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10 Ways to Show Your Husband You Really Care About Him

1. Show Him You Care with a “moment” ~ A simple touch, glance or sweet smile just for him, goes a loooooong way! Those moments, surrounded by your little people, make the perfect opportunities to share a moment. He revels in moments like these, just as you would. A quick, even seductive smile will rev his engine and remind him why he likes you so much. (Bathe and dress for your day. Even making the effort to show that you still “clean up well” can make a difference to your husband , not counting how you too will feel.)

2. Tell Him in his Love Language ~ Don’t know what his love language is? Well, then you need to find out! Check out The 5 Love Languages here and then chose the one that most fits your husband. I am pretty sure that my hubby has two that are important to him, personal touch and affirmation. I will ask him to take the Love Language Quiz though, just so I am on the right page with him! Once you learn his language, then use it, and use it often. Just like anyone that speaks a foreign language, once you find someone that “speaks” like you do, you connect on a different level…..connect with your husband, speak his language.

3. Do Things for Him ~ Even if this isn’t part of his love language, it is huge. Who doesn’t like a sweet surprise now and again. For my hubby, it is a quiet, undisturbed bath. Seriously. This man loves to soak away his pains, stress and simply relax. Making sure that the tub is nice and clean, making sure that there are bath salts and nice clean towels are handy, it goes a long way. Offering to draw a bath for him, it is a big deal, and I use it to my advantage……a well soaked relaxed guy is more than willing to turn around and serve to!

4. Build up His Self Confidence ~ Find the one thing that he does well and make sure to let him know that this one thing is so cool and that you appreciate that he can do it for you. My husband is so handy, he can repair, make new, think outside the box in so many areas…..and I soooooo appreciate that God blessed him with this ability! If I think of a project, I always consult my hubby, not because I cannot do whatever it may be, but because I know without a doubt that there is probably a simpler, more cost effective way to do my project. Without fail, I know that my hubby can jerry rig most things in my house, for  instance, my washer is only still in use because of his ingenuity and duct tape.

5. Just Do, Be A Humble Servant ~ This goes along with doing things for him, but this one takes it one step further. By being a servant to my husband I am doing as the Bible suggests. Proverbs 31:27, “She looks well to the ways of her household, and eats not the bread of idleness.” A clean house is a sign of not being idle. I know that I am not just a housekeeper, but a wife, but that does not mean that my house shouldn’t be clean. I have said it before, that I believe my husband deserves to come home to a clean and “homey” home. Decorate his home, make it feel more than just lived in, make it so that it pleases him to come back to his home. The old adage, Home is where the heart is, is so very true. Put your love for your husband into the things that surround him everyday.

6. Cook or Bake for Him ~ My mom was raised around the time that the saying was, The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I know that we all get so caught up in day to day living and there isn’t always enough time to do something special, but try to carve out some time to do this for him. Again, doing for others, serving your husband…..rolled into a dinner or dessert. I have come a long way in the cooking department, mostly due to my husband’s natural bent to cooking, but hands down, I can bake! And even though I know I can bake (and LOVE to also!) I still make the extra effort to remember what my husband likes and doesn’t like. We love cookies but my husband loves cheesecake more. His newest favorite, is Apple Pie Cheesecake . Diet Smiet, we all need a little goodness from the kitchen and I believe that it is my job to know what makes my hubby smile when it comes to dessert.

7. Quality Time ~ Even if this isn’t one of your husband’s love languages, it still needs to be taken care of. There was a time way back when when it was just the two of you (for those of you that now of children, like me!). Make time to spend quality time = alone time with your hubby. Does he like to watch car racing? Then sit and watch (lol, without complaining); Does he like Football or another sport? Then time some time to learn a few names and which team is which, it will mean the world to him; Does he like to tinker in the garage? Meander out to the garage and “talk shop” for a bit, you never know what you could learn! My guy can do a bit of everything, including watch videos and TV. I have become interested in some I have viewed with him and suffered through some I hate, because I ultimately love him and spending time with him makes it all worth it.

8. Compromise ~ This is still hard for me as I am extremely strong willed. Through many prayers I have been able (still a work in progress!) to bend easier. By bending on some issues, I make the house a better place to be. I know that on certain ideas you shouldn’t bend but honestly, try harder. I am not suggesting that you become a push-over, I am suggesting that you take a moment to step back and ask yourself, “Is this really something we need to argue over?” Ya know, kind of like I do with my kids sometimes, picking my battles and whatnot. Is it really a big deal that you go his way to Wal-Mart? Do you really need the National Brand versus the Store Brand? Compromise isn’t always a bad thing, try to think of it as bending, it will be an easier quest to undertake, I promise.

9. Trust Him ~ Have you ever been subjected to someone that says, “Trust me.”? Ooooooh, it takes a lot for me to do that, trust someone. So many wrongs in my past and issues that come along with trust. Without question, I trust in the Lord, so you would think that I could trust my husband, right? Well, I do… 12 years together, 3 children, numerous pets and 3 homes later I trust Hubby. By putting my trust in him, he has more confidence and in return tends to be more honest with me. Proverbs 31:11, “Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.” (NIV) I like that and I appreciate that by my trusting in him will in return lead him to place his trust in me.

10. Pray for Him ~ This may not seem to fall within the 10 ways to show your husband that you care for him but alas, it is the ultimate way to show him that you care. By praying for him you are placing your husband’s life in the hands of the Ultimate Creator. The One that loves without condition, that loves each and every one of us and our flaws and yearns to be a part of our daily life. By praying for your husband you are allowing the Lord to do His mighty works in your husband’s life. Pray for salvation (if needed), pray for wisdom, pray for peace, pray for strength, pray for healing, pray for his job, pray for whatever comes to mind. No one will ever object to any blessings that come from our prayers.

With each passing day I am reminded that in my own life that I must pray for my husband. I pray for his salvation through Christ. I pray for his heart to be softened to the Lord’s voice. For so many, many things. I believe that through Christ all things are possible (Philippians 4:13) especially when it comes to my main man.

Be blessed today and everyday as you embark on new ways to show your husband that you really care about him. Find new and fun ways to show your husband that there is no one more important in your book. I yearn to be the best wife that God can make me to be and I hope you too will apply these ways in your marriage.

Do you have specials ways to show your husband that you really care about him?

Blessing today and everyday,




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