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Today (Sunday, October 14th) is my baby girl B’s 8th birthday. I am in awe of all of the memories that come with being a mama. It seriously does not seem possible that is has already been 8 years since I was gifted with a little girl. Well, if you will indulge me for a moment.

…..this was a baby that was hoped and prayed for, for a while.

…..this was a baby that knew I was anxious about being a mama for a second time.

…..this baby was NOT supposed to be a girl!

…..this baby girl is a very sweet and sensitive soul.

…..this baby girl is tested on her middle name, a lot.

…..this baby girl will cry at the drop of a hat.

…..this girl is ALWAYS hungry!

…..this little girl is still helping this mama learn to be more gentle, before I ruin her and make her too hard.

…..this little girl makes me laugh like no other little girl can, she totally tickles my funny bone!

…..this little girl has a smile that can melt any hard heart, without a doubt, just ask her daddy!

…..this little girl is a rough and tumble girl that keeps up with her big brother like she is a boy in a dress!











…..this little girl sometimes hates being in the “middle” of two boys.

…..this little girl is the most fun I could ever have dreamed of.

…..this little girl is a smart cookies and she will be a brilliant mama one day herself.

…..this little girl reminds me often that compassion is still in the world, just like this day here.

…..this little girl can craft a bead necklace faster that you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

…..this little girl is as stubborn as a mule, takes after her daddy, well, okay, and me too!

…..this little girl has the biggest heart for all things small and furry….seriously, all things, just like this small creature here.

…..this little girl has been a blessing to me more times than I can even count. Her loving and kind heart reminds me, more times than not, that I have sooooo much work to do in my life.

I could just go on and on and on and on and on. I am so glad that God decided to gift me with a little girl, even though at the time of her birth, I was in total shock that I had a daughter. I remember (with perfect clarity) what kind of a daughter I was and “girls” were never on my list. I battled with myself that this was a mistake and that I could never parent a fragile little girl. One that is going to grow up and become me…..I have serious teenage garbage, I did not want a repeat of myself and thought that God had surely screwed up somewhere.

Without question, God didn’t screw up and if anything, He placed my baby girl in my arms because he knew I needed someone to love me unconditionally, without fail. And He also knew that I needed a lot of gentleness in my life. My past has never reflected a lot of gentleness or softness and my blessed redeemer found some sort of favor with me to allow me to get back on track.

With my baby girl in my arms I am reminded of God’s good grace and mercy and that ALL things are in His perfect plan.

Happy Birthday B, I am so glad you are here and God thought I needed a little girl, just like you!

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