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Seriously…when it comes to your man (and mine!) it takes a lot of planning to keep him intentionally focused.

I have come up with 10 ways to help keep him focused on you (and mine on me!). Not just because Valentine’s Day is coming up shortly but because his love is worth the time and effort. Promise.

Not only are these ways effective, they are totally FREE!

1.) Write him a love note to tuck in his pants pocket…make it suggestive and he will think on it All. Day. Long. Be prepared for a “hungry” man when he comes home.

2.) Snap a photo of your best suggestive “come hither look” and send it to him via email or text message. Wait patiently for his reply…

3.) Wear perfume. My husband knows I mean business when I dab a little perfume on.

4.) Catch his eye across the table over breakfast and give him your full watt smile, he will remember your smile all day long and will be happy to see it again when he returns.

5.) Text message him though out the day.

  • “I’m thinking about you.”
  • “I love to hear you laugh.”
  • “You make my heart flutter.”
  • “Missing you, wish you were here.”
  • “I love You”
  • “You still make me melt.”

6.) Call him on the phone. Tell him you just wanted to hear his voice and that you love him.

7.) Make dinner in your skimmpiest outfit (minus the kiddos of course!).

8.) Make his life easier. Don’t bombard him as soon as he walks in the door from work. Focus on him and let the other stuff wait until later…much later if need be.

9.) Initiate some good stuff in the bedroom. Every person in the world wants to feel like they are worth it. Show him he is worth it!

10.) Make him a Coupon Book and give it to him as a gift. Fill it with things you would “do” for him, no strings attached.

  • Make his special dinner.
  • One on one alone time, his time (planned if need be), you show up.
  • Role playing
  • Dress Up
  • Free pass to get out of Kitchen Duty
  • Free pass to get out of Diaper Duty
  • Free pass to get out of you choose…

I know that some of these might not work to your advantage due to circumstances that I myself do not have. But, even if you can only work on a few of them, do them. Your man will appreciate your effort to put him first as well as getting some one on one time with (and from) you.

Make it the Best you can, each and every day. Pray for him. Love on him. Be the best you can be for him and you. Happy Day!

In His Grace.






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