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I am so excited to review The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for you!

I don’t know if you have had the opportunity to read The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (November/December Issue) yet, so I want to share a little bit with you today.

Right out the gate, this magazine is one of the best homeschool magazines I have found to date. Waaaaay back when, around 7 years ago when I was a homeschool newbie, I was sent an email message from a good friend of mine to check out this homeschool site she had found. Little did I know that this would be one of the best pieces of advice she had ever given me.




Nowadays you can find this magazine online, and as an app for your mobile devices, as well as once a year you have the option to get a real printed copy! I love when that time rolls around….there’s nothing like the flip-flip-flip of the pages as I scan the magazine for some sound school advice, a little parenting know-how and all the new curriculum goodies! Oh the curriculum goodies….a vital part of this mama’s school planning!

Not only can I get a plethora of new ideas, I can also catch up on what other mamas and papas think of the newest products by visiting to read what they all thought. A valuable resource for all of your day to day planning as well as your yearly planning. With so much good stuff out there for my kiddos, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and their Schoolhouse Review Crew have been a heaven sent joy!

It seems that no matter the moment, I can open my iPad app and find the story I need to read. The stories in The Old Schoolhouse are not always education based. A lot of the time, I feel like these woman (and men on occasion) have stood outside my window and directly observed my life.

How in the world did she know I needed to read about preteen boys?! Did she just witness the blow-up we had….

Or when I read the article about homeschooling the littlest boy or rather, unschooling him, because that’s okay too….

Or the article about Godly character and how incredibly important that is for the little children I have been blessed with….

Or how in the blink of an eye I can go from, “This has got to End!!” to….”Yes, God, I see now who I was stumbling off track.”

Whatever your idea about homeschool (un-school, classical, Charlotte Mason, full curriculum based, etc…) the writers and editors are not judging, pointing fingers, blaming, or casting stones when they write the articles for you and me. They have a love for children and homeschooling and believe that you and I as parents have a right and a privilege to raise up our children as we see fit. With Christ as the center and with no fear in our approach. They respect me and you and I know without a doubt that they pray for each of us readers too.

Golly, what more could you ask for in a magazine?

I know for sure that wouldn’t be the norm in the magazines lining the shelves at the local grocery stores.

The absolute BEST thing about The Old Schoolhouse Magazine…wait for it…

It is 100% FREE! Seriously!

I know! It is simply unheard of in today’s world. Because as we all have been told, everything has a price.

Not one penny (well maybe shipping if you are like me and want a real printed copy!) is asked for, not one penny is earned. A real true blessing for all mamas, papas, grandmas, grandpas and the like, that just need to have the encouragement offered in this magazine.

I have found myself on numerous occasions hunting down an article so I can refresh my memory about a certain product, look up a product I wanted to try or just to feel like someone else understands my life. This magazine has helped me through some dark moments in my homeschool journey and for that I am grateful. It soothes my soul to know that this journey of raising the children that God saw fit to bestow upon my husband and I, that we are not alone. Many, many other parents have travelled this road before us. I have been blessed over and over again by the writers, articles and the down to earth Christian love I have felt just by reading The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Visit the main site today to sign up for emails, to read the online digital magazine or download your app today.

This is one resource that every homeschool family should have to help carry them in their journey.











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