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I did a review (or brief write up) not so long ago on facebook about Nicole at The Caramel Jar, and I am now going to RAVE!

I had the privilege of getting some of Nicole’s delicious caramels in my Yummylicious Box from Sampler Village not so long ago. And if you like caramel, then you must hustle over to The Caramel Jar’s Etsy shop right now to get in your order! These caramels are some of the most incredible treats you will ever order. The creamy bite of caramel is so mouth watering and smooth, that you will favorite The Caramel Jar and budget accordingly so that you can purchase more!

I love caramel, but Nicole has some flair when it comes to making hers. She must dump a ton of love into the batches as she makes them, because you would swear that she made them JUST FOR YOU! The smooth creamy taste makes sure you know you are enjoying a caramel, then you have a slight taste of salt which in turn crashes full force in your mouth for an unexpected rush of greatness!

Take a peek at these beauties and then hurry over to “like” The Caramel Jar on facebook and tell her that no one compares!

Click on the image below to go straight to these scrumptious treats in The Caramel Jar’s Etsy Shop!

Let her know that Mama from Mama’s Coffee Shop sent you! Then make sure to watch the page, Nicole is so sweet that she sets up coupon codes sometimes just for the facebook fans!!

A sweet and savory taste that will leave you wanting more….I promise!

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