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So many times I am in need of reminding that no matter the situation in life, God loves me more that I can ever imagine. Since I am trying to “train up” my children, this book is a perfect example of God’s great love for us.

I cried when my oldest read this to me… heart was reminded that God’s love knows no bounds.

Because I Love You by Max Lucado

In a small village there lived a wise man named Shaddai (meaning Almighty). This man had a huge heart and loved all of the children. He loved them so much that he built a village for them like no other.

They wanted for nothing. They played all day, swam in the creek, the sun never seemed to set too early and each night was peaceful. But most of all, they had Shaddai always near.

The children loved to be around Shaddai, in his shop while he worked and while he sang, as he sang for the children.

Every night Shaddai would regal them with stories. The children loved Shaddai and Shaddai loved each child.

He knew their loves, their dislikes, their fears and held each one in his heart, loving them each one the same.

And because of these things he knew about the children that he loved so well, he built a wall.

A wall made of large stones, higher than Shaddai himself and while he worked, he did not sing.

Upon completion of the wall, Shaddai carved a staff from a long Aspen branch, he props it in a corner and says, “I’ll be ready”.

He saw the cruelty of the forest and the world beyond and told the children that they should never wander outside of the village. You are not made for that place, you are safe with me.

Yet as most children will do, being inquisitive as you will, one child was drawn to the wall. In his search, the child finds a hole in the wall.

Rushing to Shaddai, he tells Shaddai about the hole. Knowing this child so well, Shaddai replies that he was the one that put the hole in the wall and that there is such danger on the outside of the hole.

Wanting to “know why”, again as many child wish to understand, Shaddai repeats that the forest beyond the wall was not made for us, if you leave, there will be no way back.

Then “why build a wall”? Because I yearn for my children to want to stay, not because I make them stay.

{ My heart was so full that my tears began to fall…..being the adult that I am and realizing where this book was headed, thank you God for being who you are! }

This child, this precious child, dared to leave Shaddai anyway and seek out the hole in the wall anyway, even after being warned of the danger.

Convincing himself that he was just “gonna peek” he ventured out to the wall……

You know those arguments you have with yourself…..why shouldn’t I just peek? What could be so wrong about it? Why am I so curious?

Without realizing, he wiggled into the hole, just to peek…..right?! What harm could it really do anyway?

Not so bad on the “other side”….what is the real harm? 

Let us take a few, small steps into the woods……it really isn’t so bad!

Wanting to share in the good news that the woods weren’t so bad, the child turns back to go back through the wall and tell the other children………except the hole is now gone.

The child runs back and forth in effort to locate the hole in the wall, finding nothing, he begins to cry. Hoping that Shaddai still loves him regardless of his actions, the child cries out to Shaddai in the hopes he will be heard.

The kind, loving, gentle man, with staff in hand, is already on his way to help.

A powerful story of the shepherd and his lost sheep…..the greatest love we will ever know. This book is one I intend to hang on to for a very long time. Not just for my kids but for me as well.

A wonderful adaption by the ever so talented Max Lucado, enjoy!


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