Student Logbook allows me to indulge both of my ways. It allows me to schedule classes as well as allows me to be a bit more bendy…I like that!

To top it all off, I think this logbook is so much of a good thing for us, that my 9 year old daughter, Ana, wanted one for herself (again, the “all mine” gets us a lot, doesn’t it?!). This is what her new logbook looks like:


She wanted the horses cover, but as you can imagine, they were currently sold out! Ana was so excited she stalked the mailbox for days and immediately upon arrival, she begged (first school item begged for, I believe!) to fill out her All About Me section in the back…perfect!

For the time involved in setup, the time it takes to write out the work, this logbook has truly saved me copious amounts of time (and brain power)…again, I like it!

My favorite part of Isaiah using this logbook is my practice for when I really need to log his hours for school. For transcripts and whatnots, which frighteningly, is not so far away! We are both trying to “bend” into this new way of school and so far it is working out well.

One more important thing to note about these logbooks, foreseeing that each homeschool is different, the Abbots have given permission to the buyer to photocopy the Checklist Page. Which for our family is wonderful, due to the way Isaiah and I agreed to lay out the logbook. A wonderful and thoughtful addition. A benefit for me, is if I could download just the checklist page as a PDF, say upon purchase. This way, it would be even easier for me to print the Checklist Page at a later date, because, sometimes, I just forget and I use up my supply and I forget to make copies…yes, it has happened, lol.

Best new addition to our schooling this year, I am so pleased to add this daily student logbook to my arsenal and look forward to the ease I now have of scheduling work for the day, week, and year.

You can visit my fellow Review Crew members and see what they had to say about our newest review by clicking below:



You can follow My Student Logbook via the links below:

Facebook –

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Thanks you for reading my latest review, I hope you found something you can use in your homeschool! Come back soon for another review soon.

In His grace.


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Messy Beautiful Love Book Giveaway

A Messy Beautiful Love book GIVEAWAY!!


Compliments of the book’s author, Darlene Schacht and her publisher, Thomas Nelson Publishers, and little ole me…we want to giveaway one FREE paperback copy of Darlene’s new book, Messy Beautiful Love.

If you have not had a chance, please take a moment to read my review about this book.

I seriously cannot tell you how much this book will impact you and your marriage.

Please take a moment to enter the giveaway and then please share with others that you think might be interested in entering to win.

This Giveaway is only for the US and Canada.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of Luck to you – a Winner will be chosen Monday, September 22, 2014 – Keep an eye on the blog to see if you are the winner!

In His Grace.


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{Book Review} Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht

MBL-Dig Deeper

Titus 2: 3-5

3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; 4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, 5 to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

I have often been drawn to the Titus 2 woman.

I didn’t realize until recently why that is…

My mom (God rest her soul) told me the basics, obey your husband, do as he tells you, don’t argue and have sex when he wants (even if you don’t want to). There was no real teaching involved in any area as to how to actually do any of those things.

I certainly couldn’t follow her example…one husband she divorced and one she walked away from. Please understand that not one of these things makes her any less in my eyes, she never had the best example. From what I remember, from stories, my PawPaw (grandfather) was a hard man and made life difficult on my Nana (grandmother)…so, as you can see, this cycle was never going to end without some God intervention.

I have already been down the same road to some degree…I have been married once before. But now, I am married to my best friend and I aim to keep it that way.

Through much prayer and seeking out Godly women (my oldest sister being one of them) I have found some mighty Titus 2 women. Some of these women are online and some are in real life, all of them knowledgable in how God views marriage. And from these women I have gleaned much information.

Darlene Schacht from Time-Warp Wife is one of these Titus 2 women. I am always blessed by her words, the images she makes with Bible verses and encouraging words, and simply her…her life…her being exudes Christ.

In the last week or so, I have been reading her newest book Messy Beautiful Love from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Without question…if you are married, you should read this book. Darlene lays out her heart about marriage and she reaches deep down in your soul and shows you what marriage is really about.

Marriage is all about God.

How He loves us so unconditionally that we as humans can never even come close to His all encompassing love.

How we, as wives, are to serve our husbands…and not in the way you have been told. Not the way the world have twisted and turned this amazing service of ones self…how God designed us to serve, just as Christ served the ones He loved.

How each partner is simply that, a partner. Marriage is not a competition. Marriage is not a fight to the finish and the best one wins. Marriage is a partnership, with God as the center of it all.

How marriage is giving and based on love but intertwined with faith, trust and honesty, and above all grace.

Darlene’s book Messy Beautiful Love is so full of goodness that I cried as soon as I read the first few lines. She makes me look deeper into my marriage and at times it was rough. No one likes to have the obvious pointed out to them, certainly not me. No one likes to see the path of marriage as prickly, steep, or dangerous…but truthfully it is.

The Devil prowls around, like a lion, seeking whom to devour (1 Peter 5:8). This marriage thing is a big deal, not something you can (or should) just throw away. The Devil is constantly seeking to break up Godly marriages, or rather, marriages in general. Because marriage is based on Godly ideas, it is not something the Devil wants to see succeed.

In this book, Darlene shows us the messy side of marriage but then in a gentle and loving manner, she then guides us back the the Light of Truth. The Grace Giver Himself. Jesus.

Prickly – Messy – Down Right Hard

That is what marriage is, or can be.

But on the flip side, Darlene shows us much more.

Beautiful – Grace Filled – Christ Filled

She says dig deeper, hang on tighter to God and Pray. Always Pray and Seek God in every moment of your marriage. Because seriously, marriage is not for the faint of heart. Marriage is most definitely not easy when you have left out The Fundamental Centerpiece – Jesus.

You might think your marriage is good.

You might even say you have this marriage thing all figured out.

You might even go as far to say that you and your husband are right with God.

Then good for you.

But now, I say to you, you need to grab this book and read it.

Every marriage can be blessed, changed, fulfilled, bettered after you read this book.

I have been so blessed to review this Messy Beautiful Love and I now have an even deeper mission to make this marriage of ours a better one, one that is beyond blessed by God.

Thank you Darlene for letting me read your book but above all, thank you for being one of my Titus 2 women. I am truly blessed by your words…every.single.time.

Ih His Grace.


Stay tuned in…I’m giving away a copy of this amazing book very soon.

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{Product Review} Heirloom Audio Productions and Under Drake’s Flag

Mama's Coffee Shop / Heirloom Audio Productions / Under Drake's Flag

There is a first time for everything.

I have never listened to an audio book or any productions really that were audio only. I am by nature a lover of the written word, so audios were never really high on my list of “to do” one day.

The children and I had the incredible privilege of reviewing Under Drake’s Flag from Heirloom Audio Productions. I had no idea that an audio production could be so absolutely AMAZING!!!

So, there you have it….that is my review, visit the site, grab your copy and let me know what you think!

Okay, well, that obviously isn’t my entire review, but there is, without question, no way you could not make plans to pick up this CD set and make time to listen to the story that is so well laid out.

The CDs come in a 2 disc set in a beautifully designed case. A trifold case, which houses a CD on each of the ends and holds a study guide in the middle.

The study guide is a nice addition to the CDs, it has some guided questions to help the children focus more, which is perfect for helping them listen well to the story. It also has a section set aside for vocabulary words, a nice way to incorporate this history lesson with our vocabulary for the week (I used the words with my oldest son which is 13 years old. Otherwise I simply explained what the words meant to my younger children.). Last in the study guide there was a section that had some questions to help you dig a bit deeper into what was really being talked about in the story.

There are 2 options that you can choose when ordering Under Drake’s Flag, you can chose the $20.00 MP3 downloadable version or the $29.95 physical CDs, which is what I was offered to review.

I have to admit, I have never heard of G.A. Henty (at least that I remember hearing during my growing up days) so I was pleasantly surprised at the story about the man himself. A world traveler and writer, with 122 books to his name.

“To be a true hero, you must be a true Christian.” G. A. Henty (Well said, Mr. Henty)

I am very pleased that his name is now linked in my mind with great stories.

I do recall hearing bits and pieces about Sir Francis Drake in my history classes from way back when, but I do not believe that the fact he was a God fearing man ever made it to my ears. Which is surprising, considering I went to a Christian school all through high school….I digress…

I am so pleased that this fact was not only shared with the listeners of the story but so well placed in the story that there is no way around the fact that Sir Francis Drake was a God fearing, God listening, and Holy Spirit led man. What a wonderful blessing to hear that message so intricately woven into such a magnificent tale.

When we began to listen to the CDs, I thought for sure the children would want to bail out and go their own way. We just are not a audio type family. To my utter delight, we listened to the first CD and without hesitation, we quickly put in the second CD. I think we were all a bit disappointed when the CD was finished, truth be told. This CD has a bit of sequential action scenes but my children were good with it and they are 13, 9 and 6. The company suggests the ages for this product at 6 years old to adult.

What an amazing two hour adventure! I was captivated by the words, the action, and the uniqueness of the characters. I throughly enjoyed meeting Ned, Gerald, Captain Drake, Kojo Kinte, and Donna Anna. I hope you make plans to get to know them too.

There was an additional study guide that we were offered once we received our CD set. This other study guide was a bit more in-depth than the one in the CD case. The major differences that I noticed was that this study guide spoke about G.A. Henty as well as Sir Francis Drake in a few short paragraphs.

At the end of each study guide there is a section that offers three Bible studies: Godly Character, True Manhood, and Confessing Christ. These Bible studies alone make this story so much more real. Each young man alive should be so blessed to hear about this great man, Sir Francis Drake, and then be able to apply his life lessons that line up with the Word of God.

And, just to top it all off…Heirloom Audio Productions just announced that they are working on their newest production, In Freedom’s Cause The Real Story of Wallace and Bruce…we cannot wait!

To read more about Under Drake’s Flag, please visit my fellow Review Crew members and see what they had to say…



Follow Heirloom Audio Productions on Facebook:

I hope you enjoyed our latest review and I look forward to sharing again soon. Keep an eye out for more great products, for home, school or just for fun!

In His Grace.


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The Truth About Love and Marriage; It is Beautiful as Well as Messy


With so many opinions swirling around us day in and day out about love, marriage and how the institution is failing on so many levels, it is refreshening to read about love and marriage from a Biblical stand point.

Love and Marriage are bound up with so many ideas and opinions that it is sometimes so very hard to see the truth in what a Godly marriage looks like.

Darlene from comes to the rescue in her newest book, Messy Beautiful Love. She writes from her heart and speaks truth and grace in every sentence; sometimes in every word.

She has lived in a marriage that is full of grace, love, and all around mess. And she speaks to my heart about it and I know she will speak to your heart as well.

PreOrder your Messy Beautiful Love book today and be blessed with an overabundance of “extras” to go along with your purchase.

Darlene is offering over $50 in freebies when you PreOrder her book. Check out the goodies being offered.

You don’t want to miss any of this goodness…I will be back soon to talk more about the book and to provide my whole review soon. Don’t go too far, I expect to be dumping the whole truth about the book soon.

Also, keep an eye out for a giveaway very soon as the book launch date is September 16, 2014!

In His Grace.


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So Excited for my Newest Book Review #MessyBeautifulLove

I know, I know, so many books so little time, right?!


But, this one is gonna be by far one of the best ones, I just know it!

Darlene Schacht from Time-Warp Wife was kind enough to send me a PDF copy of the book Messy Beautiful Love so I can read it and give you my honest review.

So, get ready for some encouraging words, because if Darlene says this is her best book yet, I promise that this is gonna be a book you will want to have on your bedside table.


I’ll post more soon, so keep an eye on your email as well as our Facebook page…there is lots more to come!

In His Grace,


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{Product Review} Happy Kids Songs Create Happier Kids

With so many words that come at us and our children throughout the day, it is a pleasure to listen to some uplifting words in kids songs. That is what we were able to do in our latest review from Happy Kids Songs.

Mamas Coffee Shop - Review Happy Kids Songs

We were given there albums, Happiness & Attitude, Friends & Sharing and Manners & Character to enjoy. Also, we were given Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social and Emotional Skills.

Happiness & Attitude featured songs with these titles: Mamas Coffee Shop Reviews Happiness & Attitude from Happy Kids Songs

Shake it out and Dance

Who Knows What’s a Kudo?

I Don’t Understand

Be Good to Yourself

Better Together

Each song in this album offers up words of encouragement for little kids. Songs that are catchy tend to be remembered easier. Here are some of the lessons that the kids and I learned from this album:

Learning how to handle your limitations, learning that playing alone is okay but being with a friend is better, learning that you can turn your I can’t around into I can, learning that mistakes are normal and to not beat yourself up over them, learning to ask questions when you simply do not understand something and that you should offer up thank you’s and other words of encouragement to others.

Friends & Sharing featured songs with these titles: Mamas Coffee Shop Reviews Friends & Sharing from Happy Kids Songs

Sailing on the Seven C’s

Everybody wants to Find a Friend

Sharing Friends

Happy as Happy Can Be


This set of songs in this album sets out to show how important friends and learning to share can be in your life. Here are some of the lessons that we got from this album:

Learning that having a special friend to play with wonderful and fun, learning that some friends are meant to be and how great it is to find that kind of friend, learning that you sometimes must share your friends and that when you share a friends you might find a new one, that everyone wants a friend but you need to be a friend first, learning to be caring, cooperative, considerate, committed, concerned, curious and learning to communicate.

Manners & Character featured songs with these titles:Mamas Coffee Shop Reviews Manners & Character from Happy Kids Songs


The Magic Word


The Golden Rule

Six Little Kids

This album was by far the best one for the kids and I. We learned a lot about why having a good character is important as well as why manners were so very important.

Specifically we learned the value of being an honest individual, that saying please can help create better situations around you, that every one is made differently and that is okay, that the do unto others rule applies at all times, and that opinions are important and that each opinion can be correct so that being opinionated is okay.

Each of these albums can be downloaded from Amazon as well as from iTunes. We were given the albums to reviews that came in a downloadable file. You are able to download individual songs for .99 each or you can download the whole album of 5 songs for $4.95.

Mamas Coffee Shop Review Happy Kids Songs Workbook

We were also provided the Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social and Emotional Skills.

This workbook is an amazing addition to the songs that come from Happy Kids Songs.

The workbook is able to be copied numerous times for sharing the song lyrics as well as the activity pages. In the back of the book there are teacher activities also that provide much more fun for the kids to learn about each concept being taught.

This book can be purchased as a downloadable file or as a physical book (which is what I received). The 125 page physical book can be purchased from Amazon for $12.56.

The kids and I really enjoyed listening to all of the songs throughout our day. The songs were all easily understandable and had a light and peppy feel to them. It was great to be able to incorporate the worksheets and extra activities also. Making it easier to keep the songs and their meanings fresh in the kids minds.

You can read what my fellow reviews had to say about this product by clicking the image below.


You can find Happy Kids Songs on social media:


Twitter: @howsyourfam


I hope you enjoy our latest review and have now found something you are ready get for your homeschool!

In His Grace.

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Major Life Changes and My Recent Visit to the Dentist

Within the next couple of days my wonderful husband is moving into a new position at work, a nice change, so don’t get me wrong but a change nonetheless.

The kicker about this whole change is that there will a ton of traveling and missing each other for an extended amount of time (note than normal). Quick trips home to refuel and then off again…

Needless to say, the kids and I are not looking too forward to this upset in our lives.

I know that God sees us and that everything I feel slipping through my fingers is being captured and helped by His great hands….but yea know….

And, I wanted to share a tidbit of details that involve little ole me.

Since hubby is moving positions in his company, there is a major insurance change for us here. We are completely moving to a different insurance company, from great coverage, to okay coverage.

Sooooooo, hubby asked me to make sure I got as much under our current insurance before the new insurance kicks in.

Completely understandable since the newest insurance isn’t quite as good as the current one we have now.

Well, that means that some horribly nasty business was completed today on this here mama….yep.

I have a slight terror issue about the Big D, the Dentist, from past experiences in my life. Well, I also had some really bad teeth that needed to be removed.

So, you guessed it!

I had to have these 3 teeth extracted (pulled out of my ever loving head!!!) so that this current insurance would cover most of the cost.

I had to have all three of my 12 year molars removed…

And chicken that I am….I asked to be put under for the procedure instead of just the local.

I am now in a better shape, my head is a bit fuzzy but all is well and I expect that God will forgive me for having to remove those offending teeth.

Just a peek into my life…

Also, could you keep me in your prayers for a very quick and complete recovery.

I should would appreciate any you are willing to offer up. As well as the time will fly by for this new position change that hubby must make.

I love y’all  and I thank you in advance.

In His Grace.

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{Book Review} In His Image a Bible Adventure with Wizzy Gizmo

Need a new twist to your Bible study lessons with the kids? Great! Check this out –

We just reviewed Wizzy Gizmo‘s newest book, Book Two: In His Image.


This is a Bible study book that is spot on the level I needed for my 6 year old son and 9 year old daughter, which fit into the book being for ages 4-12.

Wizzy Gizmo is one crazy, fun inducing, Bible loving kinda guy!

This adventure had us climbing aboard his Gizmoblaster (time traveling car) and landed us smack dab in the middle of the most incredible garden ever. Yep, we landed in the lush, beautiful Garden of Eden. And thanks to the ingenious device called the Gizmovision (device which brings any book to life), we were able to wander in the garden and hear directly from the Written Word.

As the book progressed we were delighted to hear the words from the Bible shared and then broken down into more bite size pieces for the little ones.

It was nice to travel to the peaceful and majestic Garden of Eden and to feel like we witnessed the creation of Adam and Eve.

The characters were a treat as there was a variety of kids.

The Reserved and Mature Kid, Summer, age 9.

The Outgoing and Fun Kid, Thomas, age 7.

The Shy but Observant Kid, Eli, age 8.

The Very Active Kid, Olive, age 7.

And of course, the crazy, zany and famous Professor of Science and Technology, Wizzy Gizmo.

Let’s not forget the dynamic duo of Wizzy’s, Pepe the talking pet dog and Qwacky the robotic duck. This duo such made the adventure more fun with the antics that they got into and discussed.



Chapter break down:

Chapter 1 – Excitement Awaits:

The beginning go the adventure revs all the kids up as we were introduced to the kids and Wizzy.

Chapter 2 – Picnic Mayham:

Let the adventure get under way with a picnic with a blue-white haired professor, a talking dog, robotic duck and the kids. Eating, playing and all around fun with the crew.

Chapter 3 – Wondorus and Tasty Inventions:

We are shown Wizzy Gizmo’s newest invention, the Gizmoanycream. What a dream machine that can use any item and turn it into ice cream. (I think I need one of these, lol)

Chapter 4 – Creative Like the Creator:

The zany Professor is a man of God and shares about the creative nature that God has bestowed on us through the story of Bezalel and others from Exodus 35: 30-35. The break down of the idea that every one is created special is prevalent in the chapter, a detail that was very important to the creation of Adam and Eve.

Chapter 5 -A Perfect World:

Gizmovision drops us into the pristine and idyllic Garden of Eden.

Chapter 6 – Plants, Plants, Plants:

An incredible chapter that plants the seed that the Word of God is infallible (absolutely trustworthy) as well as inerrant (without error).

Chapter 7 – In His Image:

The longest chapter in the book shows us the up close and amazing creation of Adam and Eve. Using the direct verses from the Bible and breaking them down into understandable pieces makes this a pleasure to read. In this chapter we are given the up close view of the garden, the animals and Adam and Eve thanks to the Gizmoblaster.

The last sections of the book are Review Questions and the Vocabulary Words and Definitions. I do need to note that if I had not been the reader of this book, my 9 year old would have had a difficult time with some of the vocabulary words. I think that vocabulary words definitely made this more school like for her, so thankfully there was a glossary of the words in the back, otherwise she would have been lost.

All around we enjoyed the book and I look forward to picking up Book One: Who Created Everything?.

This paper backed book is a gorgeous and colorful book and worth the cost of $12.99.

There is a total of 57 pages in the book and I broke down the reading of the book into chapters. This way we were able to discuss and spend more time with the break down of the Scriptures.

Bible lessons were impromptu and it was easy to explain and talk about how special God made each of us with the kids due to the fun of the story. I believe that they didn’t feel like it was too “schooly” feeling so they enjoyed the story better. A win win situation for me!

Thanks for reading the latest review that the kids and I had fun doing! I hope you found a new product and enjoy it as much as we did.

Check the other products from the company and read what my fellow reviews had to say about them:


If you would like to follow Wizzy Gizmo, please follow the links below:


In His Grace.

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