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Easter is a not about bunnies, candy, or parties. Easter is about Jesus and His resurrection. And this is what we teach our children.

Then came along a product that I was so pleased to see. Because now my kids can have an Easter egg hunt without all of the greedy worldly yuck that so often goes along with it! My youngest said, “Easter is about Jesus, not candy and yuck!” So…..

Let me introduce to you, Egglo Entertainment and their ingenious idea of Glow in the dark Easter Eggs!

I was given so many awesome products from this company to review. When the package came in the mail I seriously do not know who was more excited, me or the kids! As we tore into the package, we were pleased to see so many goodies. We received a box of 12 Glow in the Dark Easter Eggsa beautiful full color The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure book, the The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure (book audio download)a package of 12 Treasures Scripture Scrolls and the amazingly, full of ideas The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program and Curriculum Guide.

The 12 Glow in the Dark Easter egglo eggs are so wonderful! They are durable plastic so they will last for a long time. Some of the eggs have a cross on the front and others are plain. They are able to be “charged” by either sunlight or lamplight. Then once charged the eggs will glow for up to one hour. It takes about 30-45 minutes to get a good charge on them so that they are still glowing when you are ready to hunt for them. I was pleased to see the crosses on them and that this product is geared to 4- 13 year olds, the years when they are so much more susceptible to good influence. The eggs will easily hold the tiny scrolls and a few coins or a piece of candy or two. We only filled the eggs with the scrolls for our adventure. We are not the egg hunt type of family and we try to instill the resurrection as the main reason for Easter. So this product just tickled this mama’s fancy. I like it! You can purchase the eggs for $11.99 (on sale now for $9.99).

The 12 tiny Treasure Scripture Scrolls that came in our package are so stinkin’ cute! They look just like the scrolls that the kids read about from way back when. Instead of just the parchment paper (like ancient times) these have plastic ends and a durable coasted paper insert, held tight by a tiny rubber band.


Each scroll has a Bible verse referenced on it. I know that there wasn’t enough room for the whole Bible verse, but I would have preferred the whole verse. Since the whole verse wasn’t on the scrolls, I needed a Bible on hand to read through the verse that was referenced. For instance, the scroll pictured says, “Jesus said, “I am with you always.” (based on Matthew 28:20). When in fact the verse says (KJV), “Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” And this says (NIV) “and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” It would be nice to see a slight change in this area. I wonder about the family that may not know Jesus or have a Bible on hand to see what the whole verse says. You can purchase the scrolls for $4.29.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure book is 40 pages of fun, learning, growing and gorgeous pictures, written by Darcie Cobos. The story is based on three children mostly, Hardy, Anastasia (Ana) and Pascal. When craziness ensues, Pascal’s mom tells then they are going to hunt eggs that glow in the dark. So the adventure begins. During the story you realize that Hardy is a “me first” kind of guy, that Ana is afraid of every single thing and that Pascal never ever listens to anyone. They are whisked away to Egypt, to the beach and then under water. Each time a new egg was found more scrolls were revealed. From there they must brave a volcano, learning to be courageous and rely on God to finally finding their way to a beautiful garden to the hidden treasure chest. On the front it has a verse, “In Him was life and the light was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:4-5. The end of the story has the children excited about Jesus and understanding that He is the light of the world! You can purchase the book for $12.99 (on sale now for $9.99).

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure audio book (mine was a downloaded mp3 file) is the perfect bedtime story. It is well voiced and the words are clear and understandable. This was nice for my youngest son (he is 6) and my daughter (she is 9) to sit and listen to the story. The tone sounding was an easy cue for them to flip the page to continue on with the book. We really enjoyed this part of the product. The children were able to play the audio anytime they liked and were able to see the pictures in the book at the same time. The audio is about 30 minutes long and was a really big hit at my house. You can purchase the audio for $2.99.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Curriculum and Program Guide was 60 pages of Ah-mazing! This program guide was chock full of snacks ideas, numerous activities, treasure hunt guides, decoration ideas and decorations, coloring pages, and so much more! This curriculum would be so useful for a large group, for instance, a church Easter activity. We used some of the coloring pages and made a snack, but I only printed what I needed, instead of the whole thing. I am going to suggest this product to our church leaders to see if they would like to devote the time and money to a wholesome product this year. You can purchase the curriculum for $14.99.

All in all, this is a fantastic product that I will recommend over and over again. Darcie did a wonderful job with the story and really reminding people what Easter is truly about. I for one think that is a blessing and so hope that this product flies out the door for her and the Egglo Entertainment company. The world is so overrun but such obscured views of Easter (like so many others holy days) that this product is a beacon of light that will prayerfully break through the darkness!

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I hope you enjoyed this review and have now found something that you simply cannot live without!

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In His Grace.


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