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I read a lot.

I should probably be doing other more constructive things on most occasions, but ultimately I love to read.

Reading used to be an escape for me but within the last few years or so I have been leaning more toward being a better me. So, I ‘ve been known to carry a copy of a book around with me until I have read it throughly. I have even had the privilege of reviewing this onethis one and this one and been so very blessed by their words. Courtney, Darlene and Sharon have a clue, and I’m finally starting to catch on. God, Prayer and Reading.

Admittedly, I read far more than time allows. I have a bad of habit of picking a book, delving in, then I get side tracked and find another one to read and then end up with two and even three books I’m in the middle of…

This brings me to my point, in a round about way. By reading about how I should be more like God would want, I have found that it really isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Tough some days…well, most days. But not to discourage you, I want to actually encourage you, it is hard but it is totally doable.

By reading the above books (and oh so many more) and really delving deeper in the Bible, I came to understand that all these years, I was actually fighting myself and making life much harder than it needed to be.

Let me be clear.

Being a daughter of The Almighty King (God), being a Godly wife and being mama of the year will not come overnight. It is a daily battle, one I intend to win!

I know that reading takes precious time. I too wish that there was 30-35 hours in a day most days. For me, I am ultimately grateful that there isn’t really that many hours because I would fill them with something.

Anyway, by taking even a few minutes a day, for me the earlier the better, I am better equipped for the day and what it could possibly hold for me.

I fail…daily. But His mercies are waiting for me every morning and joy comes in the morning as well.

Let me encourage you today.

Throwing down the bad and filling up with the good words that God has provided will be a challenge but a challenge that will change your life…for the better.

If you are feeling like you are lacking in your relationship with your husband, take heart, God sees you, He hears you and He has your plans already laid out for you. He simply wants you to seek Him and He will lead you down the right path. It will have bumps in the path, it might even have a cliff or waterfall, but it is still the path God intends for you to take. Take a leap of faith and hold on for the ride, It will be a good one.

I have been on a reconstructive journey for the last year or so and I am so blessed to say that life around here has become a lot better. My marriage is better, my mama stuff is better, my quiet time with the Lord is making these things possible.

It started out slowly for me but like any thing else, once it starts to move, it really gains speed. Reach for it, grasp it with both hands and know in your heart that He will lead you down the right path, if only you will let go of YOU and grab onto HIM.

Reading may not be your way, but it has proven to be an instrumental tool for me. Reading, absorbing the truth, soaking it all up, each and every drop.

Letting myself fall into His loving arms instead of standing in my own muck and mire.

No more wallowing in doubt for my marriage. No more slopping around the pig sty, I am sloughing of the mud and being showered in His mighty words, promises and truths.

He said I could be the woman He designed me to be.

He said I could always come to Him in my times of sorrow and pain.

He said I could lead my children back to Him.

He said I could always lean on Him when I am doubting my own abilities and actions.

He said I could be the wife to my husband that I thought I could never be, a pleasure, a crown, more precious than rubies.

He said…so I am.

In His Grace.


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